Marissa wanders around her forest, pondering the recent events. Her lover, Brett, had cheated on her with her sister, Lisette. Even so, she tried to forgive him, but two months ago was the most she could take. She had found out that Brett and Lisette had already made plans to marry behind her back. For days, she despaired, until she finally confronted the two. Lisette had betrayed her. So had Brett. And yet the two had the audacity to lie with their eyes wide open. One day, Brett began to notice her changes in behavior. She had become depressed and suspicious of the two. And so he grabbed a length of rope and he and Lisette drowned Marissa together. Now, her regrets tie her to the forest where the two of them had met secretly before. Every day, she sees them shamelessly enjoying each others' company, even though they knew that Marissa's body lay still beneath the waves of the lake. Marissa snaps her head up. Is she imagining things? She could have sworn she heard quiet laughter somewhere in the forest. Time to investigate, she thought to herself. Determined to find the cause, she follows the sound of the laughter through the forest, finally stopping at a clearing where a woman and man were sitting together laughing. On the opposite side of the clearing, two men dressed in white sit on a rock, muttering under their breath. As she enters the clearing, all sound stopped and the four strangers stood, approaching her. She backs away nervously. They had stopped a couple of feet away from her. Then, one of the men dressed in white began to speak.

"Good morning, madam. Is your name Marissa Evans?" he asks quietly. Marissa scrutinizes him for a moment before answering.

"I am. Why do you ask? I am sure I have never seen any of you before." The man smiles.

"Then, Azural, we have found her. My name is Gabriel, an angel from Heaven. This is Azural, one of my fellow angels. He has graciously offered to accompany me on my journey to find you. We have come to offer a chance to come with us to heaven and rest for eternity." The woman with short green hair frowns.

"Well, looks like Heaven is sending competition again. Let me introduce myself. My name is Ira, an incarnation of Wrath. This here is Leviathan, an incarnation of Envy. We've come to offer a chance at revenge. Well, there is a price. Just come with us down to Hell and we can add you to our ranks. In doing so, you'll be able to avenge the betrayal your sister and her little cheater caused." Marissa hesitates.

"I don't know what to choose. I really do want to exact revenge on them, but Lisette is still my sister and Brett is still the man I love." Ira smirks.

"Then how about your would-be friends Mia Lee and Amelia Summers? I'm sure you haven't forgotten how they shunned you after you fell in love with the Adams boy." Leviathan's face twists into a sneer.

"Those girls were so weak. It wasn't hard to drag 'em down with us," he gloats. Ira laughs.

"Too right! Those girls hated you, Evans. Mia hated you to the point of disgust, while Amelia hated you because you had Adams. You sure you don't want that power?" While the conversation goes on, Azural begins to lose his temper.

"Ira and Leviathan, why have you come here? It should be easier to simply drag her forcefully. Why do you try to convince her to become a demon instead of simply bringing her with you? Unless your kind have been rained upon by holy water." Ira's eyes widen slightly, and she quickly turns away.

"O-Of course not! We simply want to increase our numbers!" she defends. Gabriel smiles, however it is not quite kind.

"Ira, tell me this. Has your brother noticed what you are trying to do? If not, I believe you and we, too, shall prepare our forces. If he does, then I will be forced to believe that Hell has been rained over by holy water, as Darcy promised to you all. In any case, I have not come for this reason. Marissa Evans, I have come to offer you a position as a guardian angel. Time and time again, you have forgiven what has been done to you, despite your pain." Marissa flinches. Her forgiveness was simply because she didn't want to believe. She didn't want to acknowledge the fact that Brett and her sister had already been meeting each other behind her back. She never wanted to know. However, fate, in its cruel and unchanging ways, carried on in such a way that she eventually found out. Marissa hesitates again. Who will she choose? There isn't much choice. On one hand, she wants revenge. On the other hand, she has longed for her soul to rest in peace, instead of remembering all of her regrets and feelings of jealousy. Ira sighs.

"This is taking too long. I'll tell you the benefits one more time. We'll let 'prim and proper' here explains his one more time. If you choose us, you'll gain enough power to exact revenge on your ex-friends down in Hell and also on your betraying sister and ex-lover. There's not much to choose from. We're probably the better choice, since on the other side, you don't get anything." Gabriel glares.

"Azural, why don't you explain the benefits of joining us again to Marissa here? You do it much better than me and also, I would much rather deal with these two rule-breakers." Immediately, Leviathan and Gabriel move away in order to fight. However, Marissa is barely aware of that fact. Her mind is reeling from her choices.

"First, you will be able to rest in peace. No more regrets or pain. Second, wandering around takes quite a bit of energy from you. In Heaven as a guardian angel, you will not need to expend much energy traveling. Instead, it will mostly be on training your abilities. You will be assigned a person to watch over once you are prepared. Otherwise, a guardian angel does not have much responsibility." Marissa hesitates once again. Which would be better? In her mind, the two choices begin to go at war with each other. She does not even notice when Ira and Azural growl at each other and begin to fight. It takes a while, but finally, her mind reaches a decision. Her quiet voice stops the battle.

"I will go to Heaven to become a guardian angel," she whispers. "I do not wish to be in pain any longer. I feel as if I have suffered long enough." Ira snarls in frustration. She lunges at Gabriel once more before she turns to Leviathan.

"I will not stay in the presence of these rule-makers. We're leaving, Leviathan." Leviathan complies and the two disappear into green fire. Gabriel smiles warmly at Marissa.

"Welcome to Heaven, then. We shall gladly accept you with open arms, Marissa Evans." With that, he opens his arms and Marissa joins Azural and Gabriel as they arrive at the Gates of Heaven.