Chapter 1: The Neko girl that was found

One day there was a boy named Kai who was one of the most popular kids at Morkas High School. He was walking home from school one day to see ten or eleven of his fan girls. "Hey Kai will you go to a party with us this Saturday?" asked one.

"Sorry. Maybe next time." Kai said as he walked off, afraid they were gonna get drunk and fuck each other. He arrived home and went into his room to see a girl with brown hair and white cat ears and tail wearing a whte top with red swirls on it and a red skirt passed out on his bed. "What the hell!" he yelled while he dropped his bag. The girl woke up and saw him, then started getting scared. "I'm sorry I was tired so I found this place so.. so." she said.

"Who are you?" Kai asked confused and still shocked. "Korie." the girl said shyly.

"Kai." Kai said introducing himself. He then heard a car door slam and looked out the window to see his mom there. "Who's that?" Korie asked whimpering.

"My mom." said Kai. "Stay quiet and don't leave ok?" Korie nodded as Kai left the room to go downstairs. "Hey mom." he said.

"Hi Kai how are you?" His mom asked curiously.

"Fine." said Kai. He looked out the corner of his eye and saw a white tail at the top of the staircase I thought I told her to stay in my room He thought. He greeted his older brother and ran back upstairs. "I thought I told you to stay in my room." he said to Korie.

"I was curious." Korie said shyly. "Anyway who were those people you were talking to?" she asked.

"My family." said Kai. "My mother, father, and older brother." Korie looked at the ground and said "That's nice."

"We better get back before my dad sees you." Kai said heading back up the stairs. But it was too late. Kai's father was at the top of the stairs, looking pissed. "And just what is going on here?" he asked.

"Damn." said Kai. His father hauled them down the stairs and dropped them at his mother. "Did you know about this?" he asked. Kai's mother looked surprised. "Kai what is going on?" she asked. Kai shuddered thinking what would happen: his parents would throw her out into the streets and punish him evily.

"Well this is Korie." he said. "I walked in my room to find her there." He looked nervous. Why the hell did I tell the truth? he thought. His parents looked concerned. Korie stood up and said "I'm sorry I had no other place to go so I went here. I didn't know anyone lived here." Now his brother looked serious. Are they gonna kick her out? Kai thought. His parents and brother huddled into a corner and thought it over.

"She can stay." said his mom. Kai smiled and said "Arigato."

"But you two have to sleep in different bedrooms." said his father. Kai nodded and led Korie to the guest room. "And here is your room." he said. It had only one bed in it with a dresser and tv. "I hope it's not too bad." he said.

"It's perfect." said Korie. she settled in quickly and headed downstairs for dinner. "So Korie where are you from?" asked Kai's mother.

"Oh somewhere in the country." said Korie.

"And what's with the ears?" Kai's brother, Sei, asked while pulling her ears, making her wince in pain. "Sei that's not nice." said Kai's mother.

"Gomen."said Sei.