As I sit out and look at the swirling colors of the sky,

Blue dipped in gold,

The treasures of all the kings, store in the heavens.

The clouds caress the teary face of the sky,

The colorful tears rippling against them,

As it gets darker,

The trusty star comes out,

Calling out to its brothering to join in the dance,

Helping sailors on their way,

Making heroes and beasts out of there glow.

The moon comes out,

Like the stair of the show,

And the other stars dance around it,

Singing their praise in the sounds of wolves and crickets,

And the owl pays its dues and sings its song.

Then the stag comes out and leaping at the stars,

Trying to reach them, as they call to him, asking him to join them

The fireflies come out,

Lighting the way

They are the children of the stars

As I see all this, I wonder what part I play in this, what they see,

Do I light the way?

Or do I try to reach the stars

Or am I singing praise.

I think of this until the moon leaves,

And the stars fallow him,

The stag goes and the songs of praise are hushed.

I go to leave, back to where I belong,

Back to my bed, were I sleep in dream.