The Princess's Umbrellas

Once there a princess who had an umbrella. It was a very pretty umbrella, made of pink silk and embroidered with gold thread. The princess loved her umbrella very much. She loved it so much that she brought the umbrella with her everywhere. However, she never used the umbrella. It was too precious to use. Instead she used a plain black umbrella.

This made the pink umbrella very sad. It got jealous. One day, it said to the black umbrella, "You're so ugly! I hate you!"

This made the black umbrella very sad, because it thought the pink umbrella was beautiful, and it wanted to be friends.

That night, the black umbrella saw a shooting star, and it made a wish. It wished that it could be beautiful like the pink umbrella. The black umbrella got its wish. It became beautiful. It became even more beautiful than the pink umbrella. It became so beautiful that the princess stopped using it. She used the pink umbrella instead.

At first, the pink umbrella was happy. Then it got exposed to the sun, the wind, and the rain. The pink umbrella did not like it. The sun was hot. The wind was cold. The rain was wet. The pink umbrella was not happy at all.

The pink umbrella saw a shooting star, too. It made a wish. It wished that things could go back to the way they were.

The black umbrella became plain again. The princess began to use the black umbrella. The black umbrella was glad. The princess's handbag was dark. It missed seeing the sky, and the stars.

So the pink umbrella got its wish. Almost. Things weren't exactly back to the way they were. This time, the pink umbrella was happy.