It was the summer of 1964. "Brian, please! It's too hot in here! I just want to go for an hour!" John Lennon yelled. John had been arguing with The Beatles manager about letting him go to the park. At the park it was a nice 73 degrees. In the studio it was 101 degrees!

Paul McCartney stared at him. Ringo Starr (Richard Starkey) tapped his drums in disaprovement. They thought tantrums were babyish. "All right, fine," Brian said harshly. John ran out the door and to the park. He stood next to the creek. He loved that creek.

John looked at his reflection in the water. It was a reflection of a little girl! "That's confusing," John said. He leaned in a little closer and fell in. John raised his head out of the water and spit some water out. "Yeck," he said. He looked at the shore. There was a little girl standing there, about age 10, with a giant smile on her face. John waved.

The girl's smile got bigger. She held out her hand to John. John grabbed it. The girl's smile got bigger and and bigger until John thought she was going to explode. John got out. "Yay!" the girl said under her breath. John kept trying to talk to her, but she just kept smiling real big.

"You're lost in la la land," John said. He shook his head. "Well, I know how to get people out of la la land," he said as he shoved the girl into the creek. "Hey!" the girl said. "You wouldn't listen to a word I said, so what choice did I have?" he laughed.

The girl shook her head and got out of the creek. She shook water out of her long brown hair. She squeezed water out of her hair. She spit water out. Her shirt was stuck to her chest. "You're really wet," John said. "I know that," the girl said. "My name is Ann."

"I mean, you look like you've been underwater for 100 years and when you finally come out you're really wet," John said. "You're shaking water out of yourself like a dog!" "Dogs are nothing when it comes to water," Ann said. She shoved John into the creek.

That whole day, they took turns shoving each other into the creek. They were having so much fun they didn't even realize it when it turned dark and the park closed. When they realized it, John said that he had to go home. "But we're in LA," Ann said.

"LA!?" John screamed. He was so surprised he took one step backward and fell into the creek. Ann laughed and grabbed John's ankles. She pulled him out. "Seriously, LA?" John asked? "Yes, LA," Ann said. "Is it even 1964?!" John shrieked.

Ann looked confused. "No, it's 2012..." she murmured. "Seriously?!" John yelled. "Dude, calm down. Come on to my house. You can sleep in my closet so my mom won't know," Ann said. "A closet. How comfortable," John said sarcastically as he walked with Ann.

When they got to Ann's house, they ran up the stairs and John got into her closet. Ann said a quick goodnight to her mom and they went to sleep. John could not sleep the whole night, due to the uncomfortableness of the closet. It was too tight for him.

When they woke up, Ann said she was going to the dump to see if she could find some books that had been thrown away. John stayed in the tight closet all day. "Dumb girl, leaving me in this uncomfortable place," he grumbled.

A few hours later, Ann returned and let John out. She was rolling something on wheels. It was a huge machine with a door. It was big enough to hold a person or 2. John pointed at it. "What's that?" he asked. "This," Ann said, "is a time machine!"

John gasped. "I made it," Ann said proudly. John yelped happily. Ann smiled. "Can I go home in it?" John asked. "Yes, you can," Ann said. "But first, let me get something." She ran off and came back with something with wrapping paper on it tied with a bow.

"This is a gift for you," she said. "But don't open it till you get home." John smiled. "Thank you," he said. He took it and stepped into the time machine. He felt that he was moving, and before he knew it, he was back in the studio.

John smiled. He sat down and opened his gift. He gasped when he saw it. "A Rickenbacker 325!" he said. "I love these kind of guitars!" He used it for the rest of his life.

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