I don't remember passing out, but I must have, because I woke up in a hospital. Sitting at my bedside was Aimee, and Kari. Both looked relieved when I opened my eyes.

"You're awake!" Aimee squealed, and hugged me lightly, trying not to hurt me..It still hurt, but that was okay.

"how long was I out?" I asked

"About two days. Me and Aimee just got here though, we got held up for questioning." Kari said.

"Thank you."

"For what? I made your life hell." Kari said.

I grabbed her hand and said "No. I thought you did, but you didn't make my life hell, you saved my life. I can't ever repay you for that." Kari started to tear up, and Aimee gave her a hug, she was crying too. Happy Tears. Happy because I was alive. I was okay.

I fell back asleep from the medicine I was on, and when I woke up again, Aimee was asleep. Kari alerted the doctor that I was awake, and he came into my room.

"Hello Jane." He spoke

"My name isn't Jane." I said, annoyed.

"I know, you came here alone, and we never got your name. What is it?"

I didn't reply.

"Miss, what's your name?"

I started to cry.

"Are you in pain again? NURSE! BRING IN MORE PAIN MEDICIN!" he shouted so the nurse could hear him.

Melody. Right? My name is Melody. That message had been burned into my mind for the past two years. My name is Melody. My name is Melody. My name is Melody.

"Jane, you need to tell us your name." He was getting annoyed, as the nurse stuck me with a needle.

My name is Mel- but it isn't melody, is it. My name isn't melody. My name ISN'T Melody. I have a name. I'm a girl with a real name.

"Jane can you hear me?"

My name. My name my name my name. I can say my name again. I am Melody. I am

"Daina. My name Is Daina."