The school appeared fairly inviting for a military school, and it was better than being left to fend for myself, which is what would have happened if my parents hadn't enrolled me here. Really, I was a bit lonely with my brother going to a different school, and we both were attending boarding schools, so we wouldn't have a lot of free time to visit.

The campus consisted of five different buildings- the faculty dorms and hospital shared a building, there were two three story buildings for classes, and one more eight story building for the students dorms. I took out the map I had received in the mail, along with instructions for where to go. Apparently, I needed to choose all my classes, get my dorm key, and acquire a number of other things.

The hallways were clean, coated in white paint with polished wooden doors. The floors were tiled in white and lined with the same hard wood that the doors were made of. Each door had a small window at the top that had words printed in black print, 'Chemistry', 'Math', 'Biology', were some I remember passing along the way to the door that had 'Student Orientation Office' printed on the front.

I breathed in and knocked, a voice replied "come in." The room echoed the rest of the school, except you could tell it wasn't cleaned as often as the rest of the building. A huge wooden desk sat in the middle of the room, almost as intimidating as the man behind it. In a button up shirt and pants meant for manual labor, the ex-marine behind the desk ordered me to sit in a chair across from him. He handed me a sheet to fill out with what classes I wanted, "Fill this out carefully, you can't redo it. Choose according to the career you want to pursue, because the classes you take now will let you access other, previously restricted resources."

I must say, I came knowing what I wanted. I always had. I took my time, though, so he would think I listened. I printed my name, birthday, and came across the option to use an alias.

"um, sir, what's this question here for?", I inquired, genuinely confused.

He looked up from his paperwork, glanced at where I pointed to on the form, and answered, "Not all students are here come from a military family. Some are fledgling criminals, some have nowhere else to go, no family, some are failing in school. The point of this school is not who you are when you come, or who you used to be, or whose around you. It's about molding our next generation and making them better than when they came. So, we allow students to change their names and cut ties with their pasts, and begin again."

I nod and continue to write, pondering whether or not to change my name, even though I have no real reason. Chemistry, math, track, swimming, English, art, self defense, and a few other classes seem either appealing or necessary, so I list them. My age, height, and birthday are predictably called for, but more surprising are the posers like 'What is your favorite food?', 'On your days off, your most likely to be found doing what?', and other personality quiz questions. Finally, I had answered everything I was asked on paper, and filled in the alias

space with Isomer, Catalyst.

The man ( I was thinking why I hadn't asked his name yet.) took the full page, read it over, and put it away in a drawer, probably never to be seen again. Great,I thought, this is just another get-as-many-out-as-fast-as-possible-type of school.

" I haven't introduced myself yet, have I?",he asked, I shook my head,"From now on, your in dormitory 105. That's under my jurisdic- tion. You have any problems, you come to me. My name to you is Captain John Smith."

"That's not your real name?!",I blurt, then get angry at myself for lacking control. To myself, I think, 'What a common name...'

"No. That's my name to you. Alright, every student gets a reading list every trimester. Here's your's. You are required to read all the books on the list, as homework. Whenever you finish one list, turn it in and get a new one. We have a number of extras that are required to be completed, which I'll explain. Aside from classes, you need to begin to learn to play any instrument, whether you've chosen music as a subject or not. I see you already have a little experience and own a guitar, so continue that way. Students in high school pay for their own lunch, and anything they want outside of the required items, so get a part-time job either on campus or off. Make sure it is safe and complies with your classes, missing class for any reason is unpardonable and will be severely punished.

"A mandatory report is written about the happenings of the week, email the last four you have completed on the first Monday of each month. Your allowed one evening off a week- one evening you don't have to participate in club activities. You can focus on extras, homework, your job, or you can go out. What ever you like, just stay out of trouble. The evening before and the day of your birthday are optional for vacation, but you have to make up for the missed work. December 25th to January 2nd is all free as well. If you are sick or injured, or otherwise unable to attend class, you will be held back accordingly. Understand?", asked the Captain, handing me a packet of papers. I nod.

Capt. Smith led me up a few flights of stairs to dorm 105, my new residence. "Each room has a telephone, which I will undoubtedly call at some point, you can use for whatever you want. But keep it clean, the lines are tapped.", Smith gestures to the handset," You brought a laptop, but feel free to put in for a replacement when needed. All your luggage was sent here previously, it's in those boxes over there,",he points to the corner and the pile of cardboard boxes," There's a small kitchen you can use, or just go to the cafeteria. And there's the bathroom. That's a wrap! Goodnight. Get unpacked and rest up for Orientation tomorrow. You should have a schedule in the mail box by your door.",Capt. Smith opens the door, and enters the now dark hall.

"Thank you, sir, for taking the time to show me around.", I say. After he leaves, I think, He must have other students, I wonder why he spent especial time on me. The bedroom/living room was the first place you entered, with a computer desk, love-seat with a small table at one end, a small window overlooking the grounds, and a closet. A tall book shelf stood next to the desk. The left wall perpendicular to the door had two more doors, which I assumed led to the bathroom and kitchen, and I was correct. It was a small bathroom with a shower, no bath, and a medicine cabinet above the sink. The kitchen had five cupboards, one holding a few dishes, and a couple drawers had silverware and utensils in them.

I got right to work, even though I was tired. The bookshelf filled up quickly, with school books and manga, and a few movies. I place my laptop on the desk, fill the drawers with new notebooks and supplies. I left the manga and science magazines and posters in the box for then, and since I was to get a uniform tomorrow, most of my street clothes were kept in the boxes.

There wasn't any food I brought with me, and since I had heard most things would be supplied for, so I packed the minimum.

In no time, I had set the alarm on my cellphone for six o'clock and passed out on the bed. Going to a new place really was exhausting.