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Life and Art

The thing that makes painting so different from other art forms is the feeling behind the brush.

Van Gough

Feelings, for a painter, can mean everything. What they feel for a beautiful scene. What they feel for a particular event. What they feel concerning a great meal or food. What they feel about…a person. But it is also those feelings that can drive them insane.

See painting is a way a painter expresses his/her feelings. Its their way of complimenting a harvester on his field. Its their way of telling the world they hate violence. Its their way of saying 'oh my gosh that was good grub'. Its their way of saying 'I love you'. But there are those feelings that confuse them. The feelings that don't have color. The feelings that don't have images. Its those feelings that drive a wonderful artist in to doing something deemed clinically insane. Its those feelings that lead artist into corners that no amount of acrylics or oil paint, soft or hard haired brushes, paper or raw-hide canvas, can help them out of.

It can be compared to getting used to jogging when you feel stressed. The wind in your face. How every step is one ounce of stress chipped off. The world seeming to not have you for those few miles. Then you lose your legs. What do you do then? Stress doesn't go away but your legs did. What caused stress doesn't go away but your legs did. How do you cope? How do you 'jogg' again? How does the stress leave you now? There is no outlet for your emotion, for your feelings.

If you can't jogg away the stress than how do deal with it? If you can't paint how you feel than how do you deal with it? Loping off thy ear is no way to get to the bottom of the situation. Abandoning the thing you do best isn't very helpful either. But that's feelings for you. They give you a million dollar check like Ed Macman. Next thing you know it was actually stolen money from a mob boss. Feelings can make you feel wonderful and than easily turn bad. The real crux is whether you can talk your way out or learn how to rock cement boots in an underwater environmennt.