Hello. I'm new at writing, and I suck. I'm here to improve. So (and I bet this is the first time you're hearing this) please be harsh.

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I run.

Running. The hot sand scorching my bare feet. Drops of sea-water splashing in my face, mingling with my tears. My hair tousled by the wind that is blowing in my face.

I feel my feet pounding, my heartbeat mingling with the sound. Each step I take lasts an eternity. Sometimes, my feet are weightless and I feel like I am flying. At other times, they are like two lead logs, and every step is an effort.

Sweat covers my body, making my singlet and shorts cling to my skin. Every droplet is a like a diamond, glistening against my bare skin, catching the light of the midday sun, blinding me.

I do not know why I am running. I simply run,as I have being doing ever since I can I wonder why I am doing this, but the thought is pushed away by others, coming and going in a continuous circle. I don not know. I simply am. I do this because I cannot stop.

There is no end to the beach. It has been behind me forever, and it stretches in front of me, it is a circle. I do not know. I cannot look back. I cannot see what is in front me. I simply run.

I run, and do not question my purpose. I feel like a puppet. Sometimes I wonder why I, of all people, am doomed to run in this eternal cycle, this circle. I hate being trapped, with nowhere to go, no glimmer of light, nothing to help me along.

But what can I do? I am not powerful enough .I am not strong enough. I am weak willed. I am simply me.

But wait? What is that? I see a dark shape somewhere on the horizon. Slowly, it gets lighter and lighter, nearer and nearer. How or why I do not know. I cannot see what this is. It is in front of me and still I must run.

I run through it. Through it into a strange world. Stars wheel around me. I am Nowhere, trapped in a mesh of colours which I cannot comprehend. They flash before my eyes, and it is not my job to question why I simply look.

I rub my eyes. I am back on the beach, running. Trapped in the task, Nowhere and yet Somewhere.

I begin to question why I am running. I wonder. I think. I explore. Slowly, I am breaking the barriers of my ceaseless will be a slow and difficult task, as I labour upstream against the current, but I will go on. I have the ability to think, and I can do this. Most importantly, I have hope.

There is always hope.

Author notes

Ok. That was random, weird, and brought on by too many serious religious thoughts(I'm Buddhist).

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