Before this story starts i'm just going to say that this is a joint story between myself, 3yellowmice, and from fanfiction, Simclover1 and Jazzapples. But i wrote the chapters, we just came up with the ideas together. Anyway, hope you enjoy...

Always expect the unexpected, that's what people say anyway. Why am I being told this? You may be asking. You'll find out, as it all starts on a Tuesday morning…

"Ours will be called Lily Bastyan!" Corey declared with a freakish grin plastered on his face.

"No, change it! Now!" Lily hollered, earning herself a glare from the teacher. Corey was small for his age, with murky brown hair and a goofish smile which he seemed to be wearing all the time. His knot on his school regulation tie was swelled to rather larger than what was recommended.

"Why? It's not your decision!" he retorted, furiously scribbling down his idea.

"I don't care! We all know who you're going on about with that name!"

"Not necessarily, there are loads of other Lily's in the world,"

"Don't care!" she sighed and then turned around to look at Tina, "Can I copy that?"

"Sure." Tina pushed her book over to Lily and then blanked out. Tina was very tall for her age, 14 and already six foot. Her dark blue hair swung backward and forward over her face as she twiddled her pen.

"Tina, what are we supposed to be doing again?" Chloë asked absently, not noticing that she wasn't listening. Chloë had strawberry blonde hair which fell down to her shoulders. She was also small and light-footed. She had a perfectly tight knot and all of the buttons on her blazer were done up in a deceptive impersonation of a reliable student.

"Tina, hello?" Gemma leant over and nudged her causing her to almost fall off her chair,

"What?" she murmured as if she were still stuck in her uneventful trance, "What are we doing?"

"Radio script,"

"But what-"

"I know! Let's call this horror movie Tina Bastyan," Corey blurted causing everybody to stare at him.

The tall boy next to him was outraged. "Don't make fun out of Tina's name; she is the only Tina Bastyan in the whole world!" Daniel exclaimed proudly. He was smug, and spoke with an arrogance unique to him, but Tina was still grateful for his defence. His tie was long and his shirt was always tucked in. Tina was sure that nobody had ever even seen, or would ever see Daniel with an un-tucked shirt. There was a beat of silence as everyone anticipated what was going to happen next.

"No, she's not, there must be others in the world," Corey replied, Lily nodded slightly in agreement.

"There isn't. I've checked, Facebook has no other Tina Bastyan's out of the 4 billion people subscribed to it."

During this desperate feud, Tina had been sinking lower and lower into her chair, her cheeks getting hotter and hotter. She finally slipped off her chair and stayed under the table, drowning in her embarrassment.

Jasmine's pale face appeared upside down next to her,

"What are you doing under here?" she asked. She had perfectly pale skin and sleek brown hair which hung in a seeming anti-gravity about her face.

"Um, never mind," Tina replied. Just as the bell went she grabbed her bag and jumped out from under the table. Before she ran out of the classroom she was sure she heard Daniel mutter "I swear I'll kill you," under his breath. She didn't know who it was said to or what was said next, as the door pulled shut and she sauntered across the corridor to English.

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