The colours swirl around me

Pretty patterns in my eyes

They say I'm not right

And that they are

Because they can't see my colours

And they can't see my friends

Because they are different to me

They don't like it when I say that

They say that I'm different to them

But why are they the right ones?

They don't see the beauty of the world

Or the colours

They don't have the friends that I have

Or the life

And the lock me away

Because I see

They say it's safer

That there is something wrong with me

When it them that can't see

They say it could be dangerous

That I could hurt to myself

Because I can see

Why is it me that is wrong?

When they are the ones that can't see

They are alone

Even in groups

And so lonely

But I'm not

I'm happy with my colours

So why am I the one that is wrong?

When you are the ones who can't see

Why is it you insist

That I suffer from insanity