The shadows were long and creepy that night, or so Donna thought. She was on her way home from the party and every moving shadow made her twitch and panic a bit more. Calm down Donna, she told herself. It's just shadows. Shadows can't hurt you, but even as she thought it, she knew it to be a lie. Hadn't she heard of that guy that Jensen said his cousin knew who'd been strangled by his own shadow? But then again, Jensen was always a crazy drunk.

She passed her favourite convenience store and stopped for a moment to look at this week's offers to see if there was anything fitting for a late-night snack. Sadly the offers were mainly canned food for some reason. Bloody Sandy, she thought as she continued her walk. Every single store on the East coast had bought tons of canned food in preparation for the coming hurricane, and now there were no more hurricane, but still lots of jerky and other things like it.

She stopped again at the bus stop, sitting on the bench with eyelids which suddenly felt like lead. Looking at her watch, she found that it was nearing 4am. Really? She thought to herself, having no idea how the time had passed that quickly.

Looking at the bus stop again, she realized that it wouldn't be arriving for more than an hour. Fuck it, she thought, it's faster to walk than to wait. She pulled her coat a bit closer around herself and started walking again.

It was not long before she heard a sound in the darkness behind her; a growling sound. She looked over her shoulder, but saw nothing, so she kept on walking, increasing her pace a bit. She kept telling herself: It's nothing. Nothing is there, I'm just hearing thing. Nothing is wrong, nothing is following me.

When the howling started, however, she could not convince herself that nothing was wrong and she started running as though the devil was on her heels.

She ran and ran and kept on running until she no longer knew exactly where she was. Looking around, she found herself in a sort of forest, a dense pine forest. Seeing no monsters, she tried to calm herself down. Breathe in, breathe out. That's it Donna, good girl. Now breathe in, breathe out. Breathe in, breathe out.

A few hundred yards away, a shape in the darkness was observing Donna with hungry eyes. Come here little lamb, come to me, it thought before it charged at her with the speed of a gazelle and the grace of a tiger.

As it came close, it could smell the fear in the air from Donna, who had started running again. And the hunt is on.


As she ran for her life, Donna felt the fear take control of her body, the adrenaline surging through her veins. She kept looking over her shoulder, trying to find out what was chasing her, but all she could see was a blurry shape, moving through the trees.

She tried to run faster, but the ground of the forest was treacherous and filled with holes and roots. She kept tripping over roots which seemed to pop out of nowhere, trying to make her fall.

For a while it seemed like she was going to make it, until she fell through a layer of leaves, ending up in a big hole. The hole was deep and dark, and seemed to Donna like a hunter's trap.

She was frozen by fear, her life flashing before her eyes. The howling got louder as the monster closed in on her. And then, suddenly, it stopped. She could hear it sniffing for a short while, but then it stopped, and the footsteps grew quieter and the howling seemed to move away.

Donna stayed in the hole for a long time, curled up in foetal position. By the time the first ray of sun hit her face, she slowly started to move again. Her limbs tingled, and the stiffness of her legs made her fall when she first tried to stand.

Eventually she managed to climb out of the hole. Later on she wouldn't remember how, but some time after dawn she was on her way home again.

When she finally got home, she quickly locked the door behind her, placing the key in her coat pocket and then leaned against the door. Finally safe, she thought, finally relaxing. She hung her coat on the rack before opening the door to her living room.

The living room was dark. The curtains were drawn, the lights turned off. And someone, something, was sitting in the chair across from the television, laughing coldly at some football game or another. Right until it turned its head to her. It was then that she saw it. She backed out of the room quickly, turning to run to the door.

Donna tried to pull the door open, but it was locked and the key was in her coat pocket. As she turned to get it, the monster exited the living room, and she quickly moved as far away as she could, pressing her back against the door.

Sweat dripped from her brow as she shivered in fear. "P-pleaseā€¦" she whispered, just as the light from the open kitchen door hit the monster, revealing a young male with unruly black hair and a cruel expression on his otherwise beautiful face.

He slowly crossed the distance between her, the smile on his lips widening as he noticed her squirming. "What's wrong sweetheart?" his hauntingly beautiful voice asked, before he leaned in and whispered in her ear: "Going somewhere?"