This story will have an alternate timeline in which the Romans discover North America and develop firearms centuries ahead of the Chinese and even Columbus. As a note, there will be a few anthropomorphic animals and other fantasy elements that will be revealed at a later date.

As this is my first posting here I would appreciate any feedback you might have.

Book I


By the year One hundred two AD, the Roman Empire encompassed the entirety of the Mediterranean and most of the European continent controlling an estimated eighty-eight million people. The Eternal City itself was a symbol of excellence, almost all the buildings in the city center were all brightly painted to portray the honor, glory, and majesty of Rome.

The road to the market was relatively quiet, despite the fact that there were several dozen people meandering up and down the sidewalk and the occasional horseman, chariot or cart. The smells of fresh produce, flowers, fresh baked bread and a conglomeration of others mixed in the air creating the perfect environment to mingle. A child not much older than six and his parents were travelling on foot down the narrow sidewalk. "Good morrow Flavius!" an older man said to the father to which he replied, "Good morrow Caius, tis well to see you on this day blessed by Jupiter himself." A few moments passed and the three were at a fruit stand run by a middle age plebe. They bought some fruit, a couple loaves of bread, a slab of meat and a variety of vegetables. As they were on way out of the market, they could not know of two men who were following them. In a few minutes, the men drew their daggers from the folds of their tunics, "You two! Halt!" he yelled in his most commanding voice to which the two turned making sure their son was behind them. "What do you want?" Flavius demanded in a voice that was stern yet had touch of fear in it. "We want your money!" the bandit demanded pointing the dagger at the couple. The second man grabbed a coin pouch tied to Flavius' belt and emptied its contents of forty gold coins. The two bandits searched the couple, then eyed the boy. As they started to move towards him both parents instinctively moved to protect their child, and in the struggle the bandits stabbed them multiple times. In fear, the bandits fled the scene leaving a terrified boy standing by his parents, lying by the side of the road bleeding and dying. The boy stayed by the bodies of his parents crying his eyes out, both in fear and heartbroken over what happened. He sat there for five hours before a kind man found him. This man was a centurion in the army and over the next sixteen years raised him to be a fine young man. Bringing in the finest tutors in the city, teaching him mathematics, philosophy, science, and most importantly military strategy and tactics. Little did they know that this young man would go on to become one of the greatest tacticians, and the founder of an empire greater than anyone could ever imagine.