Setting: On an abnormally cool Labor Day weekend, the sun is setting upon a wake that is taking place on a backyard patio. The patio is mostly empty with the remains of the wake still evident with platters of chicken, mashed potatoes, green vegetables and a fruit salad still assembled on a long table. Chairs are scattered across the lawn with only one chair occupied.

Alyssa: A young woman with brown hair pulled into a ponytail and dull brown eyes. She wears a dark blue shirt under a gray jacket, black slacks, and a pair of white socks.
Kellie: A young woman with long blond hair and bright blue eyes. She wears a yellow blouse with a white wrap hanging loosely around her elbows, a black skirt going to her knees, skin-toned nylons, and black high heels.
Deceased: The deceased great-grandfather to the sisters.

Kellie: Hey Alys. Aren't you cold out here?
Alyssa: I'm fine Kellie.
Kellie: Seriously? You're all alone out here with your book. What are you reading anyways? The Invisible Man? Isn't that bit of a labor to read?
Alyssa: …Was that a joke about Labor Day?
Kellie: Maybe.
Alyssa: Well it was terrible. Work on it.
Kellie: Whatever. Anyways, everyone else is inside.
Alyssa: Good for them.
Kellie: Why are you out here? Aren't you cold?
Alyssa: I like it out here; it's quiet. Besides, I'm wearing a jacket. You're only wearing a wrap.
Kellie: Oh I'm fine. I have more meat on my bone then you do, so I'm not as bothered by the weather. But since you're so lonely out here, I'll just keep you company.
Alyssa: How thoughtful of-
Kellie: So you're really not cold?
Alyssa: …I've been cold for a while, since we heard about his lungs being filled with his own fluids. Haven't you?
Kellie: Have you gotten food yet? You should get the chicken. It's really tender and easy to pull apart. Want some? You're really skinny and should eat more.
Alyssa: N-
Kellie: Did you know that chicken is supposed to bring a family together!
Alyssa: …That's if you're of Chinese descent; which last I checked, you're not. Besides, the chicken looks like it is getting cold. But it does look very moist.
Kellie: Well… I'll give you that it's cooling, but it's still delicious.
Alyssa: How can you all be so happy? Listen to them laugh in there! It's like none of you even care.
Kellie: …We still miss him. Grandpa was very important to this family. He won't ever be replaced, and we'll never forget him. He's still fresh in our memories. All of his adventures, we'll always remember them. However, you and I know he wouldn't want us to feel lost. He's better off now.
Alyssa: It's still sickening that you showed up to this wake in yellow.
Kellie: You know it was his favorite color! I'm sorry I didn't want to wear blue like you. And you're wearing white socks! I mean really, on Labor Day.
Alyssa: Why are you shredding your chicken like that?
Kellie: Don't change the subject like that! First you attack me and now you're changing subject?
Alyssa: What do you want from me?
Kellie: I want you to talk to me about this! His death is obviously affecting you.
Alyssa: Why do you care? Oh right, because you're the more emotional one.
Kellie: Please don't start. I don't want to fight today. He wouldn't be happy, looking down and seeing us argue like this.
Alyssa: Where do you think he went?
Kellie: What do you mean? He's up in Heaven of course.
Alyssa: His remains were scattered in the sea.
Kellie: I bet it's your dream place to go too, somewhere nice, cold, and quiet, yeah?
Alyssa: So where did he go? Is he still here on Earth, waiting for the end?
Kellie: He's gone to Heaven. Why can't you just be happy that he isn't suffering anymore?