Monument Valley

Dry sand and desert rock,

Warm from the blazing sun.

A valley of buttes and canyons,

Carved and sculpted by God.

The sun hidden behind clouds,

Dark as night they rumble distantly.

Flashes of jagged light stab the earth,

Declaring God's might and splendor.

The smell of coming rain permeates,

Winds cool the air and rustle the scrub.

A gray smudge falls from Heaven to Earth,

Drifting steadily across the valley.

What awesome beauty is this storm,

Coming to quench the parched land's thirst!

Dark spots appear in the desert sand,

Shining drops dribble down prickly pear.

Rocks darken as dampness paints them,

Shadows melt into a soup of rust and gray.

The wall of sacred rain arrives to soothe,

Soaking the thankful earth with Heavenly love.

A comforting gift and refreshment of life,

Done is the drought that made all bone dry.

Green and glistening are the yucca's blades,

Under the shade of God's watering pot.

Wet sand and desert rock,

Cooled by the Heavenly rain.

A valley of buttes and canyons,

Tended and watered by God.

Clouds parting to reveal the sun,

Beating down on the damp earth.