The Poem in Today

There was a poem in today,

but somehow I could not find it.

Maybe it was hidden somewhere

behind the cereal bowls

and boxes of Cheerios.

Perhaps it was peeking from behind

those hazy clouds in the sky

that drifted above me

when I was rushing to be on time.

I'm sure that if I'd stayed awake

instead of napping

I would have seen it frolicking

in that beam of sunlight cast

through my window.

It probably laughed from behind

those dirty curtains

while I listened to the professor

waxing eloquent on Shakespeare.

Was it curled around

the shadows of

those sleepy trees

waving lazy in the wind?

I'm sure if I had time

I would have checked there,

or under that penny

lying forlorn on the


And I'm sure it's still out there now

shivering with cold and damp

disappointed with how excellent

it is at hiding,

or how bad we are

at seeking.

I feel sorry for it,

but a test comes tomorrow,

and an essay is due,

and the snow is falling,

and it's too late to go out


There was a poem in today,

But somehow I could not find it.