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Overall disclaimer: The story and the characters are mine, but many of them might give an allusion or a parody.

Episode 2: Guilds and Knights

(Scene 1: Knightvale Street in the Peasant District. Background: Middle is Galentheo Pub, HQ of the Galentheo Guild. Sides: Cottages and some shops, brick-paved roads and surroundings are clean) (Eri is walking on the street to the Galentheo Pub)

Narrator: After what happened three days ago in a Tuesday of August 23 when Eri became a hero…ine by saving the handsome (in Eri's mind, don't tell her or she'll go berserk and start destroying things) prince she met for the first time, Prince Iowerth! And now she's entering for the first time to start her guild's initiation rite as a knight. Since she's the first female knight in the Galentheo Guild and Zethus, so she doesn't have a uniform and she's wearing her usual peasant-style dress. (Eri enters the pub)

(Scene 2: Inside Galentheo Pub) (Two-storey building, stairs on the right side, wooden round tables and chairs occupied by dirty knights just arrived from their tasks, barmaids serving golden apple cider around and bartender stands in the bar) (Characters: Eri, Paul, Edu, Soren, Corono, Abassid, barmaids and several knights)

(Eri is at the door like she's just arrived)

Narrator: And now, our heroine has entered the headquarters of the Galentheo Guild and she is terribly shocked of what she'd seen.

Eri: (with a shocked face) My my, this is so dirty! Somebody should clean this up.

(A drunk and dirty knight approaches in front of her. He was wearing golden armor dirtied by mud, dirt, and dragon ashes)

Drunk Knight: Heeeeeyy! (stumbles holding a mug of Galentirinth ale) Yooou're the one who'll eeen…ter…tain me?

Eri: (confused) Eh, no, I'm the new knight. (Spoke in a loud voice)

(Everyone is now staring at her)

Narrator: Now everyone is staring at her in shock and horror. Every knight is murmuring and the barmaids approached Eri.

Barmaids: Are you Eri, the one who saved the prince?

Eri: (scratches her head) Uh…I am.

Barmaids: We love you!

Eri: Ew! Gross! What the heck are you thinking?

Barmaid: (walked in front of Eri) We mean that thank you for saving our prince! Hey, I'm Maredessa Chitture, you can call me Mare.

Second Barmaid: Hi, my name is Nikita (shakes Eri's hand), and this is my sister Melusia. (points to another barmaid on the left)

Melusia: Hi, we're the Maeiposas, the sexiest barmaids, so don't think that you can flirt with those men. (Waves a finger and moves her shoulders sideways)

Eri: Don't worry (smiles); I don't flirt to find my true love. (scratches her head again)

Melusia: And the drunk guy that you've just met (Points her thumb on the drunk knight); that's Lord Abbasid Zol, the leader of this guild.

Abbasid: Hey, pretty girl! Sup? (hiccups, still drunk)

Eri: But sir, I'm the new knight, Eri! I already told you those, minutes ago! (exaggeratedly opens her arms)

Abbasid: (now sober) Oh, then…(stretches out his hand and Eri shakes it) Welcome aboard Eri Alissatain!

Eri: Thanks. (smiles gently) Sooo, what are we supposed to do during the initiation?

Abbasid: Since you're…our first girl knight…sleep with me!

Eri: Ewwww, no! (dodges him) Seriously?!

Abbasid: Haha! Nah, usually we introduce ourselves and a test of proof.

Eri: What test of proof?

Abbasid: You have to drink 10 mugs of apple cider while singing "Pop Goes the Weasel". If you can do that, you will be an official knight. You can choose your crest even though you're still a peasant.

Eri: Fine, I'll do it! Give me a mug of apple cider.

Narrator: Now our heroine has taken up to the challenge. (Eri is drinking her third ginormous mug of apple cider while singing "Pop Goes the Weasel") Since she loves drinking water, she's used to drinking a whole lot of it.

5 minutes later…

(Scene 3: Lobby in the Galentheo Pub.) (Bartender's corner, Eri sitting in one of the chairs.) (Appeared characters: Eri, Abbasid, Corono, Soren, Paul, Edu, Knights, and Barmaids)

Eri: (her stomach full and went dizzy) I can't take it! (pauses) But I have to…I want to become a knight! (thinks while chugging another mug of cider and singing)

Narrator: Eri is now drinking her 7th mug and she's now determined than ever to be a real knight. She's quickly catching attention, now that all of the people are looking at her in awe.

Red Knight: Cool (looks at his two friends), this girl's got game.

Green Knight: I agree for you this time, Soren.

Soren: How about you Edu?

Yellow Knight: Aye. (going beserk) She is the one!

Knights,Barmaids, and Bartender: Eri! Eri! (cheers)

Narrator: And Eri, while trying to gulp down her last mug, she immediately jumps out of her chair and asks the bartender.

Eri: (controlling her urge to pee) Um, excuse me sir…(squirms) can I go the CR?

(Knights & Barmaids laugh very loudly)

Bartender: To your right by the end of the door. (Eri leaves) Oh, the name's Corono by the way!

Eri: (while rushing) Thanks!

Narrator: Now that Eri's in the toilet room, she lost the contest.

After Eri in the toilet room…

(Scene 4: Still at the lobby of the Galentheo Pub) (Appeared characters: Eri, Abbasid, Soren, Paul, Edu)

(All appeared characters standing, the rest from Scene 3 leaves)

Abbasid: You lost the drinking challenge, which means…you lose!

Eri: (shakes her head) Oh no, don't tell me. (poofs into chibi form) I'm not gonna be a knight? (worries, then kneels in front of Abbasid) I'm sorry, sir! (cries) All I really wanted to be is to become a knight and set forth all those adventures!

(Rest of the characters look at each other and starts to laugh)

Abbasid: Ahahahaha! You really think that this is a test of proof? Haha!

Eri: (looks up at him and brushes off her tears, transforms back to normal) What do you mean by that? (being calm…as possible)

Abbasid: Eri…well, Miss Eri. You already have the guts to do that even though it's too much, for a girl. Please kneel down in front of me on one knee.

(Eri obeys him and did exactly as he said)

Abbasid: I officially dub you, Miss Eri, The Female Aqua Knight of the Voxkyo Section. (draws out his golden machete, Al-din, and knighted her)

Edu: Hello, Miss Eri, I am Edu Taichi Gunseed. Call me Edu. (approaches her and shakes her hand in a happy serious way)

Soren: I'm Soren Naikoren, I'm a former resident of Isalon. Welcome to the team. (shakes her hand)

Paul: Hi…(waves her hand) I'm Paul. (shakes her hand) Paul Fagurst Koratello (slowly pronouncing his own name)

Eri: (nods) So…you guys are also in the Voxkyo section?

Paul, Edu, and Soren: Yes.

Eri: Great! But…I don't have a uniform.

Soren: And you don't have a crest.

Eri: I'm a peasant! How can I have my own crest? (exaggerated)

Paul: Simple, you tell us the symbols you wanted, and your crest will be granted. I warn you though, your crest shouldn't be identical; and plus you'll wear two crests, yours and the Voxkyo's. Most importantly, you're a knight, so one of your symbols should have a weapon there.

Soren: And if you're talking about uniforms, the Noble District tailor makes it. But he wouldn't accept peasants, so the Voxkyo section will ask someone else.

Eri: Um…(blushing in embarrassment) can I at least design my own uniform?

Paul: Sure, why not? You're the only girl who joined here and the barmaids might design something ugly.

Eri: I already did. (takes pieces of paper from her apron pocket and shows them to the guys)

Abbasid: (looks at them) Ooh! (picks a drawing) What about this one? It would really show up your skin like that!

Eri: (tensed but remain calm) What about this one? My coat would have long sleeves, but my skirt will be short to my half-thighs so I can fight.

Edu: I'm no fashion expert but I agree with her.

Abbasid: And I can compliment her legs all day!

(Eri and Abbasid in chibi form and Eri, already tensed, hits him with a large stick)

Eri: Seriously. (became calm again) Oh, and Abbasid…well, lord Abbasid, my crest will have light blue and metallic silver colors. My symbols would be a short sword and a daffodil.

Abbasid: Then we're settled now! But you'll have to wait for a quest to come and this guild barely has one.

Eri: Why?

Edu: 'Cause this here's the lowest-ranking guild in Tertereas and possibly the whole world of Mythlore Terra.

Eri: So…since there aren't any quests, can I go visit my family? I'll be staying in their place for three days, is that okay?

Abbasid: Sure. (nods)

Narrator: And so, our heroine will go visit her family in the next episode. She'll be okay, now that she's settled into the guild. So then, goodbye.

Eri: (in chibi form) Oh, yeah. What will be Sir Jericho's punishment?

Soren: (also in chibi form) Don't ask.

(Screams are heard, and scene shown in Sir Jericho, being tickled by the tails of yellow ostriches.)

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