Three months later….

I was the one to bury Billy at his funeral. His parents were in federal prison for their crimes. Lily was crying in my arms, telling me about the wonderful things he did for her when they were dating. I was also next to my girlfriend Misty; she understood how much Billy meant to me. As an enemy and a brother. I wanted to tell him that I loved him no matter what. Lenny was sitting on the bench as he hated Billy that much so he showed up to pay his respects to the slyest enemy he ever had. What happened to Annie was that I threw her in the sea with stones attached to her because I had no remorse for her dying after what she did to all of us. Wayne was at the funeral, he was sorry that he didn't let Billy in W but Rodney, Marianna, the new girls Alexa and Carly Jameson joined W, as the new spies as the world is not safe. From the Russians but not from the government. I missed Billy so much that I wanted to be his partner if Lenny never existed. I blamed myself for letting him in so he is still in, by sprit. I was in the park after the funeral as I wasn't hungry at all.

"Damn, Ryan, I maybe dead but I am not in jail" Billy joked in my head

"You got lucky saving Lily" I replied

"I love her"

"I couldn't let Annie rest in peace"

"The bitch deserved what she got"

"You're new friends are in W now"

"Story of the Year better have a new album out soon"

"They will"

"If they don't, I'll haunt them"


"Triple H has to die"

"I'll take care of that big nosed coward"

"Tell the guys I miss them"

"What else is there?"

"Tell Daniels that I like him and I am sorry"

"Good so you can go off to the clouds in the sky"

I missed the times Billy and I were buds in high school, we were the best of friends until I found out that his family runs the Russian terrorist organisation R. I had to watch out for David Peterson or his real name isn't David Sudik. I know he is Billy's uncle but he is still at my house, canoodling my mother and spying on me at the same time. I had to let Billy go, he was a part of my life since I was in elementary school and his life ends at nineteen years old. I knew that his uncle David hadn't finished with me. So I had to finish him. Full stop. Push it to the limit and go forward to the future.