Just as an FYI, this is a short story that I wrote for a school competition. (It was also a homework assignment). This is also a heavily re-edited version of a short story I wrote about a year ago. I don't think I ever got around to finishing that story but I might work on finishing it. It's all written on paper and I'm sure I still have it, maybe ill look around for it and finish it. Oh yeah, and I won the competition! Anyway… ill start the story now.

It was late, that was for sure, John didn't know what time it was, it was sometime around one AM and the lack of sleep was really starting to get to him. He didn't even know if he was going the right way, he hadn't brought a map, but he was in the middle of nowhere. John sighed "should have taken a plane to Boston".

Then he saw a faint light through the darkness. He approached the dim light until it was bright enough for him to see that it was a hotel. John looked at the vacancy sign. "Hmmm, they must make lots of money out here." John said sarcastically as he thought aloud. Well, it was late and he'd probably fall asleep at the wheel and get himself killed, so why not spend the night?

John parked his car and walked through the dark, empty car park and entered the reception area. The receptionist stood there staring blankly at john. John walked up to the receptionist, "Id like to rent a room" john said. The receptionist stared at john with that blank emotionless expression before muttering "alright" with an almost hostile tone of voice. He handed john the key and john left.

John felt uneasy. The way that receptionist looked at him and talked to him sent shivers up johns spine. John entered the room. The room was old; it looked like it was built in the nineties. It was dull, only a bed and other furniture like a chair and a coffee table.

But there was something that got johns attention. A sound, a strange clicking sound, it was coming from somewhere inside the room, but john was unable to determine where. The sound of rushing water came next; the sink in the bathroom was not running and just like that clicking sound he couldn't determine where the sound was coming from. Then the lights started flickering, switching on and off. "I think id better leave." A terrified john said.

John made his way to the reception to find the strange man gone. John didn't have time to think because the lights started flickering like the way they had in his room. John exited the reception area running for the car. He reached the car and drove away. He felt relieved that he was getting away from that strange place. John kept driving, he passed by another hotel, that was strange, for two hotels to be so close to each other. He passed another hotel, and another.

John slammed on the breaks of the car. He'd just realised that he had driven past the same hotel three times. He continued down the road just to be sure... sure enough, he ended up right back at the hotel. He was stuck there... unable to escape.

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