The cries of Zyriss could be heard miles away. Alanta rushed to the royal chambers with hopes that the royals, more specifically her mother and sisters, would be inside safe, and unharmed. She paused at the tall french doors and took a deep breath in, and slowly let it out as she noticed one of the doors, already slightly open.

The door Creaked as she pushed it the rest of the way.

What she saw was terrifying. She ran to the middle of the room where she saw King Lucion face down on the floor. She started to shake him.

"Lucion!" she screamed

"Lucion wake up!"

Alanta's eyes started to fill with water. She knew he was dead. She looked around and saw the bodies of the elders tossed around like rag dolls, but where was her mother and sisters?

She immediately stood up and started searching the room with her eyes. She felt woozy and light headed. The Brightness of the chambers made it even more difficult to focus.

"come on!" she said to herself, "where are you?"

At that moment she saw from the corner of her eye, lying on the floor, the purple lace of a women's dress hidden behind one of the thrones.

"Please don't let it be!" she whispered

She slowly walked to the throne. Feeling even more dizzy and unfocused, she forced herself to look behind it.

As she looked down she saw what she feared most, her mothers lifeless body lying there helplessly. Alanta immediately fell to the floor and wrapped her arms around her mother. She squeezed her with all her strength, finding herself unable to let go. she raised up from her mothers body and reached over to pick her head up from the cold marvel floor. It was than she noticed her mother was holding onto something. Something was wrapped inside the cape of her dress. Alanta gently turned her mother on her back and started to fold back the cape. As she peeled the final layers she saw the gentle pale hands, of a child.