And you said dragons didn't exist; yet here one rages on the field of battle, reeking havoc among the tanks and machine guns. If it really does not exist, then the damage it has done is not real either, right? Those men are not dead, those homes are not burning and you are still alive. The beast never swallowed you either; you are back home in the holler, the one hidden in the foot hills where the grass is always green. Instead of the screaming and gunfire and pain there is only the feeling of a cool fall wind on your skin, the birds singing in your ears, the sound of the stream to the north and the crystal water going over rocks. Your wife's head is in your lap and together you are cloud gazing; casting your vision into the bright blue sky to see what is there.

But you are not there, instead you are decomposing in the stomach of a monster that does not even exist according to you. So does that mean that you no longer exist? No one remembers you ― no one will be sorry you are gone― you will just be another name on the casualties list, if anyone notices you missing. (The chance of which is slim if I do say so myself) You are dead and the scaled beast is alive when you should be alive and it should be dead. Correction, nonexistent.

Therefore, long story short, you do not exist anymore, killed by something else that should not exist. While we are on the subject of whether something and/or someone exist or not, I would like to bring up the fact that I do not exist. The stomach acid must be going to your head because I was eaten weeks ago.

Written by a friend of mine for a prompt our teacher assigned us. please give your opinion.