Once upon a time a death penalty meant eliminating a threat to society.

Now those who offend the law are forced to die over and over again to pay for their crimes.


Coldbane growled as the guards tossed him roughly into his cell.

"Lay off losers." he muttered as he got to his feet, brushing off his clothes. "I told you I'm innocent but you'll believe anything those idiots down in the courtroom will tell you."

"Shut up criminal." one of the guards, a large hairy man with a scar running across his cheekbone growled, "You're just repeating yourself."

Coldbane ran up to the bars and grabbed the man's collar, yanking his ugly face against the bars, "I told you I'm innocent!" he yelled, enraged by the injustice, "I didn't kill her!"

There was a loud crack as pain exploded in Coldbane's ribs and he let out a scream of pain as he crumpled to the floor, clutching his side where the other guard had hit him.

"Tell that to the Devil when you see him!" the guard spat, re-clipping the baton to his belt before stalking away with his partner.

Coldbane dragged himself to the small bed in the corner of his cell, wincing in pain as he hauled himself onto it. It was rough, uncomfortable and stunk of something that Coldbane wasn't sure he wanted to know what but at the moment it felt like a safe haven compared to outside of the prison walls. Out there, it was like hell on earth.

When Coldbane was a baby his parents had abandoned him on a lonely street corner to die. An old woman named Rosa Traks had found him and took him in, taking care of him and giving him love and support. It hadn't lasted long since the poor woman died of a heart attack, dying in Coldbane's arms when he was only three.

But it was old enough. That little boy had survived on the streets of the city for his entire life, even if he had to live on the shady side of the law to do it. He had lived beyond the life expectancy of most street kids and he was nearly 17 years old. Coldbane knew that he would steal, cheat and lie to get food or a place to live but he never would he murder. And that was what they had accused him of.

Little did Coldbane know that the bed was more of a haven then he could have ever imagined. And he could have never have imagined what would be done to him in the weeks and months to come.