It was a quiet night in Chicago, most people were soundly sleeping: worn out from the recent heat wave. The Augustine's house was peacefully blissful; everyone had been asleep for hours. Everyone but their dog, the dog saw everything. He was looking out the windows, restless, when he saw the lights flicker on next door. He listened to the frenzied phone call made with low voices. He heard the gunshot ring out, but most importantly he saw the man in the ski mask leave the house as silently as he had come in. When the whole street lit up, and the humans called the police, he just watched silently. When the news reported that the death had been ruled a suicide, the dog just watched, unable to tell anyone what he knew, unable to share the truth.

1 day later...

The room has a grim disposition; it's dead silent and nearly pitch black. The pristine stateliness of it is completely contradicted by the atmosphere and it's residents. Light flows in streams from the flickering lamp in the middle of the table in the center of the room. The dim lighting casts odd shadows on the faces of the people sitting around the table, making them look even more grotesque. They look bizarre with their plump bodies, ruddy faces and unsettling eyes that are currently flicking around the table like snake eyes, cold and calculating. Their typically animated faces are uncharacteristically serious and grim. Their eyes are framed with pronounced dark circles and furrowed eyebrows. They look out place with their pristine fancy suits and power. The easygoing rapport amongst this group has vanished completely, leaving only silence in its place. Someone clears their throat and breaks the awkwardly.

"Ladies, gentleman, I think we all know why I have arranged this meeting," Everyone around the table nods their heads profusely. Of course they know, the issue has kept them awake for days.

"Certain...Events have transpired recently. If any word of them were to get out-"

He shakes his head, as if trying to clear it of such unpleasant thoughts "It would have severe consequences. We have already been working hard to make sure that none of this ever comes to light, the investigator who has been problematic to our cause, was...Taken care of last night. This is over now. All of it, the election tampering, the investigator - it never happened. To acknowledge any of this now or ever would completely undermine faith in the U.S. democracy. The effects of that would be disastrous," the speaker continues.

The group collectively exhales. They have won, for now at least.