The rain poored down on the ground in front of what appeared to be a bar, with the lights around the sign at the front of the building flickering Jack's House. Business was lively as people of all kind were sitting down at the tables and bar, drinking their sorrows away and singing with one another in joy. The bartender smiles as he watches the people enjoy their time at the bar.

"God I love this..." He softly says before he glances off to his left, noticing a teenage boy sitting at the bar by himself, with a soda can in his right hand.

The boy wore a simple black shirt with a huge blue G on the back of the shirt, along with simple black jeans and white tennis shoes. Covering his face was a simple ball cap tilted down, along with his light black hair going halfway down his neck. The bartender just sighed as he looked at the kid, seeming like he knew him from somewhere.

Poor kid...he must be on duty again... He thinks to himself before he goes back to cleaning his mug.

After cleaning the mug, he sets it down and walks over towards the boy with a heart-warming smile, trying his best to lighten what appeared to be a dark tone circling around the young man.

"Say there kid, you want another soda?" He asks with a smile, he jumps only a little as he sees a dollar bill held out to him, coming from the boy with the covered face.

"Please..." Was all the boy responded with, in a quiet tone.

The bartender takes the dollar with a smile.

"You don't always have to come to this place when you are on duty...besides, shouldn't you be at home sleeping?" The bartender asks as he leans down towards the boy.

"I like this environment..." He softly says as he opens up the soda can, taking a sip of it. The bartender sighs as he shrugs.

"Just make sure you don't overdue it there buddy." He says as he stands up straight and places his hands on his hips.

Outside in the rain, two women holding umbrellas rush to the bar, walking in dripping wet.

"Are you sure about this place Jill?" The girl with brown hair says as she suddenly looks around with a worried look on her face.

The blonde haired girl, named Jill, simply giggles. "Don't worry, this place is cool, plus I know the owner!" She says as she waves her hand at her friend.

The two of them wore business suits, and looked as if they just got off of work. The blonde haired girl had shoulder lenth hair that was comed straight down, while the brown haired girl had her hair tied up in a pony tail.

"Jack!" Jill shouts in joy as the two women walk over towards the bar. The bartender looks over with a smile as he sees the blonde girl.

"Oh Jill!" He shouts with a smile as the two take their seat at the bar.

"Nice to see you still have that GUT Jack!" Jill says with a giggle.

Jack just chuckles as he shrugs his shoulders. "Still going for the low shots eh? Good old, will it be the usual for you?" The bartender asks as he sets his hands down on the bar.

Jill nods as she holds up a finger, "I would also like the same thing for my friend here." She says as she points it towards her brown haired friend.

"Oh, nice to meet you missy. I am Jack, I run this little fine establishment. If you need anything, just let me know!" The bartender says as he goes down and gets ready to fix a margarita.

The brown haired girl nods. "My name is Cynthia, nice to meet you." She responds politely.

The three converse while Jill downs her drinks quickly, Cynthia watches as she slowly drinks her drink. As the three converse, Jill wraps her arm around Cynthia.

"Come On Gurrrllll! You Gotta Gets Yourshelfh a Boyyyyy!" Jill slurs as she holds her drink
Cynthia just blushes. "I-I hate it when you bring that subject up..." She says as she looks down. Jill looks around the bar.

"You just gotta find the RIGHT GUY, YOU CAN'T BE SINGLES FOREVAR!" She belts out as she holds up her drink. "Although everyone here can be a SLOB! Except for Jackie here...heeeeee is my bestester friieeennd!" Jill says outloud as she leans back on her chair. Jack just stares at Jill in embarrasment.

"Oh boy...why do I fix her too many of those things?" He softly says to himself with a smile.

Jill leans over Cynthia's shoulder as she turns her attention towards the teenage boy. "What about him...?" Jill whispers into Cynthia's ear.

Cynthia looks over at the boy and blushes. "D-Doesn't he seem a bit young though?" She whispers back. Jill just grins at Cynthia.

"You were always into younger boys..." She whispers back as well.

Jack just sighs as he goes to cleaning his mug. "I would suggest leaving that young man alone..he's on duty..." He says as he shakes his head.

Jill looks at Jack with a confused...and drunk look on her face. "Eh? IsH He a CoP?" She slurs as she bobs back and forth.

"No, he's a D-"

"HEY! YOU A COP!?" Jack was interupted as Jill leans over Cynthia and looks towards the boy, shouting at him like the loud obnoxious drunk woman she was at the moment.

"D-Don't yell at him Jill." Cynthia pleads with Jill as she holds her hands up.

"I am not a cop..." The boy softly responded as he takes yet another sip of his soda.

"See? He ain't no cops, soh hows can he bees on duties?!" She slurs as she looks at Jack. "You a liar Jack, You a liar!" She shouts at the bartender as she shakes her fist at him.

Cynthia looks over towards the boy with an embarrased smile. "I-I am terribly sorry about my friend, she gets too drunk sometimes..." She softly responds as she looks down.

"Don't worry about it..." The boy responds as he takes a sip of his soda.

Cynthia looks over at the boy with a gentle smile, finally feeling a sense of ease at possily striking a conversation with the quiet fellow. "My name is Cynthia, it's nice to meet you." She introduces herself with a simple nod of her head, keeping her beautiful smile on her face as she eagerly awaits for the young boys answer.

The boy tilts his head up as he faces her, with his face still hidden with his hand. "Name's-"

"Say there are looking hot tonight!" The boy was cut off as what appeared to be a thug like person walks in-between them, looking at the girl with a grin.

"I-I beg your pardon?" Cynthia responds with a confused look on her face, her eyes then widen as she looks into his crimson eyes, her eyes shook as she looked into the fire burning in his eyes.

Jill just chuckles as she holds up her drink. "You got yourself a hottie there Cynthia! Let him in your pants!" Jill says with a drunk blushing smirk on her face.

"W-What are you saying!?" Cynthia says in fear as she looks at Jill, then she looks back at the thug like person and holds up her hands. "I am sorry sir, I only came here for a drink." She says as she waves her hands at the thug.

The thug points back at the boy as he chuckles, "Then what are you doing talking to this little brat over here?" He says outloud with a chuckle. Jack walks up as he holds out his hand.

"Easy there fellow, I think the lady just wants to be left alone-" Jack was quickly interupted with a glare from the thug, followed by a quick right hand from the thug he interupted. Jack simply held onto his gut in pain as he fell to the ground from the shocking blow.

"JACK!" Cynthia shouts in fear as she covers her mouth with her hands.

Jill slams her drink down as she glares at the thug, "Who the hell do you think you are!?" She shouts in anger as she goes to get up from her seat, but quickly stops as she notices two other thugs appeared out of nowhere and were standing around her and Cynthia.

As the thugs quickly enter the scene, the people at the bar looked over in fear as they harrassed the girls. A couple of men stood up to try and help, though they were quickly dealt with by a simple glare from one of the thugs. As if the men knew who they were, they slowly left the bar without question. As the men who tried to help left the bar in fear, the rest of the customers quickly followed suit as they left the bar as well. When the bar was empty with the exception of the women, Jack, the thugs, and the mysterious young man, the thug who did the glaring simply went back to hitting on the girls.

"Come on darlin'...we won't bite..." One of the thugs says with a chuckle.

Cynthia looks around as she notices all of the people in the bar looking in horror at the events unfolding. She thinks as she looks at the thug in front of her. She then looks around as she notices the empty bar, scaring her even more. She only let out a soft whimper of fear as she slowly looked back towards the thugs.

The thug holds out his right hand with a smirk. "Come on girl, no need to resist me..." He says with a chuckle, suddenly a hand reached out and grabbed him by the wrist, the thug looks back as he notices the boy holding onto his wrist. "What do you want?!" The thug yells.

"...Who are you calling a brat?" The boy softly responds, right before slamming his hand down while still holding onto the thugs wrist, quickly breaking the arm with ease.

"AHHHH!" The thugs screams in pain as his arm quickly swells up, causing him to stumble back in shock while his buddies rush up to him.

"What's happened man!?" One of them asks in fear. "Oh man, it's definetly broken!" The other thug shrieks as he examines the arm.

Cynthia looks in shock as she looks towards the boy, who was standing up from his seat. As the boy stood, everyone sitting at the tables began to quickly make their way out of the bar.

The thugs group up and glare at the boy. "YOU SON OF A...! Do you know who we are?!" The thug to the left responds as he points at the boy.

The boy places his index finger and thumb of his right hand on the tip of his hat, looking down with a smirk as they yell at him. "Of course I do..." He responds outloud, speaking at a normal and calm tone.

He then tips his hat up, revealing his dark blue eyes, with a strange red shade around both eyes. "You three are lower class demons who take on the form of humans so you can easily stalk your prey and take them by surprise. Your total kill count has reached about 5 families and several social groups. You fled the Northern Lands thinking that you would be safe down here, but my superiors informed me of your location, and I have been tagging this spot waiting for you all to show your little ugly arses to me." The boy says as he stands his ground without fear.

The thugs stand there in shock. "T-The heck are you talking about? Demons? Stalking? What are you rambling on about with that nonsense kid?!" One of them shouts in confused anger at the boy, sweating nervously as he called the three of them out.

The boy slowly removes his cap and keeps it close to his waist as he smirks at the thugs. "It's as I said, you three are demons. A small group that broke off of the main tribe after one of my comrades up North wiped out most of your tribe. You thought it would be safe down here, as I said, and foolishly stuck here too long when you should have high tailed it." The boy responds with a smirk.

The thugs just stand there, until the middle one begins to laugh. "So did your homework?" He responds as he pops his arm back into place.

Cynthia lets out a shriek as she keeps her mouth covered with her hands, staring in fear at the humanly impossible actions the thug partook in.

"G-Girls..." Jack responds as he tugs on the back of their shirts. "G-Get behind the bar..." He says quietly.

The thug in the middle laughs as his skin begins to melt. "I take it you are just a regular Demon Hunter...go figure, the one bar we finally decide to call our usual hang out and we find one of you..." He says with a soft chuckle.

After his face melts a bit, he lets out a roar as the skin completely rips off and flies around the bar, the thug was then revealed to be a sort of burnt skinned cat like demon, grinning at the boy as the other thugs transform into the same thing.

"You should have stayed in your damn acadamy Demon Hunter! We're going to feast on your soul!" He shouts with a roar.

The boy begins to tap his foot with a smile on his face as the other demons taunt him, as he does so, the demons lose their grins and stare at him in confusion. "Y-You are not scared? Are you insane?" The leader shouts in confusion.

"This kind of stuff is my tune..." The boy responds as he continues to tap his foot. "Let's get this jam started, shall we?" He also says as he tosses his hat behind the bar.

"KILL THAT LITTLE IDIOT!" The leader yells as the other two quickly dash out towards him, drawing out their claws as they prepare to slash at him.

Though, as they slash at him, they are quickly repelled as the boy spins in the air, kicking the demon to the left with the bottom of his right foot, then quickly spinning around and kicking the other demon in the face with his left foot. The boy holds out his hand as he spins on the ground, the leader leaps at him and goes in for the kill.

Even before he could do any attack, the boy spins around on the ground and round house kicks the leader away, causing him to crash into a table. The other two demons group up as they look at the boy in surprise.

"Boss! He can see us!" The demon to the left shouts.

The leader stands up with a furious look on his face, though he calms down after a few seconds of looking at their enemy. "Idiots! He only did that because we didn't gang up on him, even a novice can take us on one-on-one. He is just a human, he isn't even that fast. We will overwhelm him!" He shouts as he stands up.

The three demons quickly disappear, racing at the blink of an eye towards the boy. The whole room slows down to the boy as he stands there, calmly looking left and right twice. He then smirks as he clenches his hands into a fist. He quickly swings his left hand out at the air, suddenly hitting one of the demons in the face. He then swings his right hand forward and hits the second demon. He then swings his right foot out to the side as he kicks the leader in the stomach. The three demons go flying off in different directions, smacking up against the wall.

As the leader of the pack lands on the ground, he looks at the boy in confusion. "H-How...?" He softly says as he rubs his mouth.

The boy looks over towards the leader with a smirk. "Not that fast, am I?" He says as he taunts the leader.

"DAMN YOU!" The leader shouts as he leaps out towards the boy, the other demons follow in suit as they leap out at him.

"...This is boring, I'm going to end this now!" The boy shouts as he holds his right fist up to his face, a sudden pentagram appearing on his hand. A magic rune forms on the ground next to him as a sudden sheathed katana shoots out of the rune, spinning in the air as he falls down to the boy, he catches it in his right hand without looking.

He then jumps up as he kicks the demon in front of him in the face, slamming the top of his sheath into the leaders face.

"HAA!" He shouts as he swings his blade forward as it slides out of the sheath, quickly slicing one of the lesser demons in half with ease. Blood splatters everywhere as the demon falls apart.

"Gengi!" One of the lesser demons shouts in fear, though he is quickly silenced as the boy shoots forward and swings the sword horizontally, before the other lesser demon could react, his head was quickly lobbed off. The head does a few flips in the air before falling and rolling towards the leader demon, tapping him on the foot. The headless demons body simply does a few twitches before falling on the ground.

The Leader stands in shock as he watches his team mates get butchered with ease. "Y-You killed them...H-how...?!" He shouts in fear, though he lets out a cry of pain as the boy's katana stabs through the demons stomach and pin him up against the wall.

"GAH!" The demon shouts in pain as he could feel his flesh burning even more, he then looks down at the blade as he notices a lightning symbol on the blade close to the hilt.

His eyes widen as he sees the symbol on the hilt of the blade, remembering all of the stories he had heard from other demons like him.

"T-The...Blade of...Chaos...!?" The demon utters in complete fear. The boy looks up with the same smirk on his face.

"You must have done your homework as well Mr. Demon..." He says as he pulls out his blade, causing the demon to fall to his knees. The demon looks up at the boy as his crimson red eyes, which could strike fear into any normal humans heart, trembling in fear as the saw the young man who struck fear into his very own heart.

"Y-You are..." The demon utters, before the boy made a clean sweep, cutting off the demons head with ease with his blade.

As the demons head rolls on the floor, it suddenly turns to ashes, the other demon corpses turn to ashes much like their leader.

The two girls peak their heads out as they notice the blood around the whole room.

"Whooaaa...w-what the hell happend?!" Jill shouts in fear she looks around.

Cynthia stares in shock at the boy holding the katana. T-That boy just killed those monsters... Cynthia thinks to herself as she looks at the boy. W-Who is he...?

"That boy..." Jack softly says as he stands up. "Tonight was suppose to be a good night. Why did those idiots have to come in and ruin it..." He says once more as he rubs the back of his head.

The boy looks back as he just gives a calm, polite smile towards Jack. "I'm sorry about what happened to your bar, sir." He says as he swipes his katana at the air, getting rid of the blood before he sheathes his katana.

"Nah, no need. You pretty much saved our necks, I can't repay you enough." Jack says as he pats his clothes.

The boy places his hands in his pockets as he walks out of the bar, with his sheathed katana strapped to his back. "Regardless, I'll have the officals pay for the repairs..." The boy says as he walks off towards the exit.

Cynthia looks down as she notices the hat the boy was wearing, she quickly picks it up. "W-Wait! Your hat!" She holds it up.

The boy stops in place as he stands at the exit. "...Keep it...I'm not the type to wear hats..." The boy responds.

Cynthia looks down at the hat. "T-Then at least...please tell me your name, you never did tell me, and I would like to at least know the name of the man who saved me?" She begs him as she looks back up at him.

The boy glances back with a smile on his face. "...Zero...Zero Hoji..." The boy answers, right before exiting the bar.

Cynthia holds tightly onto the hat as she smiles. I will repay you someday...Zero Hoji... She blushes as she looks down at the ground. I hope we meet again... She thinks once more as Jill stands up in confusion.

Jack looked over towards the girls with a smile. "He isn't that bad a fighter for just a high school student now is he?" He says with a chuckle.

Cynthia looks on in horror as she hears those words. "H-...High school...student...?" She says in horror as she realized that kinds of thoughts she had in mind without knowing who the boy really was.

Jill raises an eyebrow with a smirk. "You are such a pedo..." She jokes.

Cynthia just lowers her head in shame. "Shut up..." Was all Cynthia could utter...