Chapter 5: The House of the Nekos

A few days later, Sei's funeral was held. His mother was crying and his father tried to comfort her. All of his friends and their families came, even Korie, Mimi, and Nekota. "I'm sorry Sei." Korie said sadly. "It's my fault you're in here." Kai put a comforting hand on her shoulder.

"I predicted this would happen." Nekota replied. Korie and Kai turned to her. "What do you mean?" asked Kai.

"It's because you had Korie at your house." Nekota replied. "Maybe the spiders came for her."

"But what do they want with me?" Korie asked.

"Same reason for everyone." said Nekota. "Killing us off one by one."

"But why did they kill Sei?" Mimi asked confused.

"Probably because they want us so depressed that we can't fight." Nekota replied. "And we could possibly let our guard down so they can kill us."

"So they might attack us here." Kai said. Korie put her head on his shoulder and Kai stroked her ears. Soon, the Pastor walked in and started the service. He let the family and friends say something before they buried him. It was Kai's turn and as he was speaking, half of the people in the crowd started to cry, and Korie. He finished talking and burst into tears like his mother. The service was over and six people took Sei's coffin and put it in a limosine so they can take it to the cemetery. Mimi started crying and tears rolled down Nekota's face as she stared silently. "You know what." she said. "We should never have met."

"Why do you say that?" asked Mimi.

"Because if we never met Kai, none of this would have happen!" Nekota yelled as she turned her head. Mimi's ears and tail dropped as she said "You may be right. None of us wanted this."

"They're right." Korie said beside Kai. Kai turned to her. "What do you mean?" He asked.

"We should never have met." Korie replied while tears ran down her face again.

"I don't believe that." Kai said. The Nekos turned to him. "Why?" Mimi asked. "If we never met, Sei wouldn't be dead."

"Yeah." said Kai. "But I would never have met great friends like you girls. Especially Korie." Korie turned to him. "You mean it?" She asked.

"Yeah." Kai replied. "Before I met you, I never had friends because all the guys were jealous that all of the girls like me. After I met Korie, everything changed." The Nekos stared. "Even though no one wanted this, I'm still glad I met you." Korie continued crying as she hugged him. "You're right." she said.

"Yeah." Nekota replied. "But what just happened-"

"Forget about it." Kai said. "It's all in the past. Sei wouldn't want us to be sad."

"Good point." Mimi replied while waving her tail. The limosine drove off and Kai, Korie, Nekota and Mimi walked home. "So what's the House of the Nekos like?" Kai asked.

"Oh it's just a house with people like us." Mimi replied.

"Yea." Korie agreed. "I just heard that more of us are alive."

"There's this male Neko who's the head of the family." Nekota explained. "His name is Haru."

"What's he like?" Kai asked curious.

"Well." Korie stated. "He's kind of somewhat strict."

"And he stays in his room most of the time." Mimi said twitching her ears.

"How old is he?" Kai asked.

"Seven." Nekota replied. "Weird right? He's been the head of the family since he was born." Kai's eyes widened. A seven-year old Neko is the head of the family? "That's nuts." he said.

"Better believe it." Mimi replied. "Here we are." Kai looked to his left and saw a gate titled House Of The Nekos. "Wow." he said surprised.

"I know." Nekota replied. The gate opened ajar and another Neko popped her head out. She had pink hair with pink ears and tail. "Hey girls." she said.

"Hey Natalie." Mimi said.

"Who's that?" Kai asked.

"She's my cousin." Korie replied. "Her name is Natalie Neko."

"Hey that's catchy." Kai replied.

"Thanks." said the girl. "Anyway, we're having a meeting today."

"Why?" Nekota asked confused.

"No idea." the girl replied. "Haru said it was important."

"We'll be there." Korie said. "Bye Kai."

"See ya." Mimi said.

"Bye." Nekota said and she, Mimi, and Korie walked through the gate. The gate closed and Kai was walking home. As he was walking, he saw something glaring at him: It was a girl half spider, half human. "We need to talk." she sneered. "About those neko freaks."

"I assume you're the Spider Queen." Kai said not surprised.

"You guess correctly." The Spider Woman replied. She shot web at him and stuck him to a tree. "What gives!?" He exclaimed irritated. "What do you want to talk about?!"

"Not much." The Spider Queen replied crawling to him. "I just need a favor."

"Forget it." said Kai turning his head. The Spider Queen darted towards him and hissed, showing her fangs dripping with venom. "Ok ok damn it fine!" Kai yelled. "Just get your fangs away from my face." The Spider Queen hid her fangs and stared. "It's about that Neko friend of yours." She said. "What was her name? Korie wasn't it."

"What do you want?" Kai asked irritated.

"Not that much." The Spider Queen replied. "I just want you to be mine."

"Not happening." Kai said.

"Hold on." said the Spider Queen. "All you need to do is give her this." She gave him a small tube with a black liquid inside. "After that, everything should be going as planned."

"And if I don't?" Kai asked.

"Then I'll kill every single one of those Neko freaks." The Spider Queen smirked while Kai's eyes widened. No way. He thought. Now that I think about it, she would go that far. "Alright." He said taking the tube.

"Good." The Spider Queen replied while smiling. She broke the thread and he fell to the ground. "My spiders shall monitor your actions." She disappeared and Kai stared. "I can't believe I'm doing this." He said to himself. "But I have to. For Korie." He turned around and walked on the path and headed for home.

The next day, he got a note from Korie, saying that he was invited to the House Of the Nekos. He put on his favorite hoodie and a pair of jeans and walked out. He walked on the path he walked on the other day and stopped in front of the gate. "Hey Kai." said a voice. Kai turned to see Korie sitting on a fence. "Don't fall." he said.

"It's ok." Korie said as she jumped down, landing on her feet. "I do it all the time."

"So why did you want me to come?" Kai asked getting to the point.

"I wanted to introduce you to everyone." Korie replied. "Welcome to the House Of the Nekos." The gate opened and Kai saw what looked like a village. As Korie led him inside, his eyes widened as he saw Nekota kissing a male neko with brown hair. "Nekota you can continue your make-out later!" Korie called to them. Nekota ignored the comment and gave Korie the finger. "Nekota." Kai looked and saw an elderly Neko in front of a house. Nekota broke apart from the male neko and looked longingly at him. "Now." The elderly Neko repeated. "We have work to do."

"Yes ma'am." Nekota replied. "Bye Noah." She walked towards the elderly Neko and they both went inside. "Who's that?" Kai asked.

"That's Nekota's teacher." Korie replied. "She's the one who taught Nekota the spells she knows now."

"And the male Neko?" Kai asked.

"That's Noah." Korie replied. "He's been Nekota's boyfriend since they were little."

"Hey Kai." said a voice. Korie and Kai turned to see Mimi running towards them. "Hey Mimi." Kai said.

"Haru said he needs to see you." Mimi replied. Korie looked at a window and Kai followed her gaze. He looked and saw a seven-year old neko boy with black hair, and black ears and tail staring out of the window. "That's Haru?" he asked.

"Yea." Mimi replied. "He needs to see you." Kai nodded as he and Korie went inside. Korie led him through the hallways and stood in front of a door. "This is it." Korie said as she slid it open. "Hello Haru." she said. The Neko boy turned around. "Hello Korie." he said in a quiet voice. "I assume you're Kai."

"And I assume you're Haru." Kai replied. The Neko Boy nodded. "I bet you're wondering why I called you here." He said.

"Here comes the lecture." Korie whispered to Kai. The Neko boy twitched his ears. "You see, I've been the head of the family since I was born." He said. "In other words. I control every Neko as though I'm God. And who knew one of us would fall in love with a human."

"How do you know that?" Korie asked surprised and confused. The Neko boy stared. "I have my sources." He replied. The three stared at each other in silence. "Why don't I make tea." Korie said as she walked out of the room. Kai followed her to the living room and saw four female Nekos: One with white hair, black ears and tail while reading a book, another with pink hair with black ears and tail while eating a bowl of strawberries, another with navy-blue hair, ears, and tail asleep on the floor, and the last, what looked like the youngest, had white hair, ears, and tail while drawing. "Hey guys." Korie said. The Nekos looked up. "Hey Korie." replied the one with the strawberries.

"How are you?" Asked the one reading.

"I'd like you to meet Kai." Korie said gestering for Kai to step forward. "Nice to meet you." He said.

"Hey. I'm Mist." said the one reading. She wore a white short-sleeve blouse, turquoise dress, and a black bow in her hair.

"Hi I'm Strawberry." said the one eating strawberries. She wore a white top, apricot vest, pink plaid skirt, and a pink plaid bow on her shirt. "I can see that." Kai replied.

"The one on the floor is Night." Korie said pointing t the Neko on the floor. She wore a pink sleeveless top with a black outline, pink shorts, pink knee socks, and pink and white sneakers. "And the little one is Snow." Korie said to the white Neko. She wore a white dress and a white coat. "Come on Snow say hi." Korie said then went to Kai. "She's really shy."

"Hi." The Neko girl said quietly then hid behind Korie. "It's ok." She said. "He's a friend of mine."

"Nice to meet you." Kai said patting her head. "You're really cute."

"Thanks." The Neko girl said quietly.

"What do we have here?" A voice asked from behind him. Kai turned and saw two other female Nekos: One with purple hair, ears, and tail wearing a black suit, and the other having light pink hair, ears, and tail wearing a white suit. "Here we go." Mist groaned irritated.

"Who are they?" Kai asked confused.

"The clean freaks of the family." Korie replied. "The one in black is Marissa and the one in white is Melissa. They watched over the family and the house, making sure everything is perfect."

"Night." The purple Neko said hitting Night with a cane, making her jolt awake. "What the-oh it's you." She said drowsily. "What do you want?"

"Just telling you fo the millionth time not to sleep on the floor." The purple Neko replied strictly. "You have a bed you know."

"But the floor is much more comfortable." Night replied, about to fall asleep again. The purple Neko's red eyes burned with anger as she hit Night with the cane again. "What the hell!" she yelled.

"No sleeping on the floor." The purple Neko said to her. "Strawberry, that's the seventh bowl of strawberries you've had today."

"They're just so good." Strawberry whined as the pink Neko took them away from her. "Mist, If you want to read, read in the library." She said to Mist, who was still reading.

"Fine whatever." Mist said walking out of the room.

"Snow." The purple Neko said turning to Snow, who was still hiding behind Korie. She walked out and looked up and the two Nekos with a scared look on her face. "Why don't you get a warm glass of milk and take a nap." The pink one said. Snow looked relieved as she nodded, grabbed her drawings, and walked out of the room. "Who's this?" The purple Neko asked staring at Kai.

"This is Kai." Korie replied. "He's a friend from school."

"Oh." The pink Neko said. "Nice to meet you. I'm Melissa and that's my older sister, Marissa."

"Hello." Marissa bowed her head.

"Well I'm going to bed." Night said getting up and walking out of the room.

"Yea good idea." Strawberry said walked after her. Marissa and Melissa walked out of the room and Korie and Kai were the only ones left. "Well then." Korie said going into the kitchen. "I'll make tea."

"Thanks Korie." Kai replied. Korie nodded then blushed. When she was in the kitchen, Kai took out the small tube from his pocket. I have to do it now. He thought. The Spider Queen is watching my every move. He shoved it back into his pocket when she came back with two cups of tea. "Did I take long?" She asked.

"No." Kai replied. "That was kinda quick."

"Thanks." Korie replied and was about to drink the tea until she said. "Oh my God I need to introduce you to Zoey." She put her cup down and ran out of the room. Kai looked to make sure no one was around and poured half of the black liquid in Korie's cup. He then saw a black widow spider staring at him from a window. I knew it. He thought. He put the tube back into his pocket and the spider disappeared. "Hey I'm back." Korie said bringing in a female Neko witih light brown hair, ears, and tail. She wore a blue and white long-sleeved striped shirt, and navy blue shorts. "Zoey this is Kai."

"Hey." She replied.

"Nice to meet you." Kai said. Korie sat back at her seat and drank her tea. I can't believe I did it. Kai thought in his mind. What is that black stuff anyway? Afterwards, Kai and Korie were walking back to the gate until a female Neko with green hair, black ears and tail, and big breasts ran to Kai. "Hey cutie what's your name?" She asked pushing his face into her chest.

"Jennifer stop that!" Korie yelled.

"Korie you can't have all the boys to yourself." The Neko replied, now sufficating Kai. "Oops sorry." She said as she let go of him, showing him having an anime nosebleed. "Who the hell?" He asked.

"That's Jennifer." Korie said. "She likes to get her hands on any pretty boy she sees. Jennifer this is Kai. He's my boyfriend."

"What!?" Jennifer said shocked. "Not true is it?"

"Yea it is." Kai replied. Jennifer looked at him and said "I won't give up." And she walked away. "Kai are you ok?" Korie asked wiping blood from his nose.

"I'll be ok." Kai said. "So see you tomorrow?"

"Yea." Korie replied. "Bye." She kissed his cheek and he walked out with the gate closed behind him.