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Episode 3: Eri's Visit and Flashbacks

(Scene 1: Front of Eri's cottage) (Eri standing in middle with her baggage) (Appeared characters: Eri, Soren, Paul, Edu)

Narrator: After the incident yesterday, Eri is prepared to leave this morning to the town port. She's gonna visit her family in Eledhill Island, a small country far away from the kingdom of Zethus. She'll be staying there for three days, and a perfect time too, since the Galentheo Guild are rarely hired by anyone, and don't ask why.

(Paul, Edu, Soren appear)

Edu: So, Eri, you ready?

Eri: Yep. And one more thing, don't go partying at my house while I'm gone!

Paul: Yes, mother.

Eri: Anyways, just take care of the house, put out the fire at 9 when the church bell rings, and watch out for the panty thief.

Soren: Panty thief?

Eri: Yeah, the thief had been setting panty raids now and then since I became a knight. So that's why, I locked my panty drawer in the closet. (smiles sweetly while showing picture of a locked drawer)

(Paul, Edu & Soren swelling with thoughts of panties and their cheeks are flushed)

Eri: Anyways, I have to catch the ferry. (walks out) Bye! (waves her right hand)

(Scene 2: Eledhill Port) (Small space, 2 small ships are docked, people are busy minding their own business, seagulls are flying across the sky) (Appeared characters: Eri, Mason, Sailors, Passengers & Merchants)

(Scene of ship shows) Narrator: Now Eri is setting off to Eledhill Island, like the name, a small and peaceful island, where her family lived.

(Scene of Eledhill Port shows up) (Eri went out of the ship)

Narrator: She's out of the ship and she's out in Eledhill Island to search for her brother, Mason.

Eri: (looking around) Mason? Mason? Where are you? (thought) Gah! I've gotta keep calm and find Mason!

Narrator: And then, she accidentally bumped into other people, and keeps on saying 'sorry'. As she gets out of the island port, she saw a familiar man who's taller than her.

Eri: (surprised) Mason!

Mason: Eri, it's good to see you. (frowns) And you're still the same Eri I've known for my entire life.

Eri: Oh please, don't start with it again. (palms her head)

Mason: Oh yeah, I forgot to tell you something...

Eri: (tries to remember) Oh, now that you mention it, I also have something to tell you. I'll go first. I-

Mason: Eri, I'm a knight.

(Eri is pi**** off)

Eri: Whaaat?! You're also a knight? Since when?! (shocked)

Mason: I'll tell you while we're going home.

Eri: Okay, okay. (picks up some of her luggage) (Mason helps her)

(Scene 3: Long road around Eledhill) (Mason and Eri are walking) (Appeared characters: Eri & Mason)

Narrator: Now that Eri found her brother, they went along the main road of Eledhill to go to their parents' home. But for now, Mason is telling his sister the story on how he became a knight.

Mason: Eri, do you remember how I married Ulla?

Eri: Umm… (trying to remember something)

Narrator: She has forgotten it.

Eri: Sorry, it has been a long time.

Mason: Fine! Fine! I'll tell you why I did marry her, besides the true love stuff. You're annoying.

Eri: And you're still my mischievous little brother. (Puts her hands on her back while grinning)

Mason: Okay, here's my story…

(Scene 4: Mason's Blacksmithing Shop in Eledhill Town) (Shop is full of weapons, shields, armor, and equipment) (Mason is forging a sword) (Appeared characters: Mason & Knight)

Mason: I was working of course, when a customer went inside my shop and browsed my weapons. (enter Mysterious Customer, cloaked and face not shown)

Mysterious Customer: (looking at a lance) Hello, how much does this lance cost?

Mason: (looks at him) That'll be 7000 gold coins.

Mysterious Customer: Oh…(looked at the sword Mason was making) What kind of sword is that?

Mason: This one…would be not for sale. I've been waiting for years to perfect this one, my very own Buster Sword.

Mysterious Customer: So, are you looking for a journey?

Mason: Oh, and why would I reveal it to you?

Mysterious Customer: Well, I guess I have to reveal myself now. (takes off his cloak revealing Knight)

Knight: I'm a knight from a distant kingdom, and I was hoping that a Hero would come and save a princess-

Mason: (sighs) From a dragon, yes, it is THAT obvious.

Knight: The problem is…saving the princess can't be taken lightly. The dragon worships her as some goddess.

Mason: Goddess?

Knight: Well…um…uh…h-he thought that she is the goddess he was looking for.

Mason: What goddess?

Knight: Our kingdom worships beauty. The people call our goddess in that as "Neverina", but of course, that's nothing but a myth. I don't think that the dragon is that smart to know that.

Mason: Soooo…I don't care.

Knight: Let's just put up a wager, shall we? You will save the princess, and I can take care of the shop. Deal?

Mason: No. I can't leave this shop, it's my duty of the family to run this one.

Knight: But don't you have any brothers?

Mason: I only have a sister, idiot. And second, I don't think you're capable at this.

Knight: And that's where you're wrong. I really wanted to be a blacksmith and create magical weapons, so I usually do those secretly.

Mason: And why would you dream like that? A rich man like you wouldn't dream that way, well of course, I dream everyday of being a knight.

Knight: Don't you see blacksmith?!

Mason: It's Mason, Mason Gurthang Alissotainus.

Knight: Look, I wanted to be a blacksmith, you want to be a knight. Can't we just live out our dreams for once in a while? Look, I can't fight a dragon, nor be willing to do it. You know, I think you should do it. (changes the subject) You're making a sword, right? Well I can enchant them to make it stronger than usual. We'll make this together and after that, you'll promise me that you'll save the princess. Fair enough? (extends his hand)

Mason: (deep in thought for a few seconds) Okay, you got a deal. (shakes Knight's hand) But please, enough with your monologues.

Knight: Yes! Thank you!

(Scene 5: Mason's Workplace under the Alissotainus Residence) (Two simple lanterns bright enough to light the whole area. Weapons, armor, and shields scattered in one corner. A machine called a Kompyutah with a prryntah sitting on a table on another. There's a furnace in the wall and in the middle of the room is a worktable with tools on the top & an anvil for forging) (Appeared characters: Mason & Knight)

(Mason sits on a chair and works on his computer. Monitor is shown as a website called (not a real site). He's customizing a longsword and prryntad it. After that, the sword appeared as an 8-bit version of it.)

Mason: (glancing at Knight) Let's do this.

(Mason forges the sword while Knight is enchanting gems)

(Scene 6: Entry point of Kriev Forest.) (Knight in blacksmithing clothes and Mason in hunting clothes. Mason carries a sack of supplies and the longsword) (They face each other) (Appeared characters: Mason, Knight, Old Man, Shoulder Angel Mason & Shoulder Devil Mason)

Mason: Are you sure about this? (showing him the longsword they called "The Knightsmith")

Knight: Good luck, my friend.

Mason: Thank you. I hope.

(Mason enters the forest as Knight walked back)

Mason (narrating): While I went through the forest, I was being tested, in order for me to find the dragon and the missing princess.

Eri (background voice): So the knight is scared, that's why you go on in his place, am I right?

Mason (also in background voice): Then why would he seek and help me if he wasn't? (Eri felt a longsword stabbed in her body; shown)

Mason (narrating again): Anyways, long story short. Through the forest, I passed three trials in exchange for their help. First, I passed the trial of playing battledore.

(Scene also shown in the forest. Mason and an old obese man in a gray cloak with a hood playing battledore)

(The old man makes a score and Mason lost)

Mason: Oh no…I lost. Sir, can I have another match again?

Old Man: Oh, sorry, I have to go. Here's the Fireproof Racket. (Hands him over the weapon)

Mason: Then…why this is even called a trial?!

Old Man: (annoyed) I don't know- And return my longsword to me if you ever come back.

Mason: Oh yeah, and it costs 3 diamonds! I have to pay the goldsmith for the repairs! (already far away)

Mason (narrating): We did as we promised afterwards. On the second trial…

(Scene still on the forest) (Mason steps in a three-lane crossroad) (A wooden sign shows up in front of him)

Mason (narrating): I went to a three-lane crossroad. A sign is there in front of me that says: "Who dares to slay the dragon beyond must choose the righteous path, for the righteous path can make one truly free." And I thought-

Mason (story mode): (groans) This is so confusing.

(A shoulder angel and a shoulder devil appeared in each side of Mason.)

Shoulder Angel Mason: Go to the right! Go to the right! Go-

Shoulder Devil Mason: No! Go to the left! Go to the left! It's much better there!

(Mason looks at each of the paths. On the right side, there is golden light on the background; and on the left side is a horrible and dark forest with a bloody red light on the background. Shoulder Angel and Devil Masons are still indistinctly arguing)

Mason: (mutters angrily while looking left and right) In which way the hell leads to that mountain?! Damn it… (He pauses for a few seconds, and then he finally looks at the center path and saw mountain with storm clouds on the top)

Unknown Voice/Narrator: (spoke loudly from the sky) Choose your adventure! a) You chose the left. You got lost in the forest and disappeared forever. b) You chose the right. You wandered around the path and you saw a white light before you disappear forever. or c) You chose the middle. That I don't want to say, 'cause it's a surprise.

Mason: (pauses and thinks for a few seconds) Um…I choose the middle? (The Shoulder Angel an-Devil Masons disappear in a puff of smoke) (he walks by the middle road)

(Scene 7: Field near the Dragon's Mountain (named Áidanryuu) (Appeared characters: Mason & Steve) (Mason walk to the mountain)

Mason (narrating): I finally reached the mountain where the Knight said the dragon had taken the princess and guarded her. But I haven't reached the third trial and I couldn't found the entrance. I looked around and then, I found a cottage with an 8-bit man named Steve living in it.

Steve: (saw and approached Mason, he has a diamond pickaxe on his hand) Hey! What's a young man doing here in Mt. Áidanryuu?

Mason: (story mode) I come to find a princess and defeat the dragon that kidnapped her. But I can't see the entrance to that mountain. (still looking for an opening)

Steve: Hahaha! Aye, but we miners have an entrance on our own. If you want to go in, you have to be a Master Miner. (starts to think) Problem is that it takes years to be one, methink.

Mason: But I'm a blacksm-

Steve: Haha! I've almost forgotten! There is a cheat code for those who's very desperate to go inside. (looks at Mason) You look desperate, I'll give you the cheat code- if you give me your sword. (grins)

Mason: But this…is not for sale… (depressed, gives The Knightsmith to Steve)

Steve: All right, it's settled, I'll tell you the cheat code. (whispers the cheat code) Goodbye!

Mason: So I went on without any sword, but on my way to the entrance that Steve mentioned, I picked one off a knight who's been long dead. I chanted the cheat code, a portal appeared, and I went through it like that.

(Scene 8: Inside of Mt. Áidanryuu.) (Magma dripping in many places, the air is barely breathable that Mason puts a face mask on. There's an almost ruined castle with a tower intact and somehow protected by magic. A dragon is sleeping on the ground, guarding the tower.) (Appeared characters: Mason, Dragon, Steve & Ulla)

Mason (narrating mode): There, I've finally found where the princess was taken to. I've never seen that dragon before and that mountain must have been hidden by the Kriev Forest for a long time. The dragon is a little gigantic, has red, scaly skin and black, jagged stripes. I really felt hopeless without the Knightsmith.

Mason (thought mode): I have to do this; I have to defeat the dragon and save the princess. For me to become a true knight and follow the code of chivalry! Kyahh!

Mason (narrating mode): So I gathered all the courage I could get, and charged at the dragon. That dragon surely never gives up, it's exhausting to fight it. Whenever it spits fireballs at me, I have to dodge it. But then, I remembered the Fireproof Racket the old man gave me on the 1st trial. It's an effective tool for me to hit the fireballs back at it, but the dragon is too strong. When I'm almost up to my last breath, with only the sword on my hand since the Fireproof Racket is a meter away from me by another strong fireball, a light is shining upon the sword, and it transformed into…

Mason (story mode): My Knightsmith! (inspecting his sword) It almost looks different somehow…

(Steve appears out of nowhere)

Steve: You didn't realized it, but the sword itself is the 3rd and last trial. You gave up your own sword just to save that princess and become a knight. And you've been braver than the others who tried to stop the dragon. (pauses for a while) Also, I've made some mods on that sword that could defeat the dragon. Good luck and cheerio! (disappears instantly)

Mason (directly at Narrator): You planned this?!

Narrator: Anyway, please continue telling the long story, Mason.

Mason (annoyed): Fine.

Mason (narrating mode): There, I defeated the dragon in one single blow from my sword, dragon's gone, climbed up the tower, and finally saw the princess.

Eri (background voice): Which is Ulla, but from what kingdom again?

Mason: Animus.

Eri: Oh. Continue.

Mason (narrating mode): At my first glance of her, I was like-

Mason (story mode): Woah! (his mouth agape and blushing)

(Ulla is shown with sparkles around her) Ulla: Hey, are you the knight who will save me? (while combing her hair) I am Princess Ulla of the Kingdom of animus. The dragon had been keeping me for many years.

Mason (taken back to reality): Wait, how old are you?

Ulla: 18. The dragon has been keeping me for 7 years.

Mason: Well then, your Highness, let's get out of here! (points out of the tower) And dragon, I'm done with you!

Mason (narrating mode): There, we made a trip to Animus, but we only stayed there for a while when we agreed to get married and stay here in this island. And of course, King Chlodochar, Ulla's father and my father-in-law, had rewarded me to be one of his knights and Royal Blacksmith; we prospered but we're living a simple life. Ulla's been truly happy with Mother and Father, and of our first-born, Frank.

(Scene 9: Alissotainus Residence) (Two-storey house with a workshed attached. A small garden on the front with fences, and some oak trees on the side.) (Appeared characters: Eri, Mason, Ulla, Frank & Mattan)

Eri: Wait, I have a nephew?! (excited)

Mason: Obviously, yes. (pauses for a while and looks at the house) We're here!

(Ulla, Frank and Mattan appear)

Mattan: Eri!

Eri: (waves her right hand) Hi, Father.

Mattan: Meet your new sister-in-law and nephew!

Ulla: Hello, I'm Ulla and our little boy here is Frank. (gestures at him)

Eri: (to Ulla) You're so pretty! (jealous) Prettier than me. (looks at Mason) And Mason, your son's pretty cute. (clasps her hands and sighs) But I really can't get married. (tilts her head)

Mattan: Let's just go inside and have something to eat. Eri, you have to eat some more vegetables.

Eri (disgusted): Ugh! I hate veggies!

Narrator: So then, this is the end of this another special episode. Eri will go back to Zethus on the next episode. Goodbye! Goodbye!

(End Episode)