Hello everybody! Here is a quick poem that I thought I would share with everyone...enjoy!

In a single flash...everything changed and the life that I knew was no more.

In a single heartbeat...I watched as everyone's faces disappered into an abyss.

In a single second...it took me to register what was really happening.

In a single blink...my whole life flashed before my eyes and all I could think of was what I would miss the next day.

In a single instance...all I could think of was what I would be leaving behind.

In a single moment...I became a car crash victim. My life was stolen from me. My friends became depressed. My family blamed themselves for whatever reason. My mom never quite recovered. My dad became an alcholic. My siblings now believe that everyone they love will leave them like I did. You didn't just take my life, you took away peace from my family.

In a single moment...you have ruined dozens of lives.

This was written like the car crash victim got a chance to talk to the person who killed her. Thank for reading and please review!