What wouldn't I give

To hear your voice

One last time

Yes what I wouldn't do

To see your eyes

Once again looking into mine

To hear you teach

Just one more life lesson

And if even for a second

I want to feel your arms

Around my frame

And Grandpa

I want to hear you say

My nickname!

I wish I could feel

Your hand in mine

And I wish I could

Hear you say "I love you"

One last time

Grandpa what wouldn't I give

To see you alive again

To see you smile

And laugh and speak

One last time

So I'll keep my eyes

On the prize

Yes, Grandpa

I plan to see you in Paradise!

I'll live my life

With eyes open wide

Just like you'd want me to

Because I love you

And I want to hear

Your voice

When we rejoice

And I want to feel

You hugging my frame

Oh and Grandpa,

I'm very much looking forward

To hearing you shout my nick name!

Yes, I want to see you smile

When you can walk without a cane

And I want to watch you rub your eyes

In disbelief at all the beauty

He will have made

I want to be at your side

When we sing songs of praise

To he who made all things new

Oh Grandpa it's true!

We'll never have to say good bye

So I assume that's what it'd be like

To never have to say

One last time

Yes, to live with you

In Paradise!