My radio alarm clock wakes me up.

"And all the other booooys try to chaseee me!"


"So heres my number!"


I roll over and turn off my alarm clock without opening my eyes.

"So call me-" *CLICK*

I HATE that song. Sure shes kind of cute, but that SONG! Oh my god, No. Just no.
That song is terrible. Just terrible. I swear she's related to Rebecca Black. How can someone enjoy their day after they've been awaken by Carly Rae Jepsen? How? When you tell me how, my hope for mankind will revive itself.

I taste my morning breath in my mouth. Morning wood kill. Defiantly.

Girls think they have it so hard. It's very difficult to sleep on your stomach when you feel like you're sleeping on a log.

I literally, slither myself out of bed.

Sure they have to deal with making sure the look good and keeping their pits shaved.

I stumble to reach my Linkin park poster covered door across the mixture of two week old food, dirty socks and clothes. Maybe a dead body.

And dealing with hair having to be combed all the time, their weight...child birth...

I reach my door. I press my body against it, wanting a few more nano seconds of sleep before I'm off to hell.


I physically shiver at the thought of a bloody vagina. I've only seen a few vaginas in porno's but I can't actually picture it bleeding.

I open the door and head to the bathroom. My house has four and a half bathrooms. The guest bathroom, which has just a toilet and a sink. The main family bathroom which has the tub/shower, toilet and sink. And this is where it gets complicated.

My parents have two separate bathrooms. Both have showers.

They can't stand each other. They've been basically roommates since I was born. Why don't they get a divorce? Because they want to stay together for me and my sister. I'm already 17 and my older sister being 28 and already out of the house. They could separate if they want. I don't really care anymore. They act divorced anyways. But I guess since we've always been in the same house it's never really affected me like it should've. They stopped sleeping in the same bed when I was about 3. So when we moved we had to buy a house with four bedrooms when my sister was still living with us. Now they don't like to share the fact that they hate each other so when we had guests over, they would tell me and my sister to say that the extra bedroom is for guests. But anyone who is friends with my parents has at least GUESSED they can't stand each other. No anniversary vacations either.

I like to use my moms bathroom because its ALWAYS clean. The main one is all dusty and gross. And my dads bathroom forget IT. If you are a grown man who is already in his fifties with NO woman to impress? Your bathroom is toxic waste dump. Do NOT try to convince me otherwise. And the guest bathroom has no shower.

I head through my moms door.

Shes never home in the morning when I'm off to school because her job starts at 7:30 and we live about half hour away. Its 7:30 right now. She usually leaves around 6:30 You know those doctors that look at pregnant ladies stomachs to see their babies? Well, instead of looking at babies she looks at hearts. I can't understand who looks forward to working in the medical field. I mean, applaud for the doctors and nurses. But the thought of ME working in the, medical field makes me wanna gag. It's best for mankind's well being if I stay away from that stuff.

I look at myself in my mom's bathroom mirror.

I'm a pretty cute guy.

I smile at myself in the mirror.

Ew. Why do I bother?

I guess I'm not "cute" per say. I'm average. 5'10, light brown eyes, olive- colored skin, spiky black hair. Eh. I can live with myself.

I turn on the shower and begin to undress. I try and think of what's due today in school.

Ummm... No homework for English, Social studies or health...

I jump in the shower.

Ah shit... That Pythagorean crap for math... I'll try and rush through it in homeroom...

I turn my back to the shower head. I dare anyone to say they don't like having hot water down their back. ANYONE.

I finish my shower throw on a plaid shirt with some black skinny jeans and some black converse. Skinny jeans aren't just for "emo" boys. Screw anyone who thinks so.

Run some gel through my hair. Also, fuck anyone who thinks spiky hair is for elementary school boys. I like it. Sonic the Hedgehog has spikes.

...I guess that was a pretty bad example.

I slide down the hand rail down the stairs, grab my backpack off the living room couch and head out the front door. No breakfast for me. I'm just never hungry during the mornings.

About 8 minutes into my walk to the bus stop I notice falling dandruff from the sky. I hate snow. Especially when I leave my hoodie at home. I'm already at the bus stop. I don't have to time to run home and grab it considering the bus gets here at 7:05 and it's already 7:02. Joy. You think they'd be a little off on the time. Nope. ALWAYS 7:05.

I fold my arms to conserve heat.

I hear chatter from some other kids at my stop. I don't know them and they never include me in their conversations so it's always an awkward wait for the bus. Me and those kids actually have a lot in common. But I'm more socially challenged then a crow at a toucan party. See what I'm talking about? Who says stuff like that? I shouldn't be allowed to have thoughts to myself.

But I have friends at school who are more socially challenged then me. So I guess I'm not the only crow in this toucan filled world.

I hear the bus sputter as it arrives. "I'm here to take you social hell!" It seems to say to me as it stops in front of us.

I hate the bus ride to school for various reasons. All different types of cliques are on my bus. A toucan rainbow if you will. And I am but a lone crow.

The football jocks who insist on practicing their plays IN the bus. The girls who seem to have loud laughing contest. Whoever laughs the loudest gets all the attention in the bus. The wannabe thugs, who curse everyone out and get in everyone's faces. The preps, with their inside jokes. And the "geeks" who have arguments over Yu-gi-oh! battles because the spell card that was activated didn't count or someone stole someones rare something card. I don't know.

I quote geeks because, well, just because they like Yu-gi-oh! doesn't make them geeks. I'm pretty sure if Kanye West or Nicki Minaj rapped about Yu-gi-oh!, everyone would ride that card game like there's no tomorrow.

I could sit here and calculate how much I hate everyone on the bus as usual. Instead, I'll nap. Because every second of sleep prepares me for the dungeon we call school. Even the 15 minute, screaming- filled, bus ride there.

So maybe I'll ATTEMPT to nap.

Authors note:

This my first story that Ive ever posted online. So please no mean comments? Critique is fine but no "EW YOU SUCK GO AWAY." I usually write short stories through different points of view. An old man on his death bed, A mentally sick teenager, a man about to propose to his girlfriend, etc. Different scenarios with a variety of ages. But this one is one of my normal guys. This is NOT the end this will actually be a LONG story. I enjoy writing through different voices. Again critiques, reviews, thoughts are fine but no troll comments please. Alright soooo I hope you enjoyed. Or enjoy. Whatever floats your boat.