"Zeerrroooo! You promised me!" The sound of a teenage girls voice could be heard in what appeared to be a business office looking room.

A girl with a pouting look on her face could be seen standing in front of a desk with the demon hunter, Zero Hoji, sitting behind the desk, looking at her in shock. The girl just folded her arms as her brown ponytailed hair bounced from the left to right due to her tapping her foot.

What the girl wore was nothing out of the ordinary, but the casual clothes she wore suggested her family had a bit more cash then everyone else as her long sleeve shirt looked like it was knitted perfectly with fine quality cloth. She wore regular non faded blue jeans and stood firmly with her high class shoes that you would most likely find at a Foot Locker or High Priced Store.

The girl just pushed her glasses back as Zero continued to look at her in shock.

"P-Promise...?" He muttered quietly as he was trying to figure out what she was saying.

The girl let out a shriek as she released her hands from behind folded, immediatly slamming them on the desk.

"YOU PROMISED ME YOU WOULD DO YOUR HOMEWORK!" She yells as her glare was sharper.

Zero just scratches the side of his head, following it with a shrug as if he didn't even give a damn.

"Sorry Anita..." He says as he props his feet up and rests them on his desk, causing the girl to get even more enrage at the very words he chose to let come out of his mouth.

"YOU ONLY HAVE THAT TO SAY!? Do you realize that you are FAILING YOUR CLASSES?!" She yells in anger, much like a strict mother who only wanted the best for their children.

Zero just shrugged once more, as if he didn't care about what she had to say.

"I am only failing one class Anita...and the class I was failing was a demon disguising himself as a teacher in an attempt to try and make me look like a joke." Zero fires back at Anita's accusation, leaning back and forth on his chair as Anita just lowers her head in defeat.

"You are impossible..." Was all she could muster at the counter attack from Zero.

Outside the building, the sign was lit up: UNITED HUNTERS HQ. The building was the home to Zero, along with a central base of operations for the demon hunters of the area, which, mostly comprised of him and a few others.

The building looked to be built ages ago, as cracks could be seen all around the building on the outside. Even as the sign lit up, it would blink a couple of times, and some of the times, it would only show half of the signs letterings.

The building looked like one that nobody would really visit ever, except for a small black car that pulled up with what appeared to be a butler driving a young girl through the now pooring rain.

"Are you sure about this place Winslow?" The little girl in the back asked as she looked at the place in disgust, looking upon it as a normal, boring, gray building with only a few lights to make it look almost decent.

The girl wore a long black dress and make-up, much to how little girls her age shouldn't dress. The butler looked back with a smile as he chuckled.

"I am sure of this place Madam...this is the very place I was told to take you." The butler says as he reaches down and grabs his umbrella, pulling it out as he exits the car.

The girl looked down in aggrivation and disgust as she heard what her butler said.

"Such a dump..." She softly says to herself as she look down.

The butler simply opened the door for the little girl, and without looking or giving acknowledgement to her servent, she exited the car and followed under his umbrella as they made their way into the building.

"AND FURTHER MORE-" Anita was quickly silenced as the door open and the bell chimed, the two of them simply looked back towards the entrance of the building as they saw a butler and little girl in a black dress with make up on.

She only stared in confusion, raising an eyebrow as she watches the butler make his way to Zero's desk. "Excuse me wouldn't happen to be Zero Hoji now, would you?" The Butler asks as he takes off his hat.

Zero just closed his eyes as he continued to lean back in his chair. "I'm off whatever business you have, make sure to phone it in to my superiors, and have them take a message so that they will handle whatever small problems you may ha-"

"I was told by your superiors to come to you sir." The butler interupted Zero in the middle of his ramble, causing Zero to open one eye and glance at the butler, seeing the polite smile from the man standing before his desk, which of course peeked his curiousity.

"...Alright..." Zero says as he takes his feet off of his desk, planting them on the ground as he sat up straight on his seat. "Take a seat." He says as he holds out a hand to the chair Anita was standing next to, Anita simply walks over to Zero's side as the butler takes his seat.

"Thank you sir...I apprieciate your kind jester." The butler responds with his usual polite smile.

"Well, depending on what you tell me at that point, this supposed 'kind jester' of mine might be short lived...why are you here?" He asks as he holds up a hand, giving out a body languge type of jester.

"I see...well, we have a small little problem that I would like for you to help handle." He asks as he sets his hat down on his lap, bushing the top of it off as he looks back at up at Zero.

"You see, several demons have been attacking my Masters establishments, he is of course the owner of the renowned Swords and Guns." The butler answers part of Zero's question in a swave type of manner.

Zero just raised an eyebrow as the butler spoke, "...I've heard of that place, it's basically the back bone of the United Hunters." Zero says outloud, causing Anita to look at the both of them in shock.

"The backbone...?" Anita utters under her breath, soft and quiet enough so that the other two could not hear her as they conversed with each other.

"Precisely, and this over here, would happen to be his dauther." The butler says as he holds out his hand towards the little girl. She walks up to the desk and gives Zero a glare.

"...The names Claudia Kristil Chambermon..." She says in a sophisticated tone as she looks around at the room. "...and this place is a dump." The little girl finishes as she glances back at Zero, with the same unimpressed glare on her face.

"...She's quite the polite lady." Zero says as he raises an eyebrow at the kid. Claudia turns to Zero with the aggrivation growing on her face.

"This place is a mess, you got paper everywhere, and that bedroom looks like a tornado came through and wrecked everything." She adds as she continues to insult Zero.

The butler holds out his hand to the little girl. "Young Mistress...please be polite to the young man, he will be the one who escorts you-"

"Who said I was escorting the little winch?" Zero snapped as he interupted the butler, causing the servent of Claudia to have his eyes shoot wide open in shock.

Claudia slams his foot down on the ground in anger, "Excuse me...what did you just call me?!" She shouts at Zero. Anita looks over towards Zero as she covers her face with the palm of her hands. Zero... She thought to herself, though she fought back the urge to smirk.

Zero pointed at the girl with his own glare, "You expect me to watch over this brat? I don't babysit...besides, I think the Father can do with this brat getting her little ass whipped. I'd rather take on a group of Assassins then babysit this little shit." He says as he props his legs back up on his desk.

"Zero...!" Anita says outloud as she glares at Zero.

"I could care less, you get someone else to do it...or just let her get kidnapped, I don't give a damn." Zero continues rambling on as he lets his hands wrap behind his back as he rests.

The butler just sighs as he retracts his smile on his face.

"I...was told you might say something like this..." The butler responds without much surprise, he then pulls out a few pieces of paper from inside his jacket and lets it drop on his desk.

"I was also told to give this to you if you refused the offer." He says politely as he eyes Zero, Zero remains still as Anita reaches out to grab the piece of paper. She closely examines the writing as her eyes widen in shock.

"...We, the United Hunters, have declared this job a S rank mission and shall be carried out by a S rank Hunter, the job is of the up most importance to the United Hunter way of living. If the hunter rejects this job by any means, we will be forced to terminate him and disregard any knowledge of his actions. We will consider him a renegade and have him charged with Failure to Protect Human Life." Anita reads the paper as clear as day, causing Zero's eyes to shoot open.

"...LET ME SEE THAT!" He shouts as he rips the paper right out of Anita's hand, reading every line that she had read.

"..." Zero had a look on his face as if he had been shot in the foot. He looked up at the butler, who was carrying his usual polite smile.

It was a bit later after much resentment towards the butler, but he made his way out of the building with his umbrella over his head, looking back at Zero and bowing.

"Please take good care of the mistress..." The butler says as he gives one last bow, retreating into his car and slowly taking off from the drive way.

Zero squints his eyes in anger as he watches the butler drive off. "Damn those higher-ups..." He says as he enters the building, Anita sets a fresh cup of tea on Zero's desk, giving it to Claduia who was now sitting down on his chair.

Zero glanced over as he noticed the kid sitting in his own chair, something he didn't take too kindly. "...Don't get comfortable, because we are about to brat." The last part he mumbled as he walked into his room, getting ready to go out for the evening.

"I will be glad to leave soon then, because I cannot bother looking at this run down dump of a business building any longer." Claduia counters with a smirk as she takes a sip of her tea, nodding in compliment of Anita, who just silently nods back.

Zero pops out of his room with his sheathed katana strapped to his back along with a utility belt of other stuff he might need along the way wrapped around his waist.

"Alright, prop your ass out of my comfort zone and chug your tea, we're leaving." Zero softly growls in anger as he glares towards the kid.

Claduia pushes down on the chair she sat on, causing the chair to slide back to give her enough room to stand. She takes on final sip of her tea before setting it down.

"I don't see how you are able to withstand such a knuckle-dragging barbarian such as this one..." Claduia says with a sigh as she looks towards Anita.

Anita just waves her hand at the air, "He is not like this all the time, I assure you..." She softly says with a nervous smile, trying to defend her high school friend.

Zero walks over towards the door and glances back at Anita. "Make sure you lock up the place before you go home." He calls out to her, expecting her to go straight home.

Which, caught him by surprise as Anita stood up and folded her arms at her chest.

"No way! I am coming with you!" Anita says outloud to her friend as she shoots him a glare of her own.

Zero raises an eyebrow in confusion as he tried to see what she would gain from coming with the two of them.

"You don't really have a reason to come with us." He points out to her, which only made her glare become much colder than it was.

"How am I suppose to know that you will actually do this job!? You might just dump her off on the side of the road after getting fed up with her!" She answers very loudly as she swings her hand at the air, placing her hands on her hips afterwards.

"...You really want to come?" He asks once again as he closes his eyes.

"Of course." Anita answered once more, causing Zero to merely answer by tossing his keys at Anita, who manages to catch them despite the fact that the toss caught her off guard. She looks up at Zero, who merely smirks back at her.

"Then you drive..." He says as he opens the door leading out of the office.

Anita lets out a moan of anger as she stomps towards the exit. "Why do I have to drive you everywhere?" Anita questions in anger as Claduia follows her.

"Then stop coming with me on my jobs." He replies as he shuts the door behind him as the two ladies leave the office.

It cuts to outside the office as it shows a strange man in the shadows, overlooking the three entering Zero's car.

As the car starts up, the strange man pulls out a cell phone and dials a few numbers. He holds the phone up to his ear as the other line rings.

The sound of clicking is heard as the car pulls out of the drive way of the building, taking off down the road.

"This is Ocean Red, target has left the current location. Tracking it down as we speak." The man says into the phone before shutting it off, blending into the shadows after making the call.