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"No...how could I have let this happen again...I failed..."

In the chattering crowd that had gathered, amongst all the commotions and silence, a red-clad boy laughed at the scene that had unfolded...


14th August, 12:28a.m.

It was the summer break, and what was there to do on such a heated day?

I glanced up at the sky from where I was sitting on a swing. I was in the park with my long-time crush, Evthyn Kyogyun. Said girl was now cheerfully seated next to me on the other swing, a black-furred cat lying on her lap. I had once asked her if it was hers, and she had informed me that it didn't belong to her; it was simply a cat that hung around her neighbourhood. Evthyn was always particularly kind to animals, worrying about their wellbeing and doing her best to protect them from harm.

"Y'know, I kinda hate summer," Evthyn said, breaking the silence that had settled over a few minutes. She idly stroked the cat's head, as she continued, "It's always so hot and I can't ever find anything to do..." I didn't say anything, simply content sitting there and listening to her talk. The next few moments passed, with Evthyn just talking and me just listening.

The moment was perfect, until the cat mewed and leapt off Evthyn's legs. Her green eyes widened as she noticed where the cat was headed to; the road. The green man sign was on, and she disregarded the red digits counting down from five, too intent on pursuing the cat. "H-Hey, Evthyn! That's not-" I called out. I wanted to reach out and pull her back, but I simply couldn't move, frozen in place as I watched absolute horror unfold before my eyes.

Green changed in a split second to red. Evthyn grabbed hold of the cat and just managed to push it out of harm's way – right across the street before she turned and was met with the glaring headlights of a speeding truck. I stood there, watching as she was flung several feet away from the truck, which drove off after its driver had recovered from the shock of hitting someone. I wanted to chase after that truck, but Evthyn's scent, mixed with the metallic stench of blood invaded my senses, choking me, and I fell to my knees on the pavement. I barely registered that I was crying, until I felt the hot liquid – just like the sweltering weather this summer day – dripping slowly onto my hands and the pavement.

I looked up, and nearly wished I hadn't. Evthyn's eyes were still open, dull and unseeing, her jaw slack as blood dripped from her full lips. Her torso was a mess, and I could see broken bones jutting out of her body. I was unaware of the crowd that had formed even as I looked up; my eyes had locked onto a boy dressed in red. Squinting through my tears, I noted in shock that the boy was a perfect mirror image of me. He smiled widely, guesturing with one hand at the scene in front of me: Evthyn, my love, her bones shattered and her limbs twisted in unnatural shapes. My heart ached, and as everything went black, I heard the laughter of someone that sounded unsettlingly like me.


Kristian's eyes fluttered open, but he remained lying down, motionless. Evthyn...I'm sorry...

It was then that he noticed the wall in front of him. It was black, unlike the grey floor he was lying on, and it was practically covered in white clocks. The hands of the clocks were all spinning crazily at different speeds, but Nvara noticed one that had stopped moving. The time that it was frozen at was 12:39. He stood up and tried to walk closer so he could take a better look at that particular unmoving clock, but just as he had gotten up, a familiar figure walked past the wall, smearing red across the white surface of that frozen clock.

Kristian blinked and stepped back. Where had he seen that figure? It looked so familiar, yet he couldn't put his finger on who it was. The figure turned to face Kristian, a smirk on his face.

Shall we try that again?

The boy barely had time to comprehend the words before everything spiralled into darkness again.


14th August, 12:25a.m.

I awoke to the sound of my phone buzzing next to my face. "Augh, what..?" I reached over and grabbed the small device, raising it to face level so I could read the message that one of my contacts had left.

'Text from: Evthyn 98274823: where are you? You're supposed to meet me in the park rmb?'

The park... Something clicked in the back of my mind, but I ignored it, shaking my head. "I better get ready to meet Evthyn...I think I'm late..." I murmured, dragging myself out of my bed. In a few moments, I had changed, brushed my teeth, and it only took me a few minutes to get to the park. There was a building next to the park that was currently being constructed, and I was always careful not to walk below it. I had heard that construction site accidents were usually fatal accidents, so I usually avoided them.

As I neared the park, I noticed Evthyn waving at me from the swing sets, and I quickly made my way over. She was stroking a black cat, a cat that she had told me was not hers on multiple occasions. I sat next to her on the other swing, and couldn't help but feel a strong sense of deja vu as she went on to talk about how much she disliked summer.

It seemed like I had seen this same scene in a dream...

I tried my best to remember the dream I had last night, but it was simply a large blur. The cat gave a loud mew and wriggled out of Evthyn's hands, unknowingly running onto the road. Suddenly, a memory – or was it a vision – came to me in a flash; a female figure running after a cat, a speeding truck, the choking scent of blood...

My hand shot out and I grabbed her arm just in time to stop her from running across the road. She halted, turning back and looking at me. I immediately let go. "I-I'm sorry, Ev-"

She cut me off, a bright grin on her face. "It's alright."

Behind her, I saw the lights change and a truck speed past. Exhaling in relief, I suggested, "Should we just go back now?" Evthyn agreed, and we left the park, walking in the opposite direction of the road that the cat had run across. We were walking past a building, making idle chatter, when suddenly someone yelled, snapping me out of my stupor.

"Look out!"

I stopped, suddenly realizing where I was standing. As we were talking, I had completely forgotten which route we had taken; I had simply let my feet pull me in the direction home. We were walking right underneath the building that was still being constructed. In my horror, I forgot about Evthyn, and she continued walking forwards. A half second later, when I noticed, I tried to pull her back, but it was too late. Time seemed to slow down, as the long iron pole falling from forty feet above slowly made its descent towards the ground.

There was a sickening wet crunch, and blood splattered everywhere. Evthyn's scream echoed throughout the street, and I watched in horror as the pole impaled her through her chest. She collapsed into her own growing pool of blood, and everything was gone. I had lost my second chance, it was all over. My hands flew to my face, trying to stop the tears, but they just kept on flowing. I took a step forward, and was shoved backwards by a person. I landed painfully, and wincing, I looked up to see who had pushed me.

Him. It was that boy again. The one in red, the one that looked just like me. A grin nearly splitting his face in half, he pointed to the gory scene behind him and laughed. It was a cold, harsh laughter, something that I didn't ever want to hear again, and it rang in my head like a broken record. I saw the world fading around me, and just before I lost all my senses, I looked straight at Evthyn, and...

I swore I could see her smiling.


Kristian got up once more, finding himself again in that strange room with all the clocks. Their hands were all spinning, however another clock had frozen. Its time was the same as the other broken clock: 12:39p.m. He stared at the clocks, and suddenly everything made sense. He was reliving that day over and over again. How was he going to end this repeating cycle? Something had to end...

His red mirror image walked past once again, slathering red across the broken clock's surface. He turned to Kristian again, still smiling, and Kristian felt the now-familliar sensation of his senses dulling as he fell into the suffocating dark void.


14th August, 12:22a.m.

I woke up in a cold sweat even before the text from Evthyn came to tell me that I was late. This time, I remembered everything; the clocks, the boy, and how I had to save Evthyn. Grabbing my phone, I shoved it into my pocket and practically flew down the stairs, running as fast as I could to the park where I knew Evthyn was. My hands clenched in desperation, and I didn't even try to explain before I grabbed her and pulled her towards the nearest building. After all, nothing could happen if we were on the highest floor, right?

"Come on, we have to hurry!" I cried, not wanting to fail this time.

"Nvara, what are you doing?" She demanded, however I simply continued to run up the stairs along the side of the building. I was going at such a speed that Evthyn hadn't the time to catch up with me properly. As we neared the fourteenth floor, I spotted a red-clad figure standing with his back against the railing. He looked at me out of the corner of his eye just as I set foot on the fourteenth floor, and I hesitated.


I let go of Evthyn's hand.

She stumbled, and to my sheer terror, fell backwards. All I could do was stand there and curse my carelessness as Evthyn fell down all fourteen flights of stairs we had run up. She lay in a crumpled heap at the bottom of the stairs, and in my desperation, I collapsed on the railing, its cold metal the only thing keeping me standing. The unsympathetic sun shone on me, as if it was mocking me for my failure.

A crowd gathered around Evthyn at the bottom of the stairs, and I barely noted the presence behind me that lifted me up and threw me off the fourteenth floor, and I blacked out again to the sound of cruel laughter.


How many times have I repeated this endless cycle...

How many times have I blacked out in this suffering heat...

A figure gazed up at the countless red-stained, broken clocks in front of him, and the painful sense of failure began to settle in his heart.

How many times have I failed her...

What have I not done? What did I miss out?

I know. I know what I'm supposed to do now.


In that last moment, I ran forwards, shoving Evthyn aside.

The traffic lights changed.

The truck slammed into me.

A satisfied smile on my lips, I lay there in my blood, and as I looked up, I saw the boy. An expression of shock was frozen on his face. Ha. You didn't expect me to do that, did you? Evthyn's skirt was splattered with my blood, and she fell to her knees, an all-too-familiar expression on her face. One that I had sported one too many times.

Despair, failure.

I felt confused. What was going on? Why did she think that she had failed anything? My thoughts faded slowly and I felt the darkness enveloping me, but just as I peered into the crowd, I saw a striking mirror image of Evthyn dressed in blue, and realization struck me just as my vision flickered away.

Just like the multiple times I had blacked out on this same summer day...except this time I knew that something had ended.


14th August, 12:39a.m.

A young girl sat on her bed, tears streaking slowly down her face as she cradled a white cat.

"I failed again."


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