The Sacred Word


She sat there, waiting in the slightly cold room. The fluorescent tile lights on the ceiling, casting an eerily bright glow through the entire room, lit up the room. A table and a couple of chairs had been placed in the room. She knew that they were watching her through a one-way mirror. Her lanky form sat in the cold, metal chair, her arms crossed in front of her chest, and her head casted down, causing her long hair to fall cover her eyes. She tapped her foot impatiently against the linoleum floor below, waiting for them.

It was early this morning that she was brought in to the Police Station for questioning. She's been waiting here since. No one told her anything. She was just led through the main offices of the various City Officers until they reached the interrogation room and once she was seated, one of the police officers locked her in, preventing her only means of escape. Not that she was guilty of anything—except for a few petty crimes like stealing a measly candy bar from the local supermarket, but that was it. Surely, the police weren't bringing her in over a little 60-cent candy bar?

How stupid can you get? The girl thought to herself as she closed her eyes. She rested her head on the back of the gray chair, allowing her body to slide out of the seat a bit. As she relaxed for a bit, a memory stirred within her heart, but all she saw were the faces of two boys. Both of them looked identical with long dark brown hair and intense blue eyes, but one had a childish face and the other had the high, elegant cheekbones that could only be found in Europeans. Nonetheless, the two boys were exact copies of each other and it was almost hard to tell the differences between them. One was smiling shyly while the other was frowning with an annoyed look gracing his facial features. Seeing these two boys made her heart jump. Even after all that has happened, she still cared for them.

Chris… Archer… Please be safe. She thought quietly to herself. The images of the two boys faded away as she heard the door beginning to open. Strands of her dark hair fell across her face as she now sat up in her chair and she saw a gray haired police detective coming in. He was dressed in a pair of khakis and wore a white button up shirt under a pair of brown suspenders that criss-crossed his shoulders, the ends attached to his pants. The first thing she noticed was the gun sitting in its holster at his hip. Just great. Fucking great.

"Morning, Miss Moore, I'm Detective Hamilton Smith. Do you know why you're here?" The detective asked in a somewhat irritated raspy tone. The man's gray gaze grazed her green eyes. All she did was shrug. She quickly dug into her pocket, pulled out the Snickers Bar, and tossed it onto the table separating them.

"No, not really, but I think it might have something to do with me stealing that candy bar." Her nearly sarcastic words made Detective Hamilton Smith feel a little confused and he just rubbed the back of his neck. His eyes looked the dark wrapped candy bar over. Stealing a candy bar was not exactly a major offense, but it was still a crime – on some level. He quickly shook his head, allowing one of corner of his lip to pull back into the beginning of a smile. Her words amused him.

"No, Miss Moore, the Willow Hills Police didn't arrest you for stealing a measly candy bar." Hamilton said almost teasingly. His words still didn't' make her feel relaxed. He can see that the nineteen-year-old girl was still staring at him – all around her – with a wary look gracing her expression. So the interrogation room was not exactly a homey place. It was not meant to be. It was meant to intimidate people into telling the truth with its soulless white pastel walls and the gray tile floors, and the bright fluorescent light tiles overhead.

Hannah wanted almost wanted to laugh. If it wasn't for stealing the candy bar, then what for? Why was she brought into this hellhole? It is not as if she did anything like take a life. Her thoughts suddenly went back to Archer and Chris. Her heart started racing again.

Obviously, Hamilton saw the frightened look on the girl's face. He saw Hannah struggling to mask her emotions, fighting with the ever-growing fear deep inside of her. He has seen this happen before – with many kids her age. Hell, it has happened one time too many when he was sixteen. You have changed, Hammy. You're no longer that rebellious youth wanting to disrupt the government's poisonous control over the youth of America. You are seventy years old with a loving wife, three grown kids, and five rambunctious grandchildren. Hamilton chuckled a bit at the thought in his heart, but he suppressed it and cleared his throat, catching the girl's attention. Her beautiful dark green orbs flew to him.

She saw the man smile more softly now. She now knew why she was brought in. It was because of them. The wolves. The Tempton Wolves… they—

"Do you know two boys by the names of Archer and Chris Hayes?" She heard Detective Smith asked. The ice ball in her stomach started melting and Hannah immediately felt sick to her stomach, but she kept her composure. The girl took in a deep breath. Hannah closed her eyes for a few seconds, allowing her thoughts to organize themselves within her mind, each one going under a stray bullet. They are boys. No, they are wolves. Archer likes to run. Chris likes to draw. Archer is called Arrow. Chris is called Crescent. They are animals but at the same time, they are also human…

Again, the girl was not answering. Hamilton sighed, running a strong hand through his gray hair. This conversation was not obviously going anywhere. It was one sided at this point. The girl is too damned frightened. He thought silently to himself. Hamilton finally rose out of his chair, pushing it back with a screech as it scraped across the floor.

Hannah heard the detective excuse himself and she watched him walk out of room, quietly shutting the door behind him. She breathed a sigh of relief and allowed herself to relax – only slightly though. As she remained in the silence of the interrogation room, her restless thoughts stirred again and this time, she heard a voice – that was not her own – speaking to her from the deep recesses of her soul. It was soft and quiet. Like Chris.

"Don't tell them anything, Hannah." The voice was quiet, gentle, and soothing. She felt her heart racing again and the ice ball in her stomach stopped melting instantly. It was almost as if the ice ball was starting to reform itself again. The huge sliver of water that started running down the side had pulled itself back up and immediately became solid again. She could feel Chris's present in her mind, it was like a gentle humming sound breaking through her train of thoughts but she did not care. She only wanted to enjoy it more. "Do not tell them that about the Pack."

Chris… She thought. Her thoughts could not reach the boys, but she felt that she knew they could sense her presence. A storm cloud broke through her mind now and she felt a rushing sensation coursing through her body. It was Archer.

"Fuck this shit. Tell these damn humans anything and I will rip your damn throat out! You got that, Hannah?" Archer's voice sounded irritated, frightened, scared. But she knew he did not mean that threat. He has never raised a hand against her. Hannah knew that much. Still, her heart gave a leap and she wished that she could be with them, to comfort them. Hannah felt tears beginning to burn at the corners of her eyes. "If things go according to plan, then we won't have to fucking worry about getting into deeper shit than we already are."

"Arri, don't threaten her like that…"

Hannah stifled a quiet giggle at seeing the gentle humming that was Chris and the storm cloud that was Archer chattering away in her soul. If she was hearing them then that means they were here as well. She allowed herself to smile now, but it disappeared as she heard the door handle being turned. The brunette quickly sat up as Detective Hamilton came into the room. Only this time he held a video tape in his hand. Two people came in after him, pulling, and pushing a cart with a small TV and a VCR on it.

She watched as the two younger members of the police force hooked up the TV set and the VCR, her heart racing wildly in her chest. What the hell are they going to show me?

As if to read her mind, Hamilton held up the video tape with a stern look, his lips were pursed. "On this video are some footage of your two friends, Archer and Chris." He said softly to her. He saw Hannah's body become tense. Her eyes stared at the tape in fright.

"D-doing what exactly?" He heard the girl ask quietly. She was scared. On the other hand, maybe it was guilt eating her from the inside out. Hamilton could not be sure.

"You'll see." He said softly. Once everything was set up, Detective Smith thanked the two rookies for their help and he walked over to the TV. Hannah saw the fuzzy snow screen of the TV briefly before the old man popped the video tape in, making the screen turn blue. The VCR made a few light clicking and whirring noises as it started up, registering that the tape was inside. In the next instant, the Television screen winked and then that is when she saw them. Archer and Chris turning into wolves.

Tygra's Kitten Kori: This is my first full fledged story on here. I don't know how well it'll turn out though. :)