I am Athena, opened my eyes at a place that I don't even know why I'm here. I saw a place that is full of buildings or rather city, on the middle there stand a big human, bigger than me of course that's why say "big". I don't know why but something impels me to go to her, just like between 2 magnets. Going closer to her makes me realized she is still so pretty despite her height. Something surrounds her, it's like transparent, guess can't see those things with my naked eyes.

"Athena, do you want to live again in exchange that you will help me reap souls?"

"Why should I? am I not alive?"

"No you're not alive Athena, I have no idea how you died because these days there are so many people dying. I think there is something going on in the earth so I want your help to reap souls with me if you don't want then your life will be stock in this city having the same thing happening for you people but there is a place called paradise inside this city it's so pretty but it's not for you people, not anyone can go in there"

"I suppose I should say I will help you? but why should I?"

"Don't you want to live Athena? Maybe by know you don't know why you should be alive again because you lost your memory, some people also decided to help me but I know Athena once you regained your memory you will not regret making this choice that you will help me"

"You're saying that if I help you, I will be able to live again on the earth but how long will it last?"

"until people notice that you already died once? but there is a safe place in that place there is what you called elixir of life if you drank it you will feel rejuvenated, but for you, you don't need it because you will stay forever at this state."

"what does grim reaper do anyway?"

"reap the soul but before you reap it, you must give that soul a death or persuade it despite that they are soul already doesn't mean you can't kill them, you need to kill or persuade them so they would be able to go to heaven because sometimes it will fight you because they don't want to go to heaven ,they just want to wander on the earth but there is one thing you should remember once you got hurt by a soul because sometimes they tend to fight you need blood and you will drink the blood of the first person you will see even if they doesn't want you will tend to do everything to get blood, Let's make it fast yes or no? because I got customers

"I think I should agree "I really don't have the will to live and to die but to let my life be stock on this place and the same thing happening every day, I shall just go back to earth.

"Just sign this contract and write your personal information"

"I apologized but like I said I just remember my name and no more "I handed over the paper

"Do you want to go to the safe place? it's an academy"

"fine, I don't even have the will to recover my past."

"I will be giving this phone to you, I will call you if I need your help, in the earth this phone can be used as a normal phone, and also Alice is coming with you. I'm Goddess Beth"

Someone came next to me, a girl.

"Be ready"


"Welcome to Hill Academy, you must be Athena and Alice?"the woman wearing a dress said

"I'm the director here and the younger sister of Beth ,oh right your dorm will be at the next building, room 587,the class will start tomorrow you are at the 3-A classroom, the two of you will be exchange students so tomorrow morning come here immediately"

"could we go now?"I asked

"the key for your room "she gave each of us the key

Then we went out "nice to meet you Alice "I said to her

A woman pop out of nowhere showed up "Both of you must be the exchanged students? what class are you? I am Ai prefect at this academy"

"3-A?"I said to her in a very uncertain voice

"That's sad we are not on the same class, I'm in 3-B,got to go now." then she ran

We went to the next building while talking about ourselves but actually there is really not much to say because both of us lost our memory. We arrived at room 587, opened the door using the key it's actually a card. The room is so big, everything is there like TV, computer, etc. and on the table there are books, map, and a card with instruction and beside it a box-shaped something I don't really know.

"Alice did you saw the card? What do you think it is?"

"I think it's like a money here, at first you got 50,000 simpletons you can earn it by working on a store it's still in the academy or helping the council and you can't go out of this academy for this academy is built in a island" she said reading the instruction

"What is this box-shaped? "I showed to her

"the instruction said just slide your card there at the vertical line then it will show you how many simoleons you have right now "she said

I opened the map it was unbelievably big "did you see the map Alice?"

"Not yet,you saw the people in class 3-A,it only consist of 12 people including us,it's in the paper between the pile of books

I look at the pile of books if there is a paper then finally I saw it,I look at it.

"Cameron with his emerald eyes and black hair what a good combination"I said to Alice

"And Caito with his blue eyes and blonde hair"said Alice

"How are you going to discover you past when you're here?"I said

"I really don't mind if I discover my past or not,I just don't want things to be happening the same thing over and over again"

"We are kind of same,.Goddess Beth said that some of us are here ,somebody who is dead then decided to become a grim reaper but not all of us are here there are some other schools beside this" I said

"I will go out first then see ya later,wait for me here"

Then I opened the door and went out.I thought to myself where should I go,maybe wander outside I thought,I used the elevator to go to the ground floor,it was so crowded.

"Audrey did you hear that Cam or Cameron just got a new girlfriend?it's actually the girl prefect,they won't last long,I'm sure"

"despite that I still want to be his girlfriend,well he got so many girlfriends."

"exactly"her friend answered


"GROUND FLOOR"the speaker said

I went out of the elevator,looking at the floor*bump*I look at his face

"kya~~~~it's Cam"

"Hmm so you're Cam?"I said

"You must be the exchange student Athena or Alice?"

"don't you want to ride in the elevator it's going to close already"

He called the people inside to close it already and not wait for him

"I'm not going if you are here" then he held my hand and kiss it"dear"

I shoved my hands "You jerk!thag is how you seduce those girls huh shameless of you"then I walk away

That jerk is so …damn it

I went to the vending machine at least I brought my card,I stared at the vending machine thinking what should I choose,my instinct tells me to buy 2 cans of soda to relieve that damn.I sat at the bench beside the enormous tree,if you look at far away you would thought that there was no bench there.I opened and drank it consecutively,squeezed it because of anger then I threw it at the back of the bench on the tree likely then another can,stronger than the first can,it landed weirdly you know with a weird landing anyway I felt better but still that damn Cam we just met then he did that to me I will get my revenge aka humiliation just wait and see heh*laugh*

"what a plan you got there student"somebody said

"who are you?and where are you?come and show yourself"I said

Then a shadow came out from the enormous tree really.

"I'm the guy who was hurt because you threw the can,look at my cheeks"he pointed on his cheeks

I apologized if that's not enough I will treat it for you. My phone rang.

"Athena,emergency….you must go to your room right now and go to your wardrobe,put your hand on the door of your wardrobe then you will be transported to the place and also when you are already there remember to pick your weapon,that weapon will be your permanent weapon and you can bring it to the earth also fast,Alice already went to her place"she said

I hang up the phone then wrote my phone number and my name on his palm.

"I'm terribly sorry,I need to accomplish something very urgent,just text me later so I would know how to find you,don't worry I will still treat the wound"

I ran hurriedly to my room,opened the door with the card that is on my pocket,I am full of sweat really full.I put my hand on the wardrobe door then I was transported on a room full of weapon.I held the gigantic sickle that grim reaper always bring you know in the tv, then I pressed a button then it became a plain silver ring it's quite thick but fine with me then my phone rang again then transported me damn it I have not tried the other weapon.I shall handle this soul fastly just give it a bloody death haha even though it's just a soul.

Here I am on my destination but still can't find the soul-oh there you are ugly soul-

I stabbed him with my gigantic sickle,it's actually taller than my height,TOO EASY—soul you should at least fight me than be kind and let yourself be killed it would not be time stabbing a person yet I don't feel anything really what kind of creature am I. I let my customer or the soul seat on the boat then I gave him a ride to the gate of heaven,well you could actually not give the soul a ride but I prefer giving him a ride,he was crying while he was seating on the boat kind of funny right? –Bye soul-My sickle turns into a plain silver ring then I wore the ring on my index finger,press the 2nd button then back into the earth again.

"You handled it too fast Athena,Beth said the soul you got, have quite a big grudge so it's harder to capture it and you need to kill it than persuade it,the soul I got was so easy you just need to talk to her,how is your victim?"

"The soul?He was completely so damn easy,I even gave him a bloody death"

"Athena,Beth said be careful in this academy because there are some people here that came from the hell,you know I bought a dagger while you were in the job" she showed me the knife,it was kind of razor sharp

"where did you bought it?I also want to buy after then we are going to the cafeteria"I said

we went to the store full of knife, I bought the sharpest dagger they had,I bought about 5,.1 pc of the sharpest dagger cost 1000 simoleons really.

"What do you intend to do with those?buying so much and you actually bought the sharpest?"

"for fun"I said and laughed'

We went to the room and put 3knives,and the remaining 2,I put it in my boots. then went to cafeteria,brought the map you know in case we lost our way that kind of situationis arrived at the only cafeteria so it's quite big you know,I and Alice went to the queue.

"Athena,you remember Cameron and Caito?I heard that they are ver popular here"

"Trust me Alice,Cameron is so despiseful that I really want to hurt him with these knives I have.I met him this morning when I went out."

My phone rang, I wished that it wouldn't be Beth for I am damn hungry, I got my phone out of my pocket. good it's not her, hmm who is it?

"Athena,I'm just kidding this morning,so forget about it"the text said

I wonder who is this?Cameron?Imposssibe,I didn't gave him my number..hmm

Maybe it's the guy that got his cheeks hurt by my can.

After we got the food,it's actually a buffet style,we sat on the very side where almost we are just the only person. I look at the knife again(I put it in my boots).Then someone suddenly sit beside me,I hid my knife in my boots..

"you must be Athena and Alice?"She pointed on me then on Alice.

"You must be?"I asked

"Primrose" she said

" Kya ~~~~,It's Primrose" the guys said

"When she seated beside me,everybody seems to look at our direction, I look at Alice then point at her that means who the heck is her.

She whispered to me while Primrose is not looking at us that according to the computer in our room she is the 2nd most popular on the female.

"how many are there anyway?"I asked "with female and male" what are those all about?

"There are 5 males and females overall they're 10 but the 4th and 5th of male and female are always gone which means they are no that important and can be replaced immediately. 6 of them are always seen together and that building that consist of 20 floors are only for they are called as councils,their money are unlimited because they worked as councils..councils are the one who managed the events at the academy and everything.

"Primrose,aren't you supposed to be with the group?"Alice asked

"Ehhh? you don't want to see me?We are just curious what you 2 would look like"

"Sorry, that's not what we meant,what do you mean by we?"

"nah ,I'm just kidding..Yup the 6 of us..It's because the day after tomorrow we are holding an event"

The door opened,people in black suit came in and gave all of us in the cafeteria a copy.I look at it.

"At 6am go to the building next to our dorm that would be on the day after tomorrow because we are having a photoshoot but you don't need to bring anything for we the council are going to prepare everything,whoever won't come will have to pay 15,000 simoleons and also the top 5 most liked pictures by the councils will have to receive 35,000 simoleons..the judges will be the councils .If the judge liked the picture he/she will automatically have his/her own copy of the 2 votes per judge –this event is made by the council-"That was written there

"What do you think about the event Athena?"Alice asked

"I better go,I don't want to pay 15,000 for something like that anyway they will do everything to us,it's fine for me"I said

Noise of people becoming louder and louder,how stupid of them to be so happy just for something like that.I thought to myself.

The sound of the water, someone taking a bath, footsteps outside.


I stand up and went to take a bath and wore green blue V-neck shirt and blue skinny pants and boots for my knife.I asked Alice why she didn't wake me up she said that she forgot,well the truth be said,it's the worst excuse I have ever heard.I didn't ask again because maybe she wouldn't even say the truth so what's the went to the director's office, knock on the door.

"come in"

I opened it then went stood up when she saw us.

"Get ready to see your classmates "she said

I asked for clarification but she said she is going to introduce us in the class,she added that we are lucky that we are in 3-A because the students there consist of all of the council

"Why are we in 3-A anyway?"I asked

She said that class is for clever students and seems that we came from Beth that made it she added that ,that class doesn't need a teacher and always don't have class but they take the exams and still able to get a very high score.

We arrive at the classroom, Alice was so nervous that her whole body is trembling. For me there is nothing to be nervous about it's not like a monster is going to eat you alive. We went in.

"Let me introduce , the two of them are the exchange students" the director said

I held Alice hand which means she should introduce herself first.

"I am Alice, nice to meet you" she said still shuddering

"I am Athena" I said

"You may seat there at the blank seat beside the window Athena ,Alice you seat beside Arriane the blonde girl" the adviser said then the director went back

"Athena and Alice do you have any problems for your seat?now for the sake of the new students please introduce yourselves"the adviser said

Someone stood up "No need for that sir, for now you can already go,we can do everything by ourselves"said a long hair female,she is actually quite pretty.

Then silence took over,the boy beside me turned around to my direction then look at my face,As he looked at mine,I examined his.

"Hi" I said awkwardly then I realized it was actually Cameron,I should have realized it sooner so I can changed my seat/say it to the teacher and now I am tied with the worst person ever really.

"don't be scared, I'm just kidding yesterday didn't you see my text?"

Somebody came next to Cam "uhhh Cam just text somebody huh,even if it's his girlfriend he doesn't text her,just what is it Cam?"

"Shut up Kai" Cam said

"Athena,you see that man beside me? he is the one who gave me your number,who had a wound on his cheeks"

I looked at him but it seems that he is the one that I met at the enormous tree.

"What is his name" I asked Cam

"he is Caito"he answered

Then he looked at my direction, it is indeed him

"stop involving me to your flirting Cam" said Caito

"Cam aren't you still dating Ai?"asked Kai

"we broke up this morning" Cam said

"It's only one day then you broke up already?"said Primrose

"Ai dated Caito already for 6 months then they broke up just for you Cam, shouldn't you at least feel guilty that you broke already with her in just one day"said the girl who talked with the teacher

"forget about Ai, but Cam be certain that your victim this time will fall for you or maybe she will fall for me instead" Caito said

Someone came to me

"Hello ,I'm Luna" the girl who talked with the teacher

"What is happening to the both of them?"I asked to her

"they are always like that, don't mind them anyway did you meet Cam yesterday?" she said

"yes on the elevator "I answered

"did he do anything to you?

I look at Cam,he is talking to Caito so I just answered her

"He kissed my hand,is that normal to him?"

"yes,then what did you do?"

"Shove his hand and walked away, isn't that what most other girls do after that I just want to hurt him with my beautiful knife" then I showed her the knife"

"seems you really hate him"she said

"Of course I hate him"

"That's sad,you know what, Cam is interested in you"

"That's impossible"I said

"I won't say anything more than that then,let's just talk about ourselves" said Luna

We talked, she said she is the cousin of Cam.I only said to her that I lost my memories and only remembered my name,we talked until it's time for I and Alice are the first one to be put in 3-A so we were invited by them to their the whole afternoon we hang out there. This is the list of the council.







Selina is a person who always cooks and the adopted daughter of the director. Luna,Primrose,Alice and I decided to play cards whoever loses will have to drink 1 glass(500Ml)of beer. We were in a room so to not be disturbed by other people. I and Alice always loses,I think next time I shouldn't drink anymore you know I got low capacity for that kind of things.I may not know later I am lying on the floor already you know drunk people. I drank 3 glasses and felt my head dizzy but I kept on playing because it's fun, Alice drank like 2 glasses and seems to faint anytime for Primrose,Luna,Selina each of them drank 1 glass only, they seem that they did not even drink.

"Ah, damn it I lose again" I said

I drank I glass then Alice fainted.I said to them that I should already go to bring Alice in the room they insist that we sleep in their dorm since there are many bed that nobody is sleeping and also if somebody was able to see us, rumors will start, drinking beer is also prohibited because this beer is only for councils and no more.

"Let's make a deal Athena,if you faint and haven't yet step a foot outside the room then the two of you will stay here"said Primrose

"deal"I said

They followed me while I was walking.I was already in the ground floor,Cam,Caito,Kai seems to be there,I am near to the outside but suddenly everything seems to be black but I didn't feel any hurt at my back but rather I felt a hand on my back.I had no strength to say anything.

"Caito is she okay?"

"she just fainted" The person beside me said

Then there I lost my consciousness.

Chapter 2…

Again I will start this story when I woke up

I opened my eyes I was in a bed it was so dark maybe because it was evening and there was no light. I saw you sitting on a chair, doing nothing but to look at me,but you seem not to notice that my eyes is open. you are going to my direction.I didn't wake up but instead I close my eyes,I felt his presence near to me ,the feeling of the warmh of your lips on my forehead.

"Caito,come here..Cameron wants to talk with you"judging by her voice it must be Luna


We were always playing at our backyard ever since we were child,we were always friend,our parents are always together.

"Caito" I called out to him

"Wait a minute Athena"

Until one time he confessed to me ,I rejected him because I said we are always friens *skip*one day I fainted at school then you brought me to the infirmary that was the first time I felt your lips on my forehead.*skip* it was holiday then my family with your family decide to go to beach together since we are in the same car everybody died except me and my sister that was badly hurt

Back to the present-

My face was full of sweat,my body felt so deadly doubt it was Caito,the boy there had the same face with Caito.I opened the door,I looked at every direction then I saw a person,I didn't dare to look at it's face because I wanted warmth so badly.I ran to that person and hug him

"what happened to you Athena?why is your body felt so cold?"

My head felt dizzy again, everything seems to be unclear …

I opened my eyes.I think that was just a short moment,then I felt my body moving like I'm walking but I'm not using my feet,someone is bringing me.I looked at the face of the person that was bringing me.

"CAM!"I screamed

"Let me down!"I screamed

We were exactly at the place where everyone was there except the 4 people .He let me down(ground floor)because they are adjusting for tomorrow

"why are you carrying me Cam?"

"Cam"they were teasing about Cam

They were so noisy talking about Cam so there s no choice but to hold Cam's hand and bring him outside.

"Why are you carrying me Cam?"

"didn't you remember that you hugged me and then you felt so cold like a corpse"Cam answered

I remember now what happened

"are you fine Athena?"

"don't worry about me,I'm fine"

"Are you sick?"

"No,I'm not,just remember something from the past"

"If You need to talk to someone just call me or text me"

"If you 're being like that then fine"seems like he is kind

I went back to the building and talk to Alice that we will be going back to our room,then we said our goodbye to them. When we went back,we didn't sleep anymore and she said that she likes Kai.I told her everything that had happened.

My phone rang.A message.

"Athena,this is luna,you and alice come to the place if you are done there already"

We took a bath then we went to the meeting place,there are so many people already when we arrive there is this long line but it seems to be people was guided to the building.I sent a messageto L una saying that we are already saw Luna,nobody seems to notice her. she sent a message that said to follow her to where she is going then we followed her..we were brought to a makeover room. LUNA was the one who fixed me while Primrose for were put on a different room. They were the one who chose the dress, jewelries and everything.

"Athena can I take off your ring on your index finger?"

" Can you not take it off?it's quite important"

"was it given by Cam?"she asked wanting to laugh

"of course no,we are not in the situation you're thinking ok"

"You know what,Cam really likes you"

"But I don't like him"I said to her

She gave me a dress,saying that I should wear it even if I don't like it.I look at the dress,it seems that there are many parts where skin is seen,a dress above the knee,sleeveless,strap thingy thingy,yellow didn't even gave me a blazer!I asked her to give me but she said no!

"I need to go somewhere, take your time to change Athena" luna said

I didn't even when to the dressing room to change well since there are no people when I already took off my clothes not yet my pants there was a knock, I was thinking it would be luna because I saw her phone on the table.

"come in" I said while still half naked.

Then the door opened, I turned and saw that it was boy..I screamed

"ppppppppeeeeeeerrrverrrrrrrr rrrrtttttttttttttttttt"I screamed