Cruel Angel's Thesis

First Report

"Can you hear that? The pain and anguish of a million souls?"

"Y-Yes... But w-why did y-you want to s-show us t-this...?"

"All of you don't understand the weight of the battle we're fighting. These souls are neither the souls of the dead nor the souls of the living. These souls are the ones trapped between life and death, doomed to be tormented for eternity."

"All this is Daemon's doing isn't it?"

"Indeed. Souls taken by his hand don't pass on. Instead, they suffer this fate."

"That sucks."

"Now do you see? We are reincarnations of the Six Heroes. Though Daemon is immortal and will always come back, it is our duty as the current generation to defeat him and release these souls from their suffering."

"I'd rather be at home taking a nap..."

"You can't. Don't evade your destiny for such a petty reason."

"It is kind of pointless isn't it? He'll just come back anyway so why bother?"

"If no one stops him, he'll put an end to the lives inhabiting this world. The balance of souls between the planes of life and death will be unbalanced and soon, the universe would collapse. Our main priority is to maintain the balance, and only by defeating Daemon will that happen."

"Geez, I want my jerk back..."

"Are you awake, my lord?"

A white haired youth slowly opened his eyes. He felt tired but more importantly, sleepy. He was lying down on a king-sized bed. The room he was in looked like a castle room, albeit a very creepy and dark castle. The whole place was dim and not much could be seen.

He looked to his left to see a short and petite brunette in a lab coat. Given estimation, she shouldn't be older than 15, and that's being generous. Her most identifiable feature would be a single antenna that zig-zagged on the top of her head.

"The resurrection actually worked!" Her eyes glimmered as she stared at him. "That was totally unexpected!"

"Where... Am I?" The white haired youth slowly sat up whilst eyeing his surroundings. "... Who am I?"

"Don't you know?" The girl poked at him. "You're Daemon! The Immortal Overlord Of Chaos!"

"... Me?" Daemon pointed at himself. "I'm an... Overlord?"

The girl nodded. "Yes you!"

"But if I'm immortal... Why would you need to resurrect me?" Daemon raised an eyebrow.

The girl pouted. "Well, you were defeated. Again. Every time you're defeated, you'd awaken and return yet again in a century's time to claim your rightful throne. See... You were already defeated. Five years ago."

"And you resurrected me...?" Daemon pointed at the girl awkwardly.

"Precisely!" The girl clapped in excitement. "But I guess it gave you amnesia huh? Geez, this is going to be problematic..."

"Pray tell, what would you want with an overlord like me?" Daemon scratched the back of his head as an itch started to come about.

"World domination!" The girl loudly cheered. "Because I resurrected you, you're gonna take over the world together with me! Right?"

A sweat rolled down Daemon's cheek. "And why do you want to rule the world...?"

"Everyone wants to rule the world!" The girl answered.

"..." Daemon was speechless. "I guess that makes sense..."

"So uh... This throne belongs to me...?" Daemon bit his lip.

The two of them stood in front of a single throne in that eerie castle. The whole place looked like it were to crumble if someone even slammed against the wall. Only a single red carpet that sprawled from the throne to the large metallic doors at the other end of the room gave the dull room colour.

"That's right!" The girl nodded at him. "Sit down, sit down!"

Daemon hesitantly stepped forward and sat down on the dusty throne. "It's not too bad... Maybe."

"So, how much of your life do you remember, Daemon?" The girl tilted her head as she stared at him.

"... Nothing. I don't remember a single detail." Daemon shook his head.

The girl sighed with frustration. "I guess that's what happens when you go against nature..." She suddenly perked up in barely a second. "But it's okay! I'll teach you how to be evil! From the evil things an overlord should do to the way you're supposed to dress!"

Daemon rolled his eyes away. "(It feels weird to take lessons on being evil from such a perky girl...)"

"Speaking of which, how do you put up wearing those clothes under that armour?" She pointed at Daemon's striped hoodie that was worn over a black shirt. "Doesn't it get hot?"

"Hot? Armour?" Daemon was notably confused. "What are you talking about?"

"Well, you always wore an armour before this. No one's seen your face before, well, except now of course."

"How did you find me anyway?" Daemon asked her.

"Ah, you were under a pile of rubble of this very castle from your last battle with the Six Heroes." She smiled. "You can thank me for rebuilding this place."

"Thanks...?" Daemon muttered with confusion. Something popped into his mind in that confusion. "Uh, what is your name anyway?"

"Oh, I didn't introduce myself? I'm pretty sure I did. Didn't I?" The girl gazed about as she tried to recall. "It's Shiori Uzuki anyway, future ruler of the world! Or at least half of it, you can take the other half, seeing as you are the overlord and there's no one else to divide the world with."

"Wait, it's just you and me?" Daemon raised an eyebrow. "No one else to help us on the conquest?"

"No one!" Shiori shook her head. "But you have your dark powers, so I'm sure that'll be more than enough."

"Dark powers huh?" Daemon raised his hand up and faced his palm toward the door.

By complete accident, he shot a dark blast at the door, blowing it off its foundation. The red carpet on was completely destroyed just by the blast grazing by it. Sunlight from outside started to seep into the dark castle, illuminating both Daemon and Shiori.

"Eeep!" Shiori shielded her eyes from the sunlight. "I haven't been out for so long! The light burns!"

Daemon wasn't even fazed. "It's not too bad..."

"No!" Shiori shouted at him angrily. "Evil people are supposed to hate light with every fibre of our being! We have to at least pretend it hurts!"

"Wouldn't that make a pretty lame weakness...?" Daemon frowned at her.

"It would but-" Shiori paused for a moment. "Look, just try to act evil will ya? Can you at least pull of an evil grin?"

"I'll try."

Daemon smiled at her with a happy grin, one which didn't hold any shred of contempt nor malice, but one of sincerity and bliss. In fact, his smile actually made Shiori blush. So to say, it not the 'evil grin' Shiori intended he'd pull.

Shiori flailed her arms. "No! Too good!" She then looked away with a flustered look. "Evil overlords aren't supposed to smile like that! Badness, I'll have to train you thoroughly in the arts of evil..."

A cloaked hooded figure walked through a market district of a desert town. The sandy trails that were made from the various carriages that have passed through became a road for him to use. Just as he passed a fruit stall, he heard a loud scream of a woman.

"Help!" She screamed as she pointed at two men who were sprinting away from her with a bag in hand.

Just as the men were about to pass the figure, he put his foot forward and tripped the two over onto the sandy ground.

The taller man who was bald looked back at him with anger. "You shithead!"

He reached into his shirt and took out a dagger. He then stood up and lunged at the figure. Without a single word, the figure simply jabbed right into the man's gut before the dagger could even reach him.

The man clutched his gut and writhed in pain. Without a word, the figure grabbed his arm and slammed him onto the ground, knocking him unconscious. The crowd around them started to take notice of the brawl.

The other man, this one sporting a goatee shouted at the figure whilst he held the bag in his hand. "Don't move!"

When the figure looked, the man was pointing a revolver right at him. The crowd around them was notably gasping with fear.

"I said don't move!" The man shouted louder, desperation starting to overwhelm him.

The figure only smiled.

In barely even a second, the figure ran to the man, disarmed him from his revolver and finally, slammed him against the ground with a suplex. When the man opened his eyes, he saw the very same figure pointing the revolver he held just a few moment ago right at him.

"BANG!" The figure shouted to imitate a gunshot.

The man tensed up hard when he heard that. Without a word, he passed out.

"That was pathetic..." The figure dropped the revolver on the fainted man. He bent over and grabbed the bag that they stole as the owner of the bag rushed over to him.

"Are you hurt sir?" The young black-haired lady asked the hooded figure.

"No, I'm perfectly fine, thank you." He said as he handed the bag to her. "Take good care of this next time, okay?"

A strong gust of wind blew through the market at that moment. The hood slipped off the figure's head, revealing his face and blue hair. The crowd of the market immediately recognized him the moment they looked at him.

The lady was quite surprised and star-struck. "Y-You're... Sorata Kazemo! One of the Six Heroes!"

"I'm just a nobody looking for a ferry today, sorry." Sorata modestly put the hood up again. "May I ask where the closest harbour is around here?"

"T-Toward the n-north..." She was stuttering out of excitement.

"Thank you." Sorata smiled under the hood.