A/N: its just a poem i wrote few days back hope you like it.

The first time I saw you were a rebel
doing all the things that broke all level,

You shouted and you screamed
never in the whole had I ever dreamed,

That you would be the one who would steal my heart
these things were new which I was never taught,

I pledged to hate you with all I had got
didn't wanna give you even a one shot,

You insulted and called me bitch
I wished to god to make me a witch,

So I could erase all these memories
could make it fly away with all the worries,

Then you gave me the strangest expression
which just increased my aggression,

You patched the pieces of my heart which were broken
I tried to read the words which were never spoken,

When you said I was all you had
I was glad which made me mad,

You made me believe you again
told me these feelings won't go in vain,

I didn't know when my heart forgave you
these emotions became refreshing as morning dew,

When I thought everything was alright
you gave me a view of your insight,

You said I wasn't good enough for you
I was damaged and cold with blue,

Those words hurt me like hell
I thought I would leave without any bell,

So you said it was just to shut other
I told him he didn't care for another,

I loved him and he thought we weren't even friends
I was tired of him and didn't wanna make amends.

I didn't had more strength to wait
I learned now
that its better to hate

Tell me your views about this, it just popped into my mind when i was thinking about the whole story and this piece just clicked with it.