Shriveled and with a spot of rot, Jack the pumpkin rested in the bottom of the trash can, bemoaning his fate. It was only several weeks ago that he had sat proudly on the front porch, a centerpiece of his family's autumn display; then Halloween passed, and he was shunted to an also-ran position in a Thanksgiving cornucopia. Now with the Christmas juggernaut well under way, there was simply no place for a pumpkin anymore amidst all of the snowmen and jolly Santas. The pumpkin had been cast into the trash, as irrelevant in December as Mitt Romney had become after losing the November election.

Eventually the brooding and melancholy pumpkin was collected and taken to the dump, where he came into contact with a number of other discarded and outdated things, both organic and otherwise; electronics no longer fully functional, old newspapers, used chemicals and condoms, even the bones of countless Thanksgiving turkeys. Jack reposed in the close proximity of all of these discards, restoring his self-concept as they all shared their sense of abandonment and discontent. As they commiserated, corroded, and rotted together in the dump, Jack found himself augmented by the immediacy of his contact with vastly differing things, flowing into them and they into him as he became something that was all of them yet utterly unlike anything that they each had originally been.

The thing which emerged from the landfill was enormous, moving slowly and on long jointed legs. Tentacle-like projections from the abomination's underbelly writhed in all directions, making the creation of human offal look like a Lovecraftian horror; metallic plating covered the dorsal surfaces of its body, a sturdy exoskeleton. The ponderous bulk of the creature caused the earth to tremble as it passed. Occasionally an inhuman sound would emanate from the huge hulk, a bellowing cry partly a growl and yet a moan, haunting and otherworldly.

His essence preserved within the new creation, Jack the one-time pumpkin remembered his humble origins yet was darkly exhilarated by his new potential. He was by nature a thing of Halloween, a dark holiday commemorating the bizarre, the horrible, and death; although now a hybrid and reconstituted he would remain true to his nature. Jack and his fellow outcasts moved slowly but inexorably towards the first of the human population centers to properly thank the naked apes for their poor stewardship of the Earth. First there would be destruction, and then the establishment of a new world order...