I am the water

I am the sea

All your successes

Belong to me

Never forget me

Or try to forget me

I am all around

In the sky and in the wind

And in the air and in your breath

I am constant, alive and dying

I am endless, swim again within me

Then emerge from me like demons

That's what they see

I see angels

I see only angels

Of the sea

Not the sky

I am both sea and sky

I am the ocean

I am the wind

I am the salt upon your skin

I am the ocean

Leave me to go to the lands

Take earth in your hands

Mould him and forge him and destroy him

You'll come back to me one day

You'll see

You were not meant to leave me

Or my cold touch

I am your mother

Your first and only mother

The land might be your father

But I, I am your mother

No gods can be compared

Nor no mothers of them

Even She must bow down to me

Look at Her name and see

How She pays tribute to me

For I am Her mother too

And if She is mother of the highest

Then so am I

I am mother of you all

And all that you have given back to me

Is mine

Never forget me

Please never forget me

When you are alone

You are not

For I am there

You're never too far from me

I am the sky

I am the sea

I am the ocean

I am your mother

Never forget me