I wasn't your average hottie that lived in LA for the hell of it. I had a secret life underneath the Brad-Chad type of looks. I was a spy; a spy working for the W agency, the agency was top secret from the CIA, FBI and MI6, this organisation worked for their own selves as I did.

The head honcho is Wayne Corrigan, he was a good man and a respectable boss, and he doesn't let anyone in the company, only if you have natural talent so maybe Alex Rider or James Bond should have been in this organisation. I was hard at work on my next case; this case was so tope secret that I could tell you my dears.

I was at home in LA. I lived in a neighbourhood full of celebrities so most of them were wary of me but the spy thing is a secret. My life was simple. I had a Jewish mother named Rosellen Greenfield and a Costa Rican father named Mateo Cortez; he died. I didn't know how he died so I had to look for the deeper answers to what had happened to my father and complete my mission without anything getting in the way.

I was at home, just relaxing after a huge mission that stopped Wal-Mart from smuggling goods from a foreign country that led the owners facing federal prison for twenty years. I was happy with it as the poor people being exploited by the mainstream juggernaut that was Wal-Mart.

I was in the LA sun, on my IPad watching the latest series of ICarly; I know it's a kids show and what is a nineteen year old spy doing watching this. It's to show support for Jeanette McCurdy, Miranda Cosgrove and Nathan Kress, the three main stars that have been friends with me for a long time. They know my secret as they had to sign the form of secrecy as they are not allowed to tell anyone else or face federal prison.

I wasn't doing much lately but I was missing my girlfriend Misty Blake, she was a roadie for Biffy Clyro so she was going to be busy for a long time; she recommended me their music, why is music in the UK so much better than in the US.

I'll tell you why it's because in the UK you are free to write on whatever you want but in the US there are right winged corporations that want to make money and not talent. I wanted to see Misty so much.

To kiss her and hold her, even smell any exotic flavoured perfume she had on from touring. I hated being without Misty as she was the only one that understood how excessive the travelling is in our jobs.

I looked at pictures of my father that my mom uploaded, he was a handsome man, with a proud smile and the looks of a heartthrob, there were pictures of him when he was young. I missed him even though I don't know what really happened to him but Wayne told me that he was the best spy that they had and the best physic. Strange was that my father died on the day of 9/11.

Mr Corrigan beat himself about 9/11 and the 7/7 bombings because he was too late as the government had already beaten him to it. My cousins John and Hannah were staying for the summer so I had to share my house space with my two annoying Jewish cousins. Both of them had brown hair, brown eyes and an olive coloured skin tone, they could almost be twins. Damn, can't I watch anything without them around?

"Ryan, what the hell?" John yelled

"Piss off" I replied

"What's the matter Mr Bon too depressed?"

"I want some peace before the next mission"

2What is it?"

"It's in Portland"

"What are you gonna do, fight more terrorists"

"To see if Mr Hamza is starting up a training camp there"

"At least as family we don't have to sign the stupid form"

"Only people I tell or find out"

"What about Hilary Duff"

"I didn't tell Wayne about her"


"She's a celebrity so there are consequences"

"Hilary's cool"

"She kept the secret for almost seven years" Hannah chipped in

"She is my friend now and I have to get her a wedding present soon"

"I'll get it"

"John, are you sure?"

"Only if you get me a gun"

"Hell no, bitch"

I started looking through the pictures on my IPad of myself and Hilary Duff when we were younger and dating; she was a big time actress and a former Disney queen, she was lovely to look at and a nice girl to hang with, the way she found out about my spy secret was by accident, some rogue agent wanted to kill her so she knew right there.