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Chapter 1 Pandora's point of view

March 2nd 11335bce
The Capture of the Nameless One

I watched from the mountain as the gods took their place on the battlefield, a long, flat plane that had been chosen for this purpose alone, for the battle that would ensue. Today would be the day, one way or another, it ends today. My father was down there, watching, waiting for the impending attack. Because of all I had done, all those Shadows that were now eternal prisoners within the confines of my box, we had tracked down the last remaining pocket of those dark beasts. It was said that the gods created them for a purpose, one they served well until the Nameless One took that being of darkness into his soul. I had never seen my grandfather before, there were no paintings of him, nothing of his likeness was to be found among the gods. I knew what was expected of me once he was captured, and I had to admit I was far from fearless to face him, but no one else but me could do what needed to be done. I was no war goddess, I was not like Ennina, nor Ares. I was not even a god, only half of one, but apparently half was enough to track down one of the most vicious, usurping king's to ever sit upon a throne of the gods.

My nerves make me shake. Because of my light and my box, I had given the gods the upper hand in every battle they had fought to find the Nameless One. But this was different; they had not faced this evil in thousands of years after he went into hiding. So while this battle raged, I would remain on the mountain, safely stashed away until my time came to face him.

I had heard of the Nameless One's power, and I feared for the safety of my family, and my Epimetheus. He was down there, among them, waiting for the battle to begin. My mind went to the night before, when he kissed me and told me that he loved me for the very first time. Thinking of him provoked tears to fill my eyes and fear to fill my soul. I could not lose him, not like this, not ever. He was not the most skilled of warriors, however the gods needed everyone they could get. They would not chance my grandfather escaping their grasps yet again. This will end today, one way or another.

The plane of battle darkened as an army appeared, made up of countless ranks of Shadows, those mindless creatures awaiting the orders of their master. There were thousands of them, though there once had been millions. These Shadows that stood here today were the last of their kind that remained on this Earth, this was their final stand, his final stand.

The gods, whose numbers had reached three thousand, two hundred and five well trained warriors, held their formation, their dark foes gracing the battlefield fifty meters away in the distance. My father stood in the front of our army, ready to lead his people to victory. Cronus, the god who raised my father, stood to his left and just behind him, while my sister Ennina stood beside her husband on the right. Close by were my uncles Poseidon and Hades, my step mother Hera and her sisters Demeter and Hestia. The gods made for quite an impressive sight, dressed in their adamantine battle armor, their myriad of weapons shining in the bright sun of this cool spring day. Their capes flapped in the wind as they stood perfectly still.

On the other side, heading the Shadows, was the disgraced former king of the gods, the being who nearly brought about the end of the human race, an immortal whose very name was taken away and removed from existence as punishment for his crimes. The armor of the infamous god was made of adamantine and trimmed with gold and onyx in an elaborate design. His helm hid his features from sight, I could only image what he actually looks like, if my father resembles him at all.

My father raised his sword high above his head, a battle cry issuing from his lips as he then threw his arm forward and his men charged into battle with a fierce battle cry filling the field and making its way up to me on the mountain. The rest of the battle happened seemingly in a blur to my half mortal eyes, the gods and Shadows moved in that cacophony of shouts, and screams and the clash of adamantine weapons among a swirl of darkness and shining adamantine. As I looked on with anxious eyes and a heart to match, I noticed that there was more of adamantine to be seen than of darkness. A tentative smile came to my lips, knowing this could only mean one thing, but not wanting to get my hopes up.

The battle in itself lasted an hour, then things began to grow quiet as the gods finished off the last of the Shadows until there was only one being of darkness left on that field. The Nameless One still fought with all his might, even as gods surrounded him he refused to surrender. He tore his helm off and screamed words that I could not hear from this distance. He was soon over powered and shackled as powerful immortals stood guard around that monster.

"Pandora?" Came an unmistakable voice from behind me.

I spun around to see Epimetheus standing there, a single wound on his forehead that was already healing. I smiled to see him standing there as his smile widened, his vibrant green eyes dancing with victory. It was his eyes that had first attracted me to him. I ran into his arms and he held me tight against his armored chest as he kissed me, our enthusiastic kisses continued as I cried out my relief that he still lived. Then he just looked into my eyes as he held me.

"The day is ours, the war is over." He told me, I nodded and we shared one more sweet kiss.

Epimetheus held me close as he teleported me to the battle field. Gods were carrying their wounded away while others were treated on site. It was a surreal sight, though I knew that battle between mortals was an even bloodier business. I ran up to my father when I spotted him and hugged him tightly, kissing his cheek. He looked into my eyes with a smile after he had placed a kiss on my forehead. His eyes were clearly troubled though.

"Are you ready?" He asked, I nodded.

He led me to where the Nameless One was being held, and the closer we got, the louder the shouting had become. My grandfather was on his knees, shackled with adamantine chains that not even he could break, try as he might. His black curls were caked with dirt, his pale skin streaked with mud, his pale blue eyes crazed with anger as he glared at the gods before him. Zeus did resemble him I found, not completely, but enough.

"HOW DARE YOU! I AM YOUR RIGHTFUL KING!" He screamed, his eyes were crazed and they landed on Zeus as we walked up. "How could my own son betray me? Why would you choose the mortals over your own father?"

"Because life is scared, all life." My father replied in a surprisingly calm tone. "And you are not my father." His sky blue eyes then turned to me, he gave me a stiff nod.

I opened the satchel that was slung around my shoulder and hung at my hip. I removed my box from within, holding it before me as I pushed down on the adamantine buttons. The top came flying open and I felt its power emanating around me. The box is as much a part of me as I am of it, it was created from my blood after all.

The gathered gods, myself included, watched the Nameless One as he directed his glare at my box, at what had been his undoing. Something is wrong, I quickly realized. This was usually the part where the host began screaming as the Shadow was drawn forth and into the box in my hands. Yet he was silent, he was still, and clearly not in any kind of pain. Then he smiled and threw his head back as a malicious laugh left his lips. He looked right into my eyes, and my blood ran cold from that one look.

"It does not work on me, little girl." He sneered. I stood tall and calm, not willing to let him see the fear I felt at being in his presence.

I felt a warm hand on my shoulder and I jumped a bit as my head whipped round, only to find it was my fathers hand, his sky blue eyes looked into my own violet ones. He gave my shoulder a squeeze and nodded in Epimetheus' direction. I nodded and closed my box, placing it in the pouch before going to stand by Epimetheus' side. I watched as my father and the most powerful of the gods teleported away with the Nameless One, bringing him to the Underworld, where he would be placed in Tartarus for his crimes. I was still shaken, though a surreal kind of peace did come over me. The Nameless One was gone, he was no longer a threat, this world was safe. I looked into Epimetheus' vibrant green eyes as he smiled down to me and caressed my cheek as the wounded were taken away.

"It is over." I whispered, and he nodded as his smile widened, his handsome face glowing golden with pure joy.

It was hard to wrap my mind around. After twelve years, I had finally accomplished what I set out to do. The Shadows were gone, the Nameless One was imprisoned. The world and the mortals were now truly free to heal, to thrive and prosper under the reign of my benevolent family. I began to cry the happiest tears that had ever fallen from my violet eyes. I wrapped my arms around the god I love once again and held him close, realizing that I was now free to live a life with him.

Two weeks later, we were married in an elaborate ceremony, and it was easily the happiest day of my life as Epimetheus were bound in marriage to one another, promising our love to one another for the rest of time. At the celebration, we danced, and kissed, and laughed the night away with our family. And then it was time for something else, something we had both waited so long to do. Epimetheus brought me to the room that had been prepared for us with flower petals and candles and silk sheets. He took his time undressing me as we kissed and my body shivered in a mixture of delight and nervousness under his touch. I unwrapped his robe and then we stood there naked, holding each other as we stood by the bed and I gazed into his eyes. My soul was his, I was his in every way. I was so incredibly in love with him, I sometimes thought I might just lose my sanity.

His hands slid from my body and he held his hand up to me, I took a shaky breath and took his hand. He gave me a soft smile as he led me to the bed and sat down on the edge as I stood before him and he looked over my body. His hands came up to caress my body, his fingers felt like some kind of electrified fire as they trailed over every inch of my skin and his mouth found my breasts, first one, then the other, bringing me such an exquisite sensation as our breathing became more and more harsh. I gripped onto him, his shoulders, his hair, the back of his neck, as I stood before him on shaky legs, my body on fire with passion. I wanted him, now. I placed my hands on his cheeks and brought his face to look up to mine. His eyes were filled with the fire that consumed my body, inside and out. I nodded and hands went to my hips, guiding me forward, onto the bed.

I went willingly, achingly, I climbed onto the bed to hover over his lap. My arms wrapped around his neck as his gentle hands slowly guided me down onto him. I was still shivering as we slowly became one. A wince came from my lips as I clutched onto him once he was fully inside of me. His breathing was harsh as he held onto me and our eyes met again and he knew I was okay, I was ready for more. He caressed my cheek with that loving fire still raging within those eyes I love so much, his fingers tucking a stray lock of my golden hair behind my ear before he slowly leaned forward and kissed me, a kiss that soon became far more passionate as his hands guided my hips in the motion that brought us both the greatest kind of pleasure. My head fell back as we moved together and a sound of ecstasy left my lips. Epimetheus' lips found my neck, kissing it with such passion. Soon I found myself on my back on the bed with his prefect body upon my own as this lovemaking continued, my arms and legs clutching onto him, needing more of this, more of him...

Three days later, I was granted immortality for the critical part I played in the capture of the Nameless One and the Shadows, and two days after that, I awakened as a goddess. My husband and I settled into our home and our life together, one filled with so much love and such pure bliss. The following year, our first child was born, our beautiful daughter Alexis. She had her fathers brown hair, his green eyes too, though her face resembled me the most. She was perfect, so small, and divine, and absolutely perfect. Epimetheus proved to be a loving and devoted father, just as I always knew he would be. With our little girl, our life was complete, or at least we thought it was, until I became pregnant with our second child. Reina was brought into this world two years to the day after her sister. She looked so much like a mixture of her father and my mother, though she had my violet eyes and golden blond hair, and just like her sister, she was perfect, absolutely, positively perfect in every single way.

Alexis and Reina grew up as the closest of sisters. They played games together, they spent time learning weaving with me or working at swordplay with their father. Reina had no patience for weaving, but Alexis adored the art as much as I did. My girls were adored by all, and how could they not be? They were perfect, sweet, always singing and dancing, and always so very happy.

We were happy, so, so very happy. Life was perfect, everything I had ever wanted and more. I had a family of my own, and there was peace on the earth. I had my husband, my wonderful, ridiculously funny, handsome husband who adored me and loved me with the same passion I had for him. And even more than all these things combined, I had my daughters, my two beautiful little girls whom meant the world to me. Even though motherhood was something I had always longed for, actually being a mother was even more incredible than I ever dreamed it would be.

My box was safely tucked away in a room of our home, I had taught my daughters about the box, seeing as how it would one day belong to one of them. I told them how to work it, told them what was inside must never be released, that it was very important they do not play with it. They had both nodded their heads and promised me not to touch it, their faces were so innocent and adorable that I could not help kissing both of their little cheeks as they giggled that day.

And so it came to be that on this beautiful, sunny, summers day, I hummed to myself the melody my mother taught me as I worked on my loom. Alexis was visiting her cousins, she and Ennina's daughter Astreia were very close and absolutely adored each other. Epimetheus had left early this morning to train; even though there was no one left to fight and peace had reigned for the past eleven years since that final battle, he still insisted on honing his skills. This left Reina and I home alone together today, she was playing in her room, singing a little song of her own that warmed my soul and made my smile grow.

After a while, Reina's song grew quiet and a moment later my hand froze on its way to the loom because of this silence. On any other day, this would not have caused me a second thought. But today was different, I felt something urging me to my feet, some instinct within me was telling me to find my daughter. Something felt wrong, so very wrong that I began to move quicker with each step I took.

I followed my daughter's essence, my disquiet growing into all out panic as I realized where she was and what she was about to do. I found myself running as fast as I could towards the only room I would never allow my daughters to enter alone. No, I pleaded within my mind, oh please Moirae no! Not my daughter, not my Reina!

When I reached the hall that led to that room, my fear deepened, seeing the door was open. I ran even faster, not pausing at the door as I rushed in just in time to see Reina's little thumbs pushing down upon the knobs on my box as I gasped.

"REINA NO!" I screamed as I kept running towards her, knowing it was too late.

Without a thought, when I reached my daughter half a breath later, I pushed her out of the way just as the lid came flying open. An immense darkness shot out from the box, and I felt a suction around my body drawing me in. As I was pulled into my box, I looked back, seeing the horrifying sight of those Shadows all slithering into my daughters soul as she screamed for my help and reached for me with her little hand.

"MOTHER!" She screamed.

"REINA!" I screamed for her. Then, all was black, all was still.

Not a moment later, I felt myself being expelled from the box with such force it knocked me off my feet. I hit the ground, surrounded by a bright light, a light the same color as the unique gift I was born with. When the light died down, I saw the white marble floor I was laying on as my body took form, going from glowing golden ichor, to my form of golden locks, lightly tanned skin and violet eyes. The first thing I felt as the light died down, was the essence of a powerful goddess. Her essence had many elements that were similar to my own and a few that were foreign to me.

I pushed myself up with my hands so that I was sitting on my side. I looked up to where the goddess stood and was shocked by the sight that I was greeted with. It was like looking into a mirror. She had my golden blond wavy hair, only hers had a slight orange tint to it, like the color of the flame. Her eyes too held a kind of flame, her violet irises holding an ember like glow that I had seen in others who have had a chimera gift them with their scared fire. Her skin was like mine, glowing slightly golden, and most startlingly, her face was a replica of my own. She wore a purple gown in an elegant cut, and was clearly a few months pregnant. She looked at me with the same shock I felt.

"Oh my gods," She whispered in a voice that was so like my own. "Pandora." I just stared at her, feeling nothing but bewilderment.

I was incredibly disoriented, I took in my surroundings, realizing that this was not the room I was in a moment ago. Where am I? What happened? I wondered. Then an image of Reina ran through my mind, of her on that floor with the Shadows surrounding her, binding with her soul as she screamed for me. I looked back at the goddess, who was still gazing upon me in a shocked state of wonder.

"Reina, where is she?" I begged the woman before me. She did not reply, it was as if she had forgotten how to speak. Tears of fear and frustration came into my eyes as I spoke again. "Where is my child? Where is Reina!"

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