It was all a fast paced blur: the giant semi hurtling towards her family's seemingly miniscule deep rouge minivan. The vehicles hit and then it all goes blank. That was when Aurora learned what true fear felt like. Every nerve and fiber of your being standing on end, your bones ice-cold, your brain flashing the car crashes and the murders she read in books and heard on the radio, watched on the news. Never even pausing to think about how that could happen to her. And then she woke up.

Aurora woke up on a bed in a room that was completely white. She remembered thinking of how much she hated the color and how much she wanted to just grab whatever colors she could and just run up to the walls and just "have at it" as her father would say. Where was her father? Furthermore, where was she? She searched around the room looking for some form of indication but all the blinds where closed and the door hidden by a curtain. Aurora felt trapped. She started to look about frantically because some strange force was keeping her on that bed. She started to scream. She was so busy with her pleas for assistance that she didn't here the door swing open and the couple of nurse's rush to her bedside. By now Aurora had her eyes shut tight and was shaking her head like a scared child does when having a terrible nightmare but eventually she became aware of the calm, whispering voice and the hand smoothing down her tangled mess of hair. Aurora's scream settled down to whimpers and then, silence as she moved closer to the smooth hand, craving the feeling of the warm fingertips. She was suddenly transported back to her bedroom when she was younger and she woke up screaming, her mother would come in and stroke her hair singing soft lullabies in her ear but when Aurora looked up to observe her mother's soft face, it wasn't there. Instead, she was greeted by the kind face of a nurse.

"Where am I?" Aurora asked.

"Your in the hospital, sweetheart. I'm Xandra" The nurse replied and stepped away from Aurora to take a seat in a folding chair next to her bed. Aurora yearned for her gentle fingers on her hair again.

"Where's my family?" Starting to become frantic at there absence. The nurse noticed this and wrapped Aurora's freezing hand inside both of her warm ones to both calm and comfort her.

"Oh, yes. Your family." Xandra said as if just remembering something important.

And after that point, Aurora's memories are blank.