Hiyas! This is the first play I wrote. I wrote this for people to get bored, get ready! Any suggestions or comments to add to the play, please anyway enjoy and review. The story is totally mine but there are traces of mixed media. Love, CorycianAngel1944

Episode 1: Enter the Female Knight

Scene 1: Eri's cottage on the Peasant District in Zethus Kingdom. Façade of Eri's cottage. Roof made of straw and wood. Wooden door on middle and two windows on each side with clusters of lilies and blue roses.

Narrator: Once upon a time in the rich kingdom named Zethus. It is a bright sunny day throughout the three districts. Here now in a nice, simple cottage in the Peasant District, there is a little girl...

Girl: Hey! Who you're calling me little? I'm 18 years old! (shouted from inside the cottage, breaking the 4th wall)

Narrator: Oh, by the way, this is our hero-ine, Eri Alissatain. She is a girl who lives alone in a little cottage in the Peasant District. Her younger brother was married and moved someplace else with their parents. Now, Eri has just finished her breakfast and went off to do her chores.

Narrator: And ooh! By the way, she's desperate about having adventures and to be the first female knight in the history of histories.

Inside Eri's cottage. Table and chairs on left side near fireplace that hangs a small cauldron, bed and bookshelf near right window (from outside view), sink near the back door and bathroom near the sink.

Narrator: Washing the dishes!

(Eri washes the dishes in a small wooden basin filled with water and soap and dries them with a dry rag while sighing)

Eri: (whispers to herself) Man, I wish that I have an adventure, it gets boring in here...

Narrator: Taking a bath inside the bathroom... (Eri interupts)

Eri (shouted from the closed-door bathroom, breaking the 4th wall with noises of water): Hey, no entry! Sheesh, such a pervert...(she whispers to herself)

Narrator: I'm sorry.

Narrator: Taking eggs from the chickens!

Back of Eri's cottage, chicken coop.

Eri: Shush! I need to take them to sell 'em. (she whispers to the narrator, breaking the 4th wall)

Narrator: And now with all of her chores done and in her normal clothes, Eri went outside with a basket of eggs to sell them to the market. (Eri walks outside the cottage and shut the door) (Exterior of Eri's cottage.)

Scene 2: Peasant District Market. View focused on Eri near a vegetable stall in the middle of other stalls, standing with a basketful of eggs on her hand.

Narrator: And now in the Peasant District Market, Eri is selling the eggs in the market on about 9 in the morning...

Eri: Eggs! Fresh chicken eggs! Just taken earlier in the morning, good for breakfast!

Narrator: The people ignored her cause she is boring.

Eri (interrupts, breaks the 4th wall): Will you just shut up?! (Looks around)

Eri: Phew! Glad that noboby hears me, huh? (Looks farther) What is that?

Narrator: What she was looking at is a frying pan hanging from a tree branch above the district stage. The district stage is currently used now because the Prince of Zethus is about to make an announcement to prepare for the Zethus Independence Day. All the peasants, including our hero, went to the stage grounds for the speech. The herald now announces the arrival of the prince.

Peasant District Stage, near the market stalls. Stage made of wood and free space in front for the audience and characters. A tree next to the stage with a hanging frying pan tied with a rope.

Herald: Hear ye! Hear ye! (he pounds his staff flamboyantly) I'm the Herald of Zethus, Abduuul...Marchello! (Moves his hands upward and is expecting the audience to clap)

Narrator: There is an awkward silence between the audience... (Audience gave irritated looks) They wanted to hear the speech and the girls wanted to see the handsome prince.

Girls (except Eri): We need to see him! We love him!

Eri (looking at the pan while walking to the stage without anybody noticing): I wonder why...

Abdul: Yeah yeah yeah, big deal. Anyway, to announce for the Independence Day preperations, I give you...(speaks in a dull voice and gestured lamely at the approaching prince just inside the carriage) Prince Iorwerth of Zethus. Yaay. (steps off the stage)

Narrator: The carriage stopped at the side of the stage. The door is starting to jiggle...while some servants rolled up a long red carpet from the carriage to the stage. Since the carriage door is stuck and takes too long to try to open the door without success, the audience is now outraged by the slowness.

Landon: Speeches are always boring. (shouts) Come on, I really have to pick up my little sister from school!

Narrator: That is Landon Concordia. He's a kickball player, a game in which he kicks a ball made out of inflated pigskin. Back in the story, Eri climbed up to the stage and tries to pull up the frying pan hanging on a tree by a rope without anyone noticing her. She's acting like a child.

Eri (while trying to grab the pan): Ehhh...I can't reach it! Shocks! (Finally grabs the pan) Ah ha!

Narrator: She doesn't know is that she stepped on a knotted rope under her foot. Unfortunately, the rope pulled her foot and Eri flipped herself upside down, exposing her white drawers. And somehow, one of the Twin Jesters, Dunk Cirque, went near to her in confusion of her state and asked her in a loud voice.

Dunk: (shouts without knowing) Uhhh…Eri, how did you tie your foot into a knot and went upside down?

Eri: (sighs and flays her arms) Sooo embarrassing.

Narrator: As soon as everyone hears the commotion between Eri and Dunk, they looked at them. Their attention soon focuses on Eri, tied up on the tree with a flushed face on her, and the population starts to laugh at the sight. (Audience laughs and insults are thrown upon her) The people are so focused on Eri that they didn't see the prince already walking through the red carpet.

Iorwerth: (looking at the audience) Huh? What is happening here? (Looks at Eri's current position) Oh, uh, hahaha! (keeps laughing and laughing)

Eri: (crosses her arms) Oh boy… Oh, will somebody cut the rope off?! (hears rustling from the tree)

Narrator: There was grunting and snickering from the one who's in the tree. Eri sees a leg from the tree and pulls it down, revealing a Galenthean knight with the orange armor.

Orange Knight: (not knowing anything around him; snickers) Heeheehee! That blasted girl really has some nice underwear. (pounces his knee in frustration) Urgh! It was supposed to be for Prince Iowerth! (Shouted in the last sentence and became aware in his surroundings) Oh-oh…

Eri: (just released from the rope and starts to smash his head repeatedly with her fist in anger) Idiot! By the Elders, you're a mean, selfish jerk! Why I'm I here in the middle of shame? And don't you know that the Prince must never be pranked? You'll be executed or hanged.

Abdul: Wait a minute. (Audience looks at him) In the Zethurian law, if a person saves the Prince from a prank will be a hero! (Approaches Eri) By the way, what's your name? (puts the tip of his staff on Eri like a microphone)

Eri: Hi, I'm Eri…Eri Aretheine Alissatain.

Landon: Three cheers for Eri! Hip hip hooray! (repeats while Audience joins him and surrounds Eri)

Scene 3: Peasant District Stage. Same features with banners and streamers.

Narrator: A few days later after the incident. All the people from the Kingdom of Zethus celebrated Eri for saving the prince Iowerth from a prank made by Sir Jericho Bungellowe Vindictine, the Orange Knight from the Galentheo guild, one of the five official guilds of Zethus. In the stage, Eri genuflects in front of King Kaizerius and Queen Della, Prince Iowerth's parents to be the first female and peasant knighted in the country of Tertereas.

King Kaizerius: (holding out a sword and gently taps the blade on Eri's shoulders) Eri Aretheine Alissatain, is it your wish to become a knight, the first female knight?

Eri: Yes, Your Majesty (keeping her head down)

King Kaizerius: (thought) I can't believe that girl is an idiot. She could had chosen my son's hand or gold. (clears his throat) Ahem. Arise Sir…

Queen Della: (slaps King Kaizerius' back and whispers to him) She's a girl, hello, Miss would be more appropriate for her.

King Kaizerius: Okay then, arise, Miss Eri!

Narrator: Then our heroine stood up and bow before the audience. Her path of being a female knight is just the beginning. (Audience and Queen Della left) When the knighting ceremony is done, Eri was asked by the king.

King Kaizerius: Now, you are officially a knight, every knight has to choose his…or her guild. There are five guilds in the whole Kingdom of Zethus, in which every knight should now this. (Turned to the servants) Servants! Bring out the guild crests!

(5 servants rushed in then went back to stage with 5 small chests. Foremost left servant opens his chest that contains a crest with a golden crown and saber with diamonds)

King Kaizerius: The foremost left is the Nichtwenstein, my son's current guild and the highest ranking guild of all, but you won't go in there since it's only reserved for princes and high-ranking officials. (Closes the opened chest while servant second to the left opens his chest that contains a platinum scepter and jousting lance)

Eri: (crossed her arms and averted her eyes sideways) So I guess this was the Platinilance Guild isn't it? The guild for all jousters and I'm not supposed to go there?

King Kaizerius: Correct. The third guild symbolized by a marble book and lance was the Libritos, full of philosophers. Well you have two guilds that you can choose the Zethus branch of the Nexus Proclaimus or the Galentheo Guild.

Eri: (Her right hand lands on her chin as if she's thinking) I think I should go to the Galentheo Guild. Er…(darted her eyes to the left) You don't suppose that the Orange Knight is to be executed, am I right? May I suggest that you should just give him a less severe punishment? I'm not supposed to be involved but I hate executions.

King Kaizerius: Don't worry about it, Sir Vindictine is always the prankster around the Galentheo Guild. Anyway, the leader took responsible for it and apologizes for your involvement, the guild will provide his punishment.

Eri: (smiles) Oh (nods), and thank you. (walks away) (whispers to herself) It's gonna be a wonderful day tomorrow, I hope.

(End Episode)

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