I was confused. I hadn't done anything wrong, so why was I being sentenced?

My name's Caroline Meridith, and there's absolutely nothing extraordinary about me. I have plain, long, chocolate-brown hair, and blue eyes. I'm normal height, and normal weight. I get sick just as much as any other kid my age, which would be any kid aged 13. I'm not rich, I'm not poor, I'm neither terrible or wonderful at singing or dancing. I'm not the most popular girl in my class, nor the most un-popular. I'm not the class clown, the gross kid, or the annoying kid. I'm the girl who is barely ever noticed, who doesn't take part in class discussions, but would rather sit in the back reading a book. That's why, when four agents from the government showed up at my house asking my mother if I was here, I was confused.

See, sometimes, a kid will do something very small, minorly offending the government, and they're never seen or heard from again. The government's always liked to down-populate us, so much, that they built an abyss in a chained off area filled with toxic waste so if a kid just so merely said he disagreed with the government, they'd have a place to throw him. There are no boundaries, and it's even harder on the adults. If the adults say a word against the government, they get thrown off the cliff into the abyss too. No exceptions, no loopholes. For a child, it's only a little bit lighter.

The cliff has a very large chain-link fence surrounding it, though it's a wonder how they managed it. On the side of the fence where the city was, there's a hill so you can watch the execution if you want. It's barbarian, and I've only seen one. I just had to go to that one, no matter how much I knew I would cry. My father, Aaron Meridith, had taken a stand against the government, and what they were doing if anyone questioned them. He and several other citizens had broken into the government files and stolen papers. The government was so desperate to get back whatever it was they'd lost, they offered to let my father go if he handed over the papers. If it was me, I would've given them the papers, but my father was far more heroic than me. He refused, and I'll never forget the strange purple car that drove up to the top of the cliff with my father in the trunk. The same four agents who were confronting me now had calmly stepped out of the car with expressionless faces, pulled my father out of the trunk, and dropped him off the cliff into the toxic waste.

I'll never be able to forget that horrible image, of my father falling to his death, and taking it so calmly. I'd sworn I'd seen him wink at me as he fell, but too fast the waste absorbed him and he was gone. I decided if I was to be thrown off the cliff also, I would fall looking brave, just like my father.

"Does Caroline Meridith happen to be on the property right now?" A tall man asked nonchalantly.

My mother could only gasp and let silent tears fall as the pushed past her and climbed the stairs. I felt terrible, whatever I'd done, was going to leave my mother all alone. The thumping of four pairs of feet slowly became louder. I scribbled out a note as fast as I could, and set it on my pillow. It read; Mom, I promise you, I will come back. Don't cry, I will find a way to survive and come back. Caroline

I had an idea. I quickly grabbed the swiss army knife my mother had given me to protect myself from burglaries. I slipped it into my boot, and watched as the four men slammed through my door, splintering the wood. I let my face become expressionless, to match theirs. I made no move to defend my self, and tried to look tired. They pulled me onto my feet, and poked at my back with something pointy to force me to walk. By the chanting outside, I knew the neighborhood had been alerted there was going to be a execution. Always, no matter if they knew the person or not, everyone in the entire neighborhood rallied together and protested the killing of an innocent person. It was nice, when you thought about it, to know that people didn't support this, and wanted you to fight back. Boy, was I going to give them a show.

I was shoved into the trunk of the purple car, and they started it up. As we drove away, I couldn't shake the image of my poor, sad, mother, standing on our porch looking utterly defeated, being comforted by two neighbors I didn't know.

Soon, we reached the top of the cliff. My plan had to be timed perfectly, and involve good luck, which at the moment, I had none of. I was pulled out of the trunk the same way my father was, and stood onto my feet. I stood still, trying to figure the exact moment to strike. They jabbed at my back again, trying to make me walk. I didn't move. They poked and stabbed harder, and this time I swore I felt blood trickle down my back. I gasped and closed my eyes for a minute, taking a step to fake them out.

In one swift motion, I reached into my boot and drew the knife. I pointed it threateningly at the four men, thinking I had a fair chance since they didn't carry guns. The crowd cheered, proud that someone had finally had enough. I HAD had enough. This was so stupid, them forcing us to jump off a cliff if we say a word against them. What made them better, or theirselves valued higher that everyone else? They had no right, I decided. I advanced with tears threatening to spill. I held the knife firmly in my hand.

I swung wildly, slicing one's suit and slashing another's face. I turned and threatened to throw the knife at the third one. ...One, two, three. Where did the fourth one go? I soon found out, as immediately I felt another sharp poke in my back. I fell to the ground in agony, with a quiet yelp of pain. My knife skidded off the cliff. The crowd booed. More blood flowed from my back. This was definitely not healthy, but I was going to die either way. I stood up, only to have it jammed against my back again. My vision was beginning to fade in and out, and I knew I would either pass out or die soon.

I stood up very shakily, and as quick as I could grabbed the stick from the man who had been poking me. My efforts were wasted, for one of the other men pushed me off the cliff. I was proud, I was one of the only citizens who had ever taken a stand like that. I may never know what I had done to get them to bring me here, but here is where I became a hero, a role model, and here is where I started a revolution.

I sank slowly. Surprisingly, I didn't immediately die, or black out like I'd expected. Instead I felt stronger. I could see through the disgusting green muck. I finally saw something other than green for miles. I saw air, rising from a small geyser. I swam towards it. Only then, did I realize that although the waste had made me feel stronger, it hadn't healed my back, and it began to sting. Trying to ignore the overwhelming pain in my back, I swam towards the air. I was about to suck the air out of a bubble when my foot clanged against something metal.

I turned around very quickly, and saw a sunken submarine. I twisted the latch, and I saw an electric blue force field covering the entrance. I tapped it, and My finger went straight through. I vaguely wondered why the toxic waste wasn't seeping though the force field if I could. Suddenly, a handsome boy who looked about fourteen ran into view. He had spiky blonde hair, and brown eyes. Before I could try to understand the words he was saying, I fell. I hit the cold, steel floor with a thud, making my back and my ribs explode with pain once again. I looked up to see him bent over me in concern, and then I blacked out.


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