Beneath, in the churchyard, lay the dead,

In their night encampment on the hill,

Wrapped in silence so deep and still

That he could hear, like a sentinel's tread,

The watchful night-wind, as it went

Creeping along from tent to tent,

And seeming to whisper, "All is well!"

A moment only he feels the spell,

Of the place and the hour, and the secret dread

Of the lonely belfry and the dead;

For suddenly, his thoughts are bent

On a shadowy something far away,

Excerpt from Henry Wadsworth Longfellow's 'The Midnight Ride of Paul Revere."


It stirs, a long forgotten evil that would be this worlds undoing. Soon the steward will be freed, and with that freedom he will seek out his master who for so long has laid in wait for this day to come. And oh! How he has longed for this! Once released and his full power restored, nothing will be able to stop him. Oh, the gods will have their weapons, they always do, yet he had something they knew not of, something that would be their undoing, a missing piece to the puzzle they understood to be 'reality.'

This world would be his, darkness will once again reign supreme in the realms of this world, and he will complete what he set out to do so very long ago. Few remember what he had done when he claimed his high place that was now lost to him; so many were destroyed, the rest forced to bow down before him and were treated no better than slaves. He should have known the troublesome lot would not so easily be quilled, that they would rise up in defiance against their lord. Yet what was done, was done; he would not make the same mistake twice. When his time came, when his servant freed himself and his minions, he would destroy warmth and light once and for all.

Even now the steward could hear his masters call, like a whisper carried on the winds, a silent draw to his place by his masters side. Too long he had waited to bow before him and be rewarded for his loyalty, to be given that which was most sought after in his existence. Aeon's have passed as he patiently awaited his freedom, and now, at long, long, long last, the time was nearly upon them…