A football to the face followed by the jocks laughter awakens me as we arrive to school.

Equal Falls High School.

What a dump.

I look over the crowds of kids waiting to be granted entrance to the school from the window of the halting bus. The doors don't open until 8. But the "breakfast" they serve is open at 7:40. Seeing as it feels 800 degrees below zero, 90% of the kids are probably going to rush in through the breakfast doors in about 5 minutes.

"Breakfast" at my school is not what I would deem, breakfast. Breakfast is cereal or eggs, bacon, fruit, you know, healthy stuff. I'm not a health nut. But the "breakfast" they serves here? No. It's not even food. The "scrambled eggs" served at my school, can be described as alien diarrhea. Picture an alien. Now imagine said alien, having diarrhea. It's all pasty, and mushy, and a very faint yellow. I can't tell whether it's white or yellow.

The taste? Yea. Right. Because I have put what I have described as ALIEN DIARRHEA, in my mouth.

It probably tastes, as described.

The cereal tastes stale, and breakfast sausages look like logs of poop. No. Just no.

As I enter the awkward bus exiting line, I hear a wet THUMP and see what was left of a snowball sliding on the window I was sitting by. I'm able to see my friend Stephon laughing.

Now my friend Stephon, is not an awkward crow. He's a social peacock. Hes on the football team and girls LOVE him. But he isn't stuck up like the rest of the team. He's pretty down to earth and me and him share a mutual like for certain video games, and T.V. Shows. And as I said girls LOVE him. I GUESS he's what girls think is "cute". He's got nice hair, light eyes, and all that good stuff. He's not very tall for a 15 year old, maybe about 5'5, but he makes up for it in his huge personality. Hes a bit of a jock but not COMPLETE jock. Because...you know...jocks suck. He's HUGE on sports. Especially basketball and football.

Lord knows I have all the wrong private parts because I don't know a THING on football. He constantly calls me and my other friend, Austin, who isn't here yet surprisingly, pretty boys.

I never feel pretty.

I head towards Stephon as I hop off the bus.

"Hey what's up?" Stephon says as he holds his hand out for a shake.

"Nothin' much dude... where's Austin?" I say looking around.

"Please. He's probably still doin' his hair, or havin' a private tickle fight with Christian. You know he's into that."

I chuckle. Christian is the friend I don't like. Everyone has one, and Chrsitian, is that one friend. He's so self righteous, it irritates my soul. He ass rides our friend Austin because they have the most in common in music and humor. He's 19 and about 5'4. He has this annoying high- pitched voice that makes me believe that he hasn't hit puberty. It kind of sounds like when you hold your nose and talk. He's what you'd deem a "nerd". Hes pretty chubby. And he has like this accent that he apparently doesn't hear. I met him last year at the mall. He works at an FYE. And he recommended this anime that I liked and we started talking. He had moved here with his mom around that same time from Puerto Rico and didn't have a lot of friends. So since I had found a fellow crow, I introduced him to Stephon and Austin and we've been hanging out since. When he started ass riding Austin as does, Mario to Yoshi, me and Stephon got pretty annoyed. Eventually he started leaving me and Stephon out of plans he made with Austin. Him and Austin's "friendship" make me question their sexuality.

I guess maybe Austin is kind of a pretty boy. Hes a slim guy, about 5'7, spiked hair. He plays guitar , drums and writes poetry. Hes also pretty sensitive. He's pretty laid back and probably what society would label him as, an "emo". Especially over this one girl. About a year ago, he was dating this girl named Anita. My god, she was his WORLD. It was a mess. It wasn't even the cute teen love. It was like borderline obsession love. She wasn't the prettiest thing in the world growing up, but when she was 14 it's like beauty hit her in the face. She's tall, she hit 5'7 when she was 14. She was HILARIOUS. She turned any thing and everything into a joke. She LOVES video games, manga and anime. You wouldn't think she was a "geek". Right now shes 17, still 5'7. But her body...makes her look older. Then again shes always looked older for her height. Lets not get into that. Anyways, she's liked Austin since she met him at school dance when she was 11. But he was off with some troll looking girl. I don't know. Anyways, she told him she liked him when she was 14. Or at least CONFRIMED it. It was always obvious. And apparently he liked her back. But he was home-schooled under the Equal Falls district cyber school at the time. So while she was in school he was at home. She ended up liking some other guy and so Austin her stayed friends. Well the guy dumped her and she went crying back to Austin needless to say. So they were talking for a little until the other guy came back. THIS time she didn't tell Austin that she was going back out with him. Somehow Austin found out. Then she made her decision to be with Austin, still unofficially. But she did dump the other guy.

Then she did something that shocked the hell out of everyone.

She left public school to be cyber schooled for him.

Again, needless to say, they fell in love.

This is where it transitions into borderline obsession.

If you took a sample of his brain cells? And used a microscope to see the atoms or whatever on them? They'd have name ANITA all over them.

They talked on the phone from 11 PM to 6 in the morning. Then he'd wake up and call her at 10 in the morning and talk until 5 PM. Then TEXT till 11PM and the cycle continues. Every time he hung out with us, he was texting her. He CRIED at just the THOUGHT of losing her. He wrote poems about her. He would talk about marrying her. He "proposed" to her every 5 minutes. They weren't able to hang out in the open because of strict parents.

He rode his bike 8 miles to sneak into her room to spend time with her. MORE THEN ONCE.

He was emotionally on his knees for her. But she was kind of a bitch to him.

He had this TERRIBLE fear of talking to her to her face if we invited her to hang out with us in secrecy. You know, tell the parents she wasn't going to be there? Vice versa? Well that NEVER ended good.

We'd hang out for a couple hours, he wouldn't say a word to her. She'd try to talk to him a little but he was to nervous to keep the conversations going.

She would go home CRYING because he didn't talk to her. Then she'd say the he doesn't really love her and blah blah blah and he'd cry and choke and beg her not to leave. She would never threaten to leave because, well, she DID love him. But she'd make him feel like nothing when she was mad at him. She could be ruthless. She over exaggerated all the time and they were pretty annoying when they argued.

But when they were good? Jeez they were inseperable.

They lasted about two years. We thought they were really gonna get married at times.

One day though. They were at a rough patch. And he started a crush with this one girl. He still loved Anita. There was no way he'd pick her over Anita. He decided to tell Anita, to be honest with her.

Anita. Blew. Hell.

She was going to dump him. He cried and beg and pleaded saying he was over her the other girl, but she was stubborn. He rode his bike 8 miles in the snow/rain/ice, to stop her. And he did. He called a cab that time to go home. But he made a fatal mistake and called the cab to the front of her house. The cab honks woke up her mom and they caught him on the way out of her window.

Both families were furious.

Anita and Austin both cried probably all their body fluids out.

They broke up due to the stress and pressure of the families. And ever since, hes claimed he hated her but that shes still head over heels for him. But it's very apparent, the hatred lives on through BOTH of them.

She came back to public school mid- way through the11th grade year. And Austin was allowed to go to public school for his senior year. He's dated a couple of other girls and shes talked to a couple of guys. But I doubt they ever really get over each other. Except all the girls Austin dates, hate him by the end of the break up. He doesn't treat them good anymore.

And Anita, she just lives on. She hasn't dated anyone even though she has a couple guys under her fingers. I think Austin has just completely turned her off to dating.

It was kind of sad to see them end. If you put them side by side now, you would've never guessed they were once so passionate for each other.

But I guess that's how the cookie crumbles.

We all kind of get each other when it comes to girls though. We've all experienced heartbreak. Maybe that's what can bring us together.

I'm corny.

Out of all of us though...I think Stephon got burned the worst. Anita and Austin's affections were mutual through out it all.

Stephon and his love Jackie...were a bit more complicated.

Jackie is now 18 and living it up in New York

Stephon knew her before me and Austin did. She was 12 and he was about 10 when they first met.
When she was 14 and he was 12 he developed a huge crush on her. And she was actually his first real kiss. I know right? This kid has game.

I wish I had game like that.

Anyways, that's when they got serious. But at the time she would go to New York to visit her mom every two weeks because her parents were divorced. Well, we live in no- man's land in Pennsylvania. She was home schooled. But by her personality you wouldn't believe it.

All the boys she met had some sort of crush on her. She was funny, kind of ditzy, but pretty smart, she was cute, petite standing at 4'11 and loved to laugh. She acted kind of grown for her age though. Before Stephon she was dating this 17 year old when she was 13. She was loud and very outgoing. She liked to make weird faces and always stated that she had too poop or that she was constipated. But that was just a sign that she was comfortable around you. Back to the whole New York deal.

She would go to New York and be able to do whatever she wanted because her mom allowed her too. Her dad over here in no- man's land is the strict one. She was, kind of a flirt. She knew boys liked her and she loved it. Not a slut. But a flirt. She was 13 when she in love with this guy named Frank, the 17 year old. He was her first love...and everything else if you catch my drift. Well they broke up after being together for almost a year and half.

A month after, that's when she kissed Stephon when she was 15. Well, they were pretty serious for about two weeks.

Until she went back to New York that month. She was still talking to Frank. And when she went over...things got busy in the sheets. Well it Jackie told Anita. And she didn't want to tell Stephon what had happened between her and Frank. Poor guy...You gotta feel for him. He really loved her.

Eventually Anita told him and he was heart broken. She didn't end up getting back with Frank. But Stephon called it quits anyways. She wanted to be friends but he wanted more then that. He wanted her to say that she loved him and that she was sorry, and he would give her another chance. But she never wanted to get back with him. She just wanted to do her own, single, thing. She told him he was to young for her. He hated it. He hated being the younger one out of all of us. As they got older, his feelings never went away. Even now, he still misses her. Despite the many girls vying for his attention.

When she hit 18, she moved to New York with her mom. And that's when Stephon had given up on hope for them. But he still loves her. There's never going to be another Jackie to him.

We can be called the broken hearted trio. Austin seems over Anita. But when the wounds were fresh, you can tell he was hit pretty hard. He knows what it is to be heart broken. And Stephon, still in the process. We were close, but when we learned of each others break up, we just got closer. It was like, bro- bonding.

I say trio, even though there's four of us because I doubt Christian has a girlfriend. He's just so...himself.

As for me, I've definitely experienced heartbreak. The difference between me, Stephon and Austin, is that Stephon and Austin can talk about their break ups, good OR bad. I... can't talk about...her. It ended 10 months ago. It was torturous to say the least. To make an upsetting story , short,

I ended up in the teen mental ward in the hospital.

It was nothing like "Its kind of a funny story". No charming Zach Galifianakis or Emma Roberts. That was all bullshit. I didn't talk to a soul and no souls talked to me. I was more then a zombie. I was a re- dead. You don't know what that is? Play Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of time. If you haven't? You live under a rock.

But the ward was terrible. It smelled like decaying life, if that's even possible. Everyone was drugged up and no one took showers. The counselors weren't actually interested in what I had to say. They were interested in the money they were getting by the hour for HEARING what I had to say. Not actually LISTENING.

You think a human being would be somewhat concerned when dealing with a suicidal child. But then again a lot of teens complain their going to end their life. You see these facebook statuses every where, like the following:

"Omg my mom ate the last cookie in the house. I swear i hate my mom no one gets me i cant take this shit no more. boutta pop these pills to end it all."

While some teens are actually SERIOUS, they don't exploit it. But I digress.

But, I was introduced had a special friend help me.

He's there for me every day. When I wake up and when I go to sleep. He soothes me. He doesn't talk, doesn't feel, he doesn't even breathe.


This chapter is just to get a feel of Aireck's friends. They play a big role in his life. Again, Critique is accepted but please no harsh comments. His break up will will come up in different parts of the story. Its a big part of the story as well. And for those of you who aren't sure how to pronounce his name, its basically Eric but with "Air" up front. I just like the different spelling. This chapter is pretty long I think. Thanks for reading. ^_^