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The face was unreadable. She couldn't see his eyes. She didn't know what he truly looked like, but somehow he was attractive. His hair was messy and the color was indefinable. He had walked up to her in a world as blank as a slate and they seemed to be the only ones around. The mouth that remained the only feature defining him from the void around them spread into a grin.

"Mercy." he said, in a voice that echoed through the void. His voice was just as blank as his appearance, although she felt faint emotions within it. The voice didn't ring in her ears the way noise would. It almost seemed…human. But at the very least, she knew he was happy; maybe because of her.

"How do you know my name?" Mercy Stuttered.

"I've known you for a long time." He chuckled as his grin widened. "You're the most interesting girl I know."

"I think you might fit that description too." Mercy replied sarcastically.

"Why, thank you." He chuckled as he began walking away from her.

He confused Mercy. "Um," Mercy began as she stood up. "What's your name?"

He turned his face back to her, still grinning, "My name's not important. After all, if it was, you would know it already. Wouldn't you?"

"Who, exactly, are you?"

"You'll discover that in time. For now, I oughta get going…"

Mercy felt a shiver run down her spine when she realized she would be alone once he left. "W-wait!" she cried as she ran towards him. Suddenly a strong wind forced Mercy away from the man with no face and she stumbled across a hard floor. Mercy coughed and opened her eyes. She was no longer in the void, but she wasn't quite sure where she was either. It looked like an amusement park. But it was very different from any amusement park Mercy had seen. The people running the rides and walking around looked like mere pieces of paper and the rides seemed to have minds of their own, jumping from track to track as if it was something they normally did. Mercy wanted to know where she was. She walked towards what looked like the cut-out of a young boy hoping maybe he would know what this place was.

"Excuse me," she began to say when suddenly a shadow descended upon the young boy as a roller coaster had jumped off its track, hurled itself at the child and jumped to the track of another ride. Mercy began to shake uncontrollably as she stared at the shattered pieces of the child and thought of how close she had come to joining him.

"Does it frighten you, Mercy? I must say, it intrigues me, borderline amuses me." Mercy turned around swiftly to see the faceless man from before. He held his arms in a sophisticated posture with his left arm wrapped across his chest and his right arm resting on his left with his fingers wrapped about his chin. Mercy sensed no sorrow in his voice and his mouth held no sympathy. Instead, it was more of a look of contemplation.

Mercy felt anger boiling beneath her skin at the faceless man's callousness, "How can you say that?" She screamed at him.


"That poor boy just died, and you don't care at all?"

For a moment the man paused, then a crooked grin spread across his face and he laughed at her anger, "Angry at me alone? Look around!" He chuckled. He took his right hand and placed it on Mercy's cheek. "You alone cry for that small child, Mercy." He said with a grin of absolute amusement. Mercy barely noticed the hot flood of tears that had streamed down her face as she screamed at the faceless one in front of her. He smirked as if he knew he had gotten his point across. He walked away yet again, but this time he stopped roughly six feet away from her.

"Time will always move in one direction, Mercy. That which is unchangeable will remain as such." He said as he turned halfway toward her.


"No buts! There is no exception to such a rule. Hoping to escape something as inevitable as death is an impossible and useless dream. Death awaits everyone and everything, and it is given much more fear than it deserves. Try to remember that you, like most, can't even predict the outcome of one day, let alone a lifetime." He walked away once more and this time Mercy did not follow. This time, Mercy's anger would not allow her to follow the man with no name. Mercy closed her eyes and let her anger simmer in silence. She yearned to sprint after him and tell him he was wrong; her anger clouded up her mind and the roaring of the roller coasters filled her ears.

"Get me out of this wretched place" She whispered to herself. The roaring of the wild rides was slowly replaced by the sounds of laughter and small talk. Mercy felt safe again and opened her eyes to find herself in the midst of a cellar, specifically a wine cellar. She was disappointed at the lack of life surrounding her, yet she could hear the faded sounds of laughter and was desperate to find their cheerful voices, but she could find nothing. Eventually, she hit a dead-end and while turning away in frustration, she found the ladder she wished for. She climbed the ladder quickly, in hopes of finding a friendly crowd. She landed in a storage room. This one filled with beer and Whiskeys. She looked around in disgust as the thick air itched her nose and brought tears to her eyes. The air stung so that she was forced to walk to the next room only to find it more unbearable. She attempted to find another exit, but her attempts were in vain. The exit didn't exist, and she sat down in defeat.

"So, this is what comforts you? What an unusual comfort zone. I wouldn't think it of you."

Mercy didn't need to turn around to know the voice that spoke to her, yet she looked to him anyway. The faceless man with his endless grin was wandering about the room. They were in a tavern and like the amusement park before, it wasn't normal. Instead of a regular crown of adult drunkards, the inhabitants of the bar were children. It was strange and the majority of them ran around intoxicated. Mercy watched as an infant crashed into a rack of wines and brandies and the toddler bartender scolded him about how the wine was worth more than his life.

"How could that disgusting liquid be worth more than a life?" Mercy mumbled to herself.

"Well, in such a case as this, the substance that kills is superior to the one that lets it kill." The nameless man had made his statement.

"Hm," Mercy replied, "And I suppose you don't care that they're only children?"

"Those who choose not to mature will not mature. That remains a decision we all make in our lives."

Mercy had heard enough. "How come you have an answer for every had question I give you when you can't even tell me your name?" She yelled to him in frustration.

The faceless man shrugged and wore his mouth in a smirk. "Some things are meant to be left unsaid."

"I'm sure your name and identity does not fit under that category!" Mercy screamed in rage.

The faceless one stopped circling her. He turned to her with his crooked grin spread wide across his face. "How can you be so sure?" he chuckled. "After all…" He paused and strode towards Mercy, bringing his grin close to her fearful expression.

"I could be your worst nightmare."

Mercy awoke to the loud metallic sound of her alarm clock. It was near dawn, but remnants of night built a cape of darkness that covered the sky in all but the eastern rim where a drowsy sun was trying to climb into the sky. Mercy dragged herself out of bed, head and heart still pounding from her dream the night before. She dressed herself in silence, thinking of the words spoken by the man with no face.

Mercy walked to the window and looked at the sky without seeing the darkness. Instead she imagined the grin of a man with no name, the shattered pieces of a forgotten child, and an infant whose life was worth no more than the bottle of brandy he cherished. A cold tear ran down her face as she remembered the shards of the unloved and for a moment the voice of the grin rang in her ears.

"Try to remember that you, like most, can't even predict the outcome of one day, let alone a lifetime."

Mercy smiled slightly and finally turned to her drowsy sun, wondering how its colors would shine come morning.

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