"Why have you done this?!" He screeches in pain arching his wounded body's immense torture.

A kackle of sadistic laughter slithers slowly whispering to him

"Thiss hass been your doing. You egoistic incompetent shallow fool!" the voice dissipates like mist.

The man's spine cracks and flesh tears. Blood dripping onto his cold black feathers.


Slowly he wakes to find crimson eyed figure. Pure. White.

"Black." She timidly whispers.

He stands his burden heavy. "Leave me be."

Her crisp cool hand tugs him. "Come I'll teach you under the silent tree."

She asks "Do you know who you are?"


Then she revealed a shining blade.


She fed him, taught him. Slowly, his burden wasn't as heavy allowing him to soar higher his sword well sharpened.

She caressed his elated face. "You… have learned to defy your fate."

"You betrayed my trust?!"

"No! I kept you free from your fortune of death."

Engulfed with rage and filled with sadness, he let her fall.



The sword clatters there below.
"This…isn't my doing! For I'm not the monster defined by these wings!"

Blood dripped from his sword.

He flew to the cave in which the serpent lay.

The voice he heard once before coiled his heart. "You finally come. And with a sword!

How courageous."

"Fool! You slay your love! And your fear is great. You guilt and anger will tear you apart."

He pans the room with his sword.

"Whether it's the feathers that weigh you down, doesn't matter. You have been damned to this fate and will die because of it."

Immense pain as his feathers fell.


With opening eyes, white fills the room. "How can this be?" His body pale and wings white

"Do you know who you are?"

She's alive.

He runs to her feet "I am a fool."


"Who are you… now knowing?" she caresses him.

"I live for life's sake and humbly accept my eternal dues"



Her crimson eyes faded away

His body flourished with light. Winds wrapping around him.

Then, descends to the cave once more.

"White wingss!"the serpent cringed.

"You shall end your reign of immorality slaving the people."

With sword in hand the snake battled him leaving no scars.

The snake has fallen.


A light appears. From it lays a child with eyes of crimson red. "Who am I?"

He recognizes the timid child who grabs his hand.

The man puts his sword away and looks at the child. "Come. Let me teach you."

He carries the child out of the cave and into the light.