I left no footsteps walking up
the levitating stairs to the open
doors of a memory lane. And
everything, every last non-beating hearts
and speckle of dusts was white,
white like the lungs that plunges itself
into the still ashen waters, like how I'd
let my one whole being just drown inside
the things I've never left behind, leaving an
outstretching hand in wordless pleas.

My half eyes regained light, and it was the
gasping screams heard throughout the hallways
of time that I found myself,
yet again.

And I can see you, and your eyes
that have seen the ways broken mankind
rips itself apart, and your head's
the sky, connecting abstract pieces of
essential organs. I asked, with no
words spoken, questions we all want
but you left fragments of memories that
burns, and the way I let go of my fists
was the way the sky gave in and
let it the snow fall in between
your breaths.