Chapter 4: Wrath of the Spider Queen

Kai and Korie caught up to Sei as soon as they got home. "Too late." Korie whined as she saw Sei run inside. "We're dead." Kai groaned. They walked in to see Kai's mother and father. "I was right." Kai said.

"Care to explain this?" Kai's mother asked while holding up the paper. They had furious faces. "Um." said Kai.

"We can explain." Korie said shyly.

"Well let's hear it." said Sei. Kai and Korie explained to them about Korie's two cousins and their plan to get Kai's fangirls to leave them alone. "It was their idea." Kai finished. The whole family was speechless.

"That explains it." said Sei.

"Care to apologize?" Kai asked annoyed.

"Ok ok I'm sorry I got the wrong idea." Sei replied. Kai looked at his parents. "Well if it's a plan to get rid of your fangirls I'm ok with it." said his mother.

"As am I." said his father. Korie smiled. "Arigato." She said. She and Kai went to his room and looked out the window. "Do you think it'll really make them leave me alone?" Kai asked looking at the sky.

"We'll just wait and see." Korie replied. It got late and she went back to her own room and went to bed.

Her dream(Speaking:Korie)

I was standing in the center of an abandoned factory. I looked around and saw the other nekos in cages on the ceiling. In front of me, I saw spiders, spiders, and more spiders and behind them, I saw the evil Spider Queen beside a web with Kai stuck to it passed out. "You're mine." The Spider Queen said as she crawled towards him.

"Don't touch him!" I yelled. The Spider Queen turned around and yelled "Lock her up with the others while I enjoy my snack!" Hundreds of spiders crawled towards me with hissing sounds. I looked up and saw Nekota and Mimi, looking like they would die soon. I saw the Spider Queen holding a stick in her hand. Wait a minute! That's Nekota's wand. I wasn't paying attention to the spiders that were crawling towards me. They jumped on me and started to attack. "I'll finish her." The Spider Queen said while raising Nekota's wand and the spiders backed away. Then the Spider Queen muttered something and a green light was heading towards me. I looked up and saw Kai in front of me taking the blow. "Kai." I said.

"I'm sorry." he whispered then fell to the ground, dead. I looked at his lifeless body and yelled "NOOO!"

Korie woke up in her dark room. Was it a dream? She thought as she got up and headed for Kai's room. She quietly opened the door a little and saw him asleep. Yokata. She thought as she went back to her room. Suddenly, she felt like she was being followed. Korie turned around and saw nothing in the darkness. "It was my imagination." She said as she kept walking.

The next day she and Kai met up with Nekota and Mimi. "How did your parents say about it?" Nekota asked curiously.

"At first, they didn't take it very well." Korie replied. "When we told them the whole story, they understood."

"Ok." Mimi said happily.

"Oh and guys." Korie said. "I need to talk to you about something." She lead Nekota and Mimi to the back of the school. "What's up?" Nekota asked.

"I think she's back." Korie whispered. Nekota and Mimi looked at her with eyes widened. "But that's impossible." Mimi said confused.

"Our mom gave her life to destroy her." Nekota said with her tail bristling.

"I know what Aunt Corina said." Korie replied. "But we need to keep an eye out just in case." Nekota and Mimi nodded as they went to class. "What's going on?" Kai asked curiously.

"Nothing." Korie replied. "Family stuff." The lesson went on and soon, school was over and everyone was on their way to Kai's place until they saw blood on the front door. Kai's eyes widened and Korie started crying. "What the hell happened?" Nekota asked as she went to the front door to only hear hissing. "Nekota get away!" Korie yelled. Nekota opened the door and backed away from three spiders twice as big as her. "Another one?" Mimi asked surprised.

"Where are your parents?" Korie asked while tears were still in her eyes. Another spider crawled out of the house while carrying Sei's dead body in its jaws, making Korie scream in terror.

"Holy crap!" Nekota yelled while getting her wand. She waved it and sparks flew and hit the spider that was swallowing Sei. The spider exploded and Sei's remains were only an arm and an eyeball, making Mimi gag. "I think I just threw up in my mouth." She groaned.

"She has return." Another spider crawled out of the house and hissed. Korie's eyes widened. "She has returned." The spider kept repeating until Nekota blew it up, speechless. "Oh my fucking God Korie you were right." She said.

"I know." Korie replied as she trembled in fear, making Kai go over and hug her.

"What's going on?" Mimi asked. "Let's go look for your parents, Kai." She started to walk towards the house until Kai grabbed her tail. "Don't." He said. "There might be more of them." Mimi nodded and Kai let go of her tail. "Let me check." Nekota said before muttering a spell that scanned a certain area. "All clear." She replied.

"So what about your parents?" Mimi asked curiously.

"Probably dead." Kai replied sadly. "No one could survive an attack by giant spiders."

"Kai is that you?" Everyone turned to see Kai's mother and father at the door, wide-eyed and speechless. "Mom Dad you're ok!" Kai yelled as he ran towards them and hugged them.

"Are you ok?" Nekota asked.

"Who is this?" asked Kai's father.

"These are Korie's cousins Nekota and Mimi." Kai explained.

"Nice to meet you." Mimi said politely as she bowed her head. Kai's mother and father looked at them sternly. "What's going on?" asked his father.

"We have no choice." Kai said to the girls.

"Why?" Korie asked scared.

"They won't forgive us." Nekota protested.

"There's no need." said Kai's mother. "I figured out everything by doing a little research." She gave Nekota, Mimi, and Korie a death glare. "It's there fault." She said pointing. "They brought this here." Kai's father looked at his wife with wide eyes. "Why do you say that?" he asked.

"I did a little research." said Kai's mother as he tells her husband about what she found out. "So they brought this on." She finished. "If they haven't died, the spiders would leave us alone."

"No they wouldn't." Nekota protested. "If we died, they would destroy the human race."

"Liar!" yelled Kai's mother. "You all!"

"Mom." Kai said. "Please."

"We wouldn't do anything like that so calm down." Korie said going to her, but Kai's mother pushed her down. "Get the hell away from me." She growled giving her a death glare.

"You ok Korie?" asked Kai. Korie nodded. "I don't get it." She said.

"It's your fault!" yelled Kai's mother, making his father hold her back because she was about to walk towards them. "Come on. Let's go." Nekota said walking away.

"Yea good idea." Mimi replied.

"But guys." said Korie.

"Don't you get it?" Nekota asked turning her head towards her cousin. "She hates us now." Korie stared at her, frightened and confused and she followed Nekota and Mimi. "Where will you guys go?" Kai asked worried.

"We have a house of our own." Nekota replied. "It's called the House of the Nekos."

"It's where the remaining Nekos live." Mimi stated as she walked off in Nekota's direction. As Korie started to follow, she turned back to Kai. "I hope we'll see each other again." She said.

"Me too." Kai replied. "I'll miss you Korie."

"Same here." Korie replied. She walked over to Kai, grabbed his shoulders, and kissed him, making everyone stare in shock. Kai wrapped his arms around her waist as the kiss goes on. "Well she finally did it." Nekota said not surprised.

"I think it's cute." Mimi said happily. Kai and Korie broke apart and looked into each other's eyes. "I love you Korie." Kai confessed.

"Same." Korie replied before they kissed again. "Kai get away from that freak!" Kai's mother yelled furiously.

'Korie." Nekota said. "We have to go."

"Fine." Korie replied. "See ya tomorrow."

"Yea see ya." Kai said as they walked off. Kai walked into his room to see half of it trashed. He quickly cleaned it up and went to bed. The Spider Queen huh. He thought. I wonder why she hates the Nekos so much she wants them dead.