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My feet jump off the springy grassy ground and run. I've never run faster in my life. Not when I became officially the fastest person in the school trying to beat Mo. Well, both of us were the fastest, but I beat everyone in both elementary, middle, and high school. A pretty impressive feat for a 13 year old.

My feet are already sore, and it doesn't help that a blister just popped on my foot. "Faster Py, Faster." I mutter to myself, not letting myself slow. The ground is a blur under my feet and I honestly feel as if I'm flying, feet not touching the ground. A pebble lodges itself in my foot, my bare toes are probably black. I don't stop. Whirling past a small cluster of girls chatting about some new phone I dislodge the rock. Anyone that get's in my way I dodge. I'm not sure why I don't stop to ask someone for their phone to call 9-1-1, nor shout for help. I just run. Smack, smack, smack, smack. Crunch, crunch, crunch, crunch. Run, run, and run. All the way back to the school I sprint my fastest. I swear that I'd have beat an Olympic runner. I can see the top of the building from the hill. So close, yet so far. Held back by only a gang of blockheads. A large group of guys joking around take notice of me and point.

"Hey who's that," they say. I grit my teeth as I get closer.

"Move, move, MOVE!" I mutter under my breath.

"Never seen her before." Another mentions. Idiots. I've been here ever since I was born.

"You trying to get to school? Sorry kiddo, schools over. Ya missed. Why ya so late?" One guy says. Geez. Couldn't you just try to be polite? My fingers curl into a fist as I pound towards them.

What's odd is that I'm suddenly so angry. Usually I can ignore it all, just breeze past them, but today… I can't seem to just disappear again.

"Oh, maybe you're in Mrs. Shawnalic's class." A pretty, tall girl shouts. "They're so stupid and messed up they have to stay after school until 6."

Why can't you just shut up you idiots? I've been here forever. I'm invisible, it's who I am. So why can't I still be camouflaged, see through? Why can't you ignore me? Their jeering continues. Well, what did I expect? For them to read my mind? And why can they still see me? Usually after a few seconds I just turn invisible and they forget all about me. It's as if my hate and worry is coloring me in. I've turned from an outline into a full blown painting. Shit. That used to be what I've always wished for, but now…

Still running I stoop down to grab a handful of gravel. A roar of laughter erupts from them, booming off every solid service. A few people actually turn to look. It must've been a pretty queer sight. Little girl covered with leaves, twigs, and dirt, against 20 or so seniors. I stop a foot away from them. They've formed a tight line, not letting me pass. "Oooh, little girl wants to fight. A few make a mock punching motion.

I stop about a foot away from them.

"Excuse me." I say.

"Hmm? What's that you say?" They scream, as if cheering on a favorite band or shouting support to a basketball team. But not to me. No, they scream jeers and insults, cruel, heartless words that make my blood curdle.

"I said, excuse me."

"Huh? Sorry, I thought I heard you say excuse me."

My anger almost over rules the urge to get help.

"Yes, as a matter of fact that is what I said. And if your mother ever taught you any manners, then you would move." I say, as loud as I can, as fast as I can as well. I need to get help. And quick.

They just laugh harder.

I. Need. To. Get. Past. And I am most definitely running out of patience.

"Well then, if she never did, I will. When someone says excuse me, you move aside to let them pass."

"Oh, are you in a rush?"

I mash my jaws together and clench my free hand tighter and tighter. Mo needs help!

"Yes, as a matter of fact I am," I'm getting very, very impatient. Mo is waiting. I can't let her down, I can't. I just can't.

"Mmm? You're going to the stupid class? Aww, shucks, I might….."

I purse my lips together.

"No, I'm not." I turn to face what seems to be the leader of the group.

"As a matter of fact, I just happen to be 13, not 8."

This just makes them laugh harder.

"And I also happen to be in your calculus class, Andrew Samuel Briansk."

His laughter stops, and he looks at me as if not sure whether to believe me or not.

Another guy speaks up, "Yeah, right. Like you know that. Probably just heard her yell that from the class room across. Everyone knows Andy's full name."

I turn to him next, unable to contain myself

"And you happen to be in Spanish with Ms. O'Kelsey Shawn Carsem. You live on 1678 Chester Drive. A 2 story mansion with your 2 siblings and 1 autistic 3 year old brother. Your parents are divorced." Maybe that was a little harsh… I squash the thought immediately. Harsh? He bullies his siblings, stomps on his baby sister, and gives his poor Mom no peace of mind.

His facial expression is priceless. Eyes squint to a minuscule level and chubby cheeks turn purple with rage. He can barely spit out 3 words. "You… you STALKER!"

I snort. "I've got more. You," I point to the tall blonde that earlier referred to me as stupid and messed up.

"Amy Kalishinaokara Antilleans. You're originally from California but moved because your grandma, Kaliahinaokara Rachael Antilleans, had cancer. You were happy when she died, you jerk, because she left you her car and a 'really cool' hat."

Another girl opens her mouth to stop me, but now that I've stared, I can't stop.

"Susane Taranish. You're held back a year. Is cheating on Connor."

It's so odd. I've never spoken more than a few sentences to anyone other than Mo, and yet now I can't really stop. And I'm getting more impatient with every person that I turn to.

"You." I turn on the school idiot. I'm not sure how they can stand him, but from what I've heard, everyone enjoys having a good idiot around.

"Jacob Samuel Anderson. You still pick your nose and your wet…"

Before I can finish the sentence he pushes himself forwards so that he's face to face with me, his face red with embarrassment.

I keep a straight face and tilt my head. As Mo says, this is an image of perfect innocence. And I'll never hear her say it again if I can't get help soon.

"Wet your bed. Your Mom was talking about it to the counselor. She wanted her little bubby booboo to be safe and secure around his wittle bitty frwends." I continue, smirking at his priceless expression.

This time it's everyone else that's laughing at him, not me.

It's hard to describe the look of anger on his face. Oh well. Someone got a little bit angry today. So. What.

Rage burns his head. Not just his face, his whole entire head is on fire. I swear that I can almost see the flames.

"You… you…." As it seems, there is no word to describe my extreme innocence *note the sarcasm* Fists clenched he takes a step forward so that he's barely an inch away from me. "You little…."

"What'd I do? Huh? I told your little friends the truth. Something all of you have a little problem with." I can't seem to keep my mouth shut today, can I.

I've almost (almost) forgotten about Mo. And this little chat has to hurry up. Out of the corner of my eye I see Jacob's white knuckles against sun burned red skin, and let's his fist fly. I easily doge it, stepping sideways, still thinking of ways to get past them.

There's a pause, when all is silent, even the birds have stopped singing. Light bulb moment!

I can see everyone in the gang tense up. They want to fight. And no matter how good you may be, no matter how strong and quick you are, no matter how stupid they are, you will never make it out in time. Go. Now. The voice inside my head commands me. The first few people begin advancing, trying to look menacing. They got constipated. I laugh mockingly.

"Yeah. Whoohoo. Go constipated jerks." Was I a little too heavy on the sarcasm? Eh, whatever. Andrew's nostrils flare, and mindlessly, without control he leaps and digs his fingers into my wrist. My eyes look hard at him, glaring, I grasp the sharpest rock in my fist and jab it at his palm. Hard.

"Bye-bye." I say quietly, as he stares hopelessly at the bleeding finger. Probably never had a boo-boo before. With my free hand I punch him as hard as I can with my fist, and grab the low hanging branch with both hands. I swing up so that I'm crouching on it like a monkey and then make the leap to the next branch.

I squid as fast as I can, even faster then I did earlier when racing Mo. I can't even stop to

I cant even stop to look back at their reactions, not to see their faces, nor their looks of awe at the monkey-girl. I just have to run.

Boom, boom, boom, boom. Past the playground, over the fence, under the tunnels, ahead towards the school and into…

"Ms. Brown!" I exclaim as I ram into her at top speed. She laughs, and a grin spreads across my face, despite it all. "Py, or wait, are you Mo? How are you? I saw..." She says, before I hurriedly interrupt her. My smile disappears automatically, revealing a serious, sad look.

"Py. It's Mo. She's really sick. I need… I need your help." I'm talking so fast that I don't know if she fully understood my sentence. Does this mean I'm Py or Mo? There's not way for me to be happy at all. And I can see that Ms. Brown can't smile either when she hears this news. She stops laughing and her eyes widen. Without asking any questions, she hurries me into her car and tells me to buckle up. I can't even marvel at my first car ride, not at actually being in an actual car for once. "I- I'm not… not sure…" She tsks and then grabs the long strap and clicks it into a buckle. "What, did your parents never teach you to be safe?" I swallow, face flaming. "Um…" "It's okay, sorry to snap. I've been having a bad day." Well I've had worse. The substitute just plain sucked. Then I feel even more selfish for thinking that. I don't even know what she went through!

"Okay Py, so what happened?" She says, speeding across the gravel road. "I-I don't… I can't…nothing..." She sighs and then swallows.

"Py, I just saw you beat up Andrew and Jacob, the two strongest kids at school. I saw you give Andrew a bloody palm and you managed to swing over the whole group of 20 or so giants, while giving them a big scare. I heard someone call you a stalker, which I know that you most certainly aren't. And then," She takes a breath and makes a big turn. "Then I see you running for your life, not bothering to go around the fence that's at least your height if not taller, you somehow manage to vault over it and…. Then when I tell you to get into the car, you look at it like you've never been in one before. And you don't know how to put a seat belt on!And you're trying to tell me that nothing is happening? Really? I'm not an idiot Py. I know there's something wrong about all of this."

After she says all of this, I realize that I can't hide forever. And I definitely can't hide from Ms. Brown anymore.

"It's… it's…" I think of a word, but Ms. Brown beats me to it. "It's complicated. Yeah, I know that much. That's about all I know. Now, I'm going to get to Mo," Uh-oh. The stern-teacher talk. I'm going to have a very hard time explaining all of this. All of this. "And then as soon as we get her to the hospital, you will explain. I will actually go to the police station and drag you with me. I will." She doesn't look at me as she talks, but I know it's real. Very real.

"You turn left here." I say quietly. She turns. I close my eyes for a moment to ponder the moment. "No!" I shout all of the sudden, still keeping my eyes closed. "It's left again!" Ms. Brown looks curiously at me, as she backs out of the road.

"Um… Py? How did you…?" My eyes snap open and I tense up. "The road. Clarence is cement. Where we live the road is gravel." She shakes her head in wonder. I pause, then continue. "Clarence and I close my eyes, still not relaxed, and silently chant, "Please hurry, please hurry, I'm coming Mo, I'm coming Mo…."

As Ms. Brown turns the corner to see the far houses, I squeeze my eyes tighter, and face furiously out of the window.

She gasps, and then quickly covers her mouth. "Oh Py… I'm so sorry… I didn't…"

"Please would you just… just hurry up? I mean, really hurry up?" I'm so anxious that I can't stand being polite any more. The anxiety and worry inside of me is just bubbling up and it's beginning to explode. I can't stand it anymore. I need to get it out. Now.

She remains silent, and leaves me be.

Slowly I manage to shove it all down the bottle again, gathering the ability to apologize.

"It's okay. I'm just… just really worried about Mo and…" I say after a while, forcing my emotions to stay in check. There's not much else to say.

She nods somberly and pats my back.

"It'll be okay Py, relax. We're… we're almost there…"

And we are. "Let me out."

As soon as I hear the click of the lock I fling open the door and take a running leap out to Mo.

Was it just my imagination or did the wind and ground hurry me along?

My feet pounded even harder than it did while getting to Ms. Brown, if that's even possible. Within 2 seconds, I've past both Joe and Frisca's houses and in just 3 leaps I'm at Mo's side, ear on her chest.

It doesn't move.

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