(Author's note: random inspiration, something new. An experiment, if you will. Tell me how you think it worked out! ~Petra)

Clean hands. Make them green. High stool, it tips and Mommy catches and nobody falls. Long way to the ground. Green hands? No, clean hands. Use the paint brush. Paint a tree green, paint a dog green. Clean green. Sleeves fall, roll them up; short arms. Long sleeves, fall down. Nobody falls off. More paper? More paint? Green hands? Why not? Clean hands. Paint my hands?

Stool tips, paint falls. Paper towels and water, rush around, it's in the carpet! Be careful, help clean up your mess. Green hands? Clean hands! Clean carpet!

Finish painting? Time out's over. Finish painting? Sit on the stool. Be careful, careful, be careful. Paint a tree green, paint a dog green. Green hands? Green hands?

Green hands.

Green hands, not for spilling green; green hands! Paint hands. Green all over. Green on fingers, green on paper, green on floor. Paper towels, sponge. Paint Mommy's hands? Hands on paper, 1, 2, 3. Big little. Little big. Green hands.

Done, paper's done, when's lunch? Soon, clean hands. Clean hands? Green hands. No, not green hands, clean hands. Paper, here's green hands, point, there's clean hands. Green hands always, crinkle paper.